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Evaluation Article 63: One-key three-mode mechanical keyboard with small warped cement gray and good looks online

For text workers, a handy keyboard is as important as a handy weapon in the hands of a general. Many people prefer mechanical keyboards, and they like the sense of rhythm when typing. When it comes to mechanical keyboards, the brand Luofei has to be mentioned. The deepest impression of Luofei’s mechanical keyboards is that they are very good-looking, such as Xiao Huang Duck mechanical keyboard, Crayon Shin-chan mechanical keyboard, lipstick mechanical keyboard, etc. Today, I finally got Luo Fei's small warped cement gray mechanical keyboard.

In terms of the outer packaging design, neutral gray is used as the base color as a whole, and it is decorated with illustration-style office supplies. The front of the package is a keyboard illustration, and the back of the package is information about product parameters. The packaging material is relatively sufficient, and the overall feeling is relatively stiff and strong, so as to avoid damage to the product during transportation.

In terms of accessories, in addition to the Xiaoqiao cement gray mechanical keyboard and the conventional manual, certificate of conformity, and warranty, the accessories also include three AAA batteries, a 2.4G receiver, and a Type-C data cable. From the point of view of the materials used in accessories, compared with the data cables of mobile phones or other smart devices, the data cables of the Xiaoqiao cement gray mechanical keyboard are made of more solid materials, and the data cables are relatively thick. The Type-C connector is specially made "L" "Type design, convenient for wire arrangement when wired connection.

The size of the Xiaoqiao cement gray mechanical keyboard is 367mm×129mm×54.5mm. Such a small size can accommodate 100 keys, and a numeric keypad is also put in, so the design of the entire keyboard space is relatively advanced, and some keys are compared with conventional keyboards. The keys on the keyboard are different, and you need to get used to it when you use it for the first time. The main body of the keyboard is made of ABS material, and the surface has been treated with a frosting process, which makes the keyboard more textured. The "Lofree" logo is also printed on the side of the keyboard.

The Xiaoqiao cement gray mechanical keyboard supports three connection modes: Bluetooth, 2.4G and wired, which can be switched through the switch knob set on the keyboard bracket. The middle of the switch knob is a white indicator light, and the outer ring is a silver-gray ring. The switch knob on the back of the keyboard stand is printed with three gears of OFF, ON and 2.4G/BT, and a Type-C interface is set. When the switch is switched to the ON position, the keyboard can be connected to the computer through the Type-C data cable in the accessory, and the wired connection mode can be completed.

The height of many mechanical keyboards is relatively high, and wrist discomfort will occur after long-term use. Although it can be used with the keyboard tray, it needs to be purchased separately after all. The small warped cement gray mechanical keyboard is designed to solve this problem. It can be seen from the product name that the word "Xiaoqiao" vividly reflects the height of the keyboard. Viewed from the side, the keyboard as a whole does not rise in a straight line, but presents a certain curve, which is excessively smooth. The height of the keyboard stand and the desktop form a proper 9° tilt, which conforms to the ergonomic design, allowing the wrists to relax and spend a day's office hours easily.

As a customized keyboard, the Xiaoqiao cement gray mechanical keyboard supports full-key hot-swappable. Users can purchase corresponding keycaps and shafts to replace them, and customize their own personalized and unique keyboard. The Xiaoqiao cement gray mechanical keyboard adopts Jiadalong G yellow switch Pro. Compared with the blue switch, the input of the yellow switch is straight up and down, the sound is small, the pressure is moderate and easy to follow, the starting speed is fast, and it brings silky smoothness It feels good in the hand and takes into account both office and game.

In order to bring better tapping feedback and sound feedback, the Xiaoqiao cement gray mechanical keyboard adds a silicone cushion to the keyboard, which can bring a softer and more delicate touch when typing on the keyboard. The keycap adopts thermal sublimation process, and the surface is frosted. The center of the keycap adopts an arc-shaped sinking design, which fits the arc of the fingertips better, and the corners of the keycap are excessively rounded and soft, bringing a more comfortable feel.

The Xiaoqiao cement gray mechanical keyboard may consider the issue of battery life and does not support the keyboard backlight, but it still sets the indicator light on the uppercase and lowercase and numeric keypad lock keys to remind the user of the keyboard status at this time. It is worth mentioning that the indicator light settings on the caps lock key and the numeric keypad lock key are not the same. The indicator light design of the former is consistent with that on the notebook, while the latter uses a white backlight design, which is turned on at night Especially eye-catching.

The Xiaoqiao cement gray mechanical keyboard supports wired and wireless connection methods. The wired connection is relatively simple. It has been mentioned before, so I won’t repeat it here. The wireless connection also supports two wireless connection modes of Bluetooth and 2.4G receiver connection, and in the Bluetooth mode, three different Bluetooth devices can be connected at the same time. Connect 5 devices at the same time. These devices include mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, PCs, TVs and other office and learning devices in daily life, meeting 99% of the usage scenarios in daily life. In use, after switching the keyboard switch to the 2.4G/BT gear, press and hold the FN+Bluetooth 1/Bluetooth 2/Bluetooth 3/4.2G key on the keyboard at the same time to switch between different devices, and the device switching speed is very fast , the connection is stable.

In terms of actual use experience, the performance of the Xiaoqiao cement gray mechanical keyboard is not rough. Use the noise test app to test the sound of typing on the keyboard during use. The sound feedback is basically around 50 decibels. Compared with the sound of the green axis, the sound of Jiadalong G Yellow axis Pro is still quiet. In terms of tapping force, the trigger distance of Jiadalong G Yellow Axis Pro is about 2.0mm, and it takes about 50gf to complete the tapping. The trigger speed is fast and the sound is low, which is more suitable for office typing and game players.

In terms of battery life, the Xiaoqiao cement gray mechanical keyboard uses 3 AAA batteries for power supply, and with automatic energy-saving technology, it can provide users with 3-4 weeks of use time, but if it is a game player or a heavy user, the battery life will be reduced. . The Xiaoqiao cement gray mechanical keyboard weighs about 1010g. Due to the weight of the keyboard, the Xiaoqiao cement gray mechanical keyboard does not have a built-in lithium battery and cannot be used for charging. But personally, I still hope to have a built-in lithium battery. After all, AAA batteries need to be replaced frequently, which is not conducive to environmental protection.

There is a wrought iron bracket included in the accessories. At first I didn’t know the function of this wrought iron bracket, but after seeing the doll’s blind box in the official mall, I realized that this wrought iron bracket is used to place dolls, giving dolls on the keyboard Setting up a home can show your personality on the one hand, and relax your mind after work on the other hand. The wrought iron bracket is connected to the main body of the keyboard in the form of a card slot and magnetic attraction, and can be moved freely. The doll is not part of the keyboard and needs to be purchased separately. Since there is no doll, I think it is a good idea to temporarily put a signature pen.

Three connection modes (Bluetooth, 2.4G and wired connection), can connect 5 devices at the same time

PBT retro keycaps, more comfortable percussion

Jiadalong G yellow axis Pro, silky feel, taking into account both office and game

Ergonomic design, 9° tilt, make the wrist more relaxed

Full key without punching, and supports hot swap

Compatible with multiple devices and systems, covering 99% of daily usage scenarios

Customized keyboard, personalized customization, create your own unique keyboard

3 AAA batteries, which can provide 3 to 4 weeks of use

The Xiaoqiao cement gray mechanical keyboard uses three AAA batteries to provide power, and does not have a built-in lithium battery. Although it is equipped with automatic power saving technology, the battery life can reach 3 to 4 weeks, but the battery needs to be replaced from time to time, and the battery needs to be purchased separately, which cannot be recycled and has low environmental protection.

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