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Evaluation Part 3: Heijue AK992 wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard, my gaming office tool

If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. As an office worker, he deals with computers every day. If the keyboard is not strong enough, the work efficiency will drop. Everyone knows that mechanical keyboards have always been the favored products of keyboard pursuers. Of course, I am also an old user of mechanical keyboards. I simply bought another one, and after many comparisons, I chose the Heijue AK992 wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard. Here is a usage evaluation for everyone.

From the outer packaging of this keyboard, we can see that the model of this keyboard is AK922, which supports wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard. From the upper left corner, we can see that this keyboard is also a partner of the League of Legends professional youth training base. So I can believe that this keyboard can meet the needs for work or game entertainment. In addition, this keyboard has a numeric keypad. The lack of a keypad on a notebook has always made me more distressed, so this is one of the reasons why I added an external keyboard.

Open the package and you can see the keyboard body. This time I chose the Lanqin-Green switch. Of course, mechanical keyboards can also choose switches. Some manufacturers have price differences between different switches or different colors. This keyboard does not make a price difference on the axis body, which is very good.

In addition, the color of this keyboard can be selected from Ode to Spring, Green Field, Brown Sugar, and Lanqin, and it is divided into white light, RGB light and matte version. Because of the cost relationship between light and light, there is a slight price difference for the backlit version. Having said that, the keyboard of the Lanqin version I chose is a matte version, less than 200, and the original one is white with black fonts on the keys, which can be said to be quite beautiful.

The back of the keyboard is the basic information of the keyboard, but I pay more attention to the overall design of the back of this mechanical keyboard. I can see that the back of this keyboard is designed with a wire harness guide groove, and there are three directions in the left, right, and middle directions. So when you want to use a wired connection, any orientation can meet your needs.

Here I will give you a detailed introduction. I also said that this mechanical keyboard is a three-mode, so the upper left corner of the keyboard is the mode switching function key of this keyboard. You can see that the upward is 2.4G wireless mode, and the downward is BT. (Bluetooth) mode, the middle is the wired mode, the specific wired connection method of this keyboard will be introduced in detail below.

Corresponding to the keyboard's three-mode function, the indicator light is also equipped with three-mode indication and four indicator lights for the number lock. Another thing worth mentioning is the design of the number keypad of this keyboard. I personally hate using a laptop without number keys. keyboard.

Another mode of this keyboard is the receiver mode, which is what we often call wireless mode and 2.4G mode. The 2.4G wireless receiver of this keyboard has a special storage slot, which is quite well designed in mechanical keyboards. Comrades who have lost receivers before should understand.

The bottom gasket of this keyboard is also very well done. You can see from the back view of the keyboard above that there are non-slip rubber pads on all corners of the back of the keyboard. The upper elevation legs of the keyboard are also designed with two positions. You can raise the upper part of the keyboard according to your own needs. In addition, the two tops are also specially pasted with non-slip rubber pads.

Another mode of the keyboard is the wired mode. Here the keyboard uses a Type-C data cable as the wired connection method of the keyboard. When using the wired mode, plug the data cable into the keyboard, and plug the other part into the device that uses the keyboard. It is very convenient to use. If you are careful, you can also see that the data cable of this keyboard is specially made with grooves on both sides of the data cable, so that the data cable can be inserted into the keyboard more stably, and it is not easy to fall off.

This keyboard is worth recommending. There is a scrolling volume control wheel on the upper right corner of the keyboard. Rotate the computer clockwise to increase the computer volume, and counterclockwise to decrease the computer volume. When you need to mute, just press it. Mute and then press to release, very practical and very convenient.

Another design detail is the mode switching button. This button is equipped with a U-shaped groove, so that it is very convenient and labor-saving when we toggle the switching mode.

The indicator light of this keyboard is also very streamlined, there are only three working mode indicators and the number lock switch indicator of the numeric keypad. It is worth mentioning that the location of the indicator light is very ingenious, which saves a lot of space for the keyboard.

The keycaps of this keyboard are designed with two-color injection molded OEM high-level PBT material. The touch is delicate and dry, and it does not fade or oily.

This keyboard comes with some blue keys as a gift. As mentioned above, my keyboard is blue, so other color keyboards also have gift keys to match the color. I also checked other color keyboards on the Internet. Very beautiful, the appearance is full marks for me.

This keyboard also comes with a keycap removal tool, as well as four shafts and shaft removal tools. Everyone can understand here that the shaft of this mechanical keyboard can also be disassembled. When there is a problem with the shaft, you can do it yourself. The replacement is very practical. If you want to experience the feel of other shafts, you can just plug in and replace them.

Everyone is used to the removal of the keycap, and the removal of the shaft body is also an improvement. When the shaft body is broken, or if you feel uncomfortable and want to replace the other shaft body, you can do it yourself. My hobby is DIY.

My original keyboard uses the green switch. The whole feature of the green switch is that the knocking sound is very crisp. I like the sound of typing. Of course, each mechanical keyboard switch has its own characteristics and characteristics, so when buying a mechanical keyboard Get to know first.


In addition to the attractive price, this keyboard also has many advantages such as three-mode, two-color keycaps, volume adjustment knob, and switchable keycaps. It is also worth mentioning that the space utilization rate of this mechanical keyboard is It's really good, in the case of having a numeric keypad, it feels that the keyboard is very small and eliminates the keys we don't often use.

In addition, the office and gaming experience of this keyboard is very good. The gasket structure commonly used on customized keyboards has been transplanted to this keyboard, and the feel is really good. Also, no matter what the scene is, there is no delay when using wireless functions (including Bluetooth and 2.4G). Since then, I have given up the keyboard of my laptop! Recently, friends who are in need of a wireless mechanical keyboard can consider this keyboard, and it will be available for 199. It can be lowered when you are active, and you can squat if you are not in a hurry.

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