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Everyone can afford the "Eye of the Prodigal", ROG Ranger RX TKL keyboard experience evaluation

"The Prodigal Eye/ROG Kingdom of Players" is undoubtedly the ultimate goal for PC enthusiasts. After all, ROG Players Kingdom has no rivals in the DIY assembly of computers. But for most ordinary players, under the warning of a rather limited wallet, many netizens stay in the ideal stage; for me personally, I am also a PC DIY enthusiast, and the ROG family bucket is also an ideal goal, but now the old As long as the host can persist, we can’t stop collecting ROG products, so we plan to start with the necessary peripheral components. The ROG Ranger RX TKL 84-key red switch keyboard is the ideal product that has been coveted for a long time recently. The real machine has already been used, and now we will bring you a hands-on experience.

1. Unpacking:

ROG Ranger RX TKL, an 84-key keyboard, is a compact mechanical keyboard with certain portability advantages. The packaging uses a black bottom box to print the appearance and characteristics of European products. The weight is still very large in the hand .

After removing the packaging, we can see the OG Ranger RX TKL keyboard 84-key version host data cable, adapter, hand rest, warranty card manual and ROG belief stickers, etc.

2. Product details:

I do have a few 104-key mechanical keyboards on hand. There is no major problem in using them on a desktop computer, but if you want to use them with a notebook, the 104-key mechanical keyboard is not convenient to carry. I have always wanted an 84-key keyboard to seamlessly switch between desktops and notebooks. This 84-key version of the Ranger RX TKL keyboard saves 20% of the space compared to the traditional 104-key version, and the functions are not reduced.

In terms of details, this product uses a whole piece of metal plate as the bottom plate, and then drills holes on it to embed the button design. The cap is made of excellent material and has good light transmission. While this material provides an excellent touch feel, it can also reduce the possibility of oiling.

Compared with other keyboard products, the palm rest needs to be purchased separately, but it is standard on the Ranger RX TKL keyboard. It uses magnetic suction to connect with the main keyboard. The detailed design is also very particular. There are five supporting rubbers on the back. , the desktop adhesion is very good, and the logo of the prodigal eye is also printed on the back. With the adjustable support feet, a more comfortable angle can be adjusted.

For a keyboard, the key feel is the soul of the whole product, and the comfortable typing experience is the most important part of a keyboard. The Ranger RX TKL keyboard adopts PBT two-color injection molding process, which brings excellent light transmission. Both the appearance and appearance are taken into account; the RX axis body is added with a design sense of RGB lighting effects, and the atmosphere is directly full.

The "Prodigal Eye" logo on the right is particularly eye-catching. Whether you are playing games at home or going out to work, taking out the Ranger RX TKL keyboard will always attract the attention of friends around you. a

3. Test experience:

From the naming point of view, ROG Ranger RX TKL adopts the "TKL" layout. The 84-key design is undoubtedly to save space. The keycaps are PBT two-color injection-molded keycaps, which are not easy to stain the surface of fingerprints. The most important thing is that the writing on the keycaps does not need to be worn off no matter how long it is used. The matching hand rest this time is absolutely acclaimed, the magnetic suction design, and the comfort of disassembling it in one second and combining it in one second is also very good.

This product uses the ROG self-developed RX red switch, which is different from many switch designs. ROG has designed a positioning hole at the four corners of the switch, which greatly strengthens the connection between the switch and the keycap. Stability, with the built-in X-structure stabilizer of the RX red switch, there is no obvious difference in the feel whether it is triggered from the edge of the keycap or from the middle, and the rebound is quiet and powerful, especially suitable for codewords. At the same time, the Space key, Shift key, Enter key, Backspace key and other large keys also adopt the satellite axis design to increase the sense of experience.

The RX red axis is a linear axis, which is triggered by a light source. It has the characteristics of fast key trigger speed, precise trigger, long life and low delay. The total stroke is 4mm, the trigger stroke is 1.5mm, the pressure is 40g, and the feel and life are excellent. It can be guaranteed, how can ROG products lack the cool "RGB" light show? The prodigal eye also supports the change of lighting effects, and it has a sense of technology!

If you want to give full play to the full performance of the ROG Ranger RX TKL keyboard, you must download the Armory Crate to expand it. After entering the Armory Crate, we can find the product setting interface after registering the keyboard. The biggest highlight here is the macro function of the keyboard keys. , each button can be redefined by software, and the function definition authority is also handed over to the user, making it so easy to open the program with one button.

You can also customize the lighting effects in the Armory Crate software. You can define a lot of lighting modes to meet your needs according to your preferences. If you have multiple ROG products on hand, you can also achieve multiple hardware lighting coordination effects inside the software. , the playability is still very high.

In terms of buttons, the "CTRL" button of the ROG Ranger RX TKL keyboard is designed as a wide button. You must know that we often use this button very frequently. The ROG Ranger RX TKL is directly made twice the size of the traditional one, so you don’t have to worry about touching the Win button by mistake.

When using the ROG Ranger RX TKL keyboard, I found a very interesting function, that is, the F12 button, which can be "one-click hidden" by default. It is really a friendly companion for "fishing"...Switch to the desktop in a second , and turn on mute at the same time, is it the function you want? Of course, if you don’t want this function, you can also turn it off. Use “Fn + INS/Fn Lock”, switch the top buttons to F5~F12 function keys, and turn them into default functions to turn off these default settings.

In terms of connection, this product also supports Bluetooth, 2.4G and wired three-mode connections. The Bluetooth mode can pair and quickly switch between three sets of different devices. In terms of battery life, it is still the factory power and has not been charged. According to ROG official data , the keyboard can reach 84 hours of battery life in Bluetooth mode (turn on the light), and 76 hours of battery life in 2.4GHz mode (turn on the light). As far as the current feelings are concerned, there is no need to worry about battery life.

Fourth, experience summary:

After experiencing this product for a period of time, I really feel very good. The details and workmanship are perfect. The stability of the RX axis body really gave me a new view on the mechanical axis. The button macro function can also provide consumers with extremely Great custom convenience. Whether it is function or cool design experience, ROG Ranger RX TKL keyboard has achieved excellence.

The biggest reason why I bought it must be portability. There are many 84-key keyboards, but there are not many keyboards that take into account the feel and portability at the same time. The ROG Ranger RX TKL keyboard must be counted no matter what the occasion. The high-quality keyboard is sold, after all, with the blessing of the prodigal eye, everyone can't help but take a look.

If you, like me, are crazy about typing on laptop keyboards, and you can’t meet your needs at all, you might as well consider trying a compact 84-key portable mechanical keyboard like the ROG Ranger RX TKL keyboard. Maybe you feel that it is also a very interesting thing to carry a keyboard to and from get off work every day. After all, a good keyboard is enough!

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