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Everything is just right: Lofree Xiaoqiao Bluetooth mechanical keyboard experience

The computer is an indispensable part of my work and life. Since I use it a lot, the control part is very important to me, especially a handy keyboard is essential. Of course, the appearance cannot be ignored. In my mind, Lofree is the ceiling of keyboard appearance, and its retro series is very fascinating. Some time ago, I bought a small warped bluetooth mechanical keyboard, because it has 68 keys, so it is slightly insufficient in terms of productivity. Recently, I saw that it also has a 100-key version. I couldn’t help but try again, and finally found it. I really want it.

There is only one color scheme for this Luofei Xiaoqiao Bluetooth mechanical keyboard, which is cement gray. The cool color is also used as the main tone on the packaging box, and with various hand-painted elements, it looks very artistic.

As can be seen from the parameters on the back of the package, the specific model of this keyboard is OE903, which supports wired and wireless three-mode connections, and is powered by AAA batteries.

Take out the keyboard, you can see that the accessories in the box are arranged very neatly, and even the battery is designed with a special slot, which shows the style of a big factory.

As usual, a family portrait is included. In addition to the main body of the keyboard, it also comes with a metal shelf, Type-C data cable, three AAA batteries, and paper sheets such as manuals and warranty cards.

The dimensions of this Luofei Xiaoqiao are 367*129*54.5mm, and the weight is 1010g. Although it uses a 100-key design, it is very compact overall, much smaller than many full-size keyboards. In terms of color matching, it uses cement gray as the main color, with some creative patterns on the space bar, giving people a fresh and not dull feeling.

Since it is called "Xiaoqiao", it is precisely because of its proper tilt angle. Viewed from the side, it has a natural upturn angle of 9°, which fully refers to ergonomics and conforms to the curve of wrist movement. It is not easy to get tired even if you type for a long time.

The Luofei Xiaoqiao mechanical keyboard adopts an extremely narrow frame design, so the overall feeling is very compact. Due to the limited space on the panel, the Luofei logo is moved to the side frame in the lower right corner, which makes it more personalized.

It can be seen from the OPT/WIN keycap that this keyboard can support Apple and WINDOWS at the same time, and there is no problem with compatibility.

The shaft body is the most critical part of the mechanical keyboard. Let’s take a look at the keycap. Luo Fei does not come with a key puller, but as a computer player, this is naturally indispensable at home. Of course, it is best to hope that the manufacturer can send one. Have you seen the yellow switch body? Xiaoqiao uses the Jiadalong G Yellow Switch Pro. Each switch has an input life of 80 million times. It feels silky and can be used for both office and games.

Luofei Xiaoqiao mechanical keyboard supports both wired and wireless connection methods. Its wired interface adopts the most popular TYPE-C nowadays, and the interface is located on the back of the keyboard, which will make it look more beautiful.

The switch of the keyboard is designed with two gears, which looks very creative. The first gear is wired mode, and the second gear is wireless mode, including 2.4G and Bluetooth.

This piece of iron is equivalent to a storage box. It is fixed on the frame of the keyboard by hanging + magnetic attraction. It can be used to place small objects such as pens and U disks very conveniently.

There are four pieces of rubber feet at the bottom of Luofei Xiaoqiao mechanical keyboard, which can play a very good anti-slip effect. Since the keyboard itself has been specially designed for a comfortable tilt angle, there is no separate design of the feet that most keyboards have.

The Luofei Xiaoqiao mechanical keyboard does not have a built-in lithium battery, but is powered by 3 AAA batteries. When you open the battery compartment, you can see that there is also a 2.4G wireless receiver inside.

I think this design is quite practical, because the 2.4G receiver is too small, if there is no special storage compartment, it is quite easy to lose.

The Type-C cable interface that comes with the keyboard adopts a right-angle design, which will look more beautiful in use. These details are the performance of the manufacturer's intentions.

It should be noted that even if it is used in wired mode, the switch needs to be turned on. Of course, in most cases, I am still used to using wireless connection. Turn the switch to 2.4G/BT, and then select the channel through Fn + shortcut key. When connecting for the first time, press and hold to enter the pairing mode. It is blinking slowly.

The pursuit of mechanical keyboards is the feel. Jiadalong G Yellow Switch Pro, as an upgraded version of G Yellow, will naturally not disappoint. Its total stroke is about 4mm, which is relatively moderate. With the silicone cushion at the bottom, the keys feel soft and delicate. The key is that they are quiet and silent when they are tapped. This is what I appreciate very much.

There are 2.4G and Bluetooth wireless options for the Luofei Xiaoqiao mechanical keyboard. The 2.4G connection is relatively simple. Plug the receiver into the USB port of the host, turn the switch to wireless, and press Fn+4 for a long time.

In actual use, you can feel the exquisite angle design of Xiaoqiao. During the operation, the wrist can be in a very natural posture, and you will not be so tired after typing for a long time.

I connected one of the sets of Bluetooth to the mobile phone, and the speed of typing was significantly improved, and there was no delay at all, and the keys were not strenuous, which was much more efficient than the touch screen of the mobile phone.

The key is that switching between multiple devices is fast, and connecting back and forth between a computer and a phone doesn't feel like a noticeable lag.

As a universal switch, it is quite good to play games with Luofei Xiaoqiao. The button feedback is fast, and it is quiet and silent when tapping. Even if you operate at night, you don’t have to worry about disturbing others.

After a few days of use, I am very satisfied with this Lofree mechanical bluetooth keyboard. The overall feeling it gives me is that it is both beautiful and practical. Xiaoqiao continues Luofei's consistent excellent workmanship. Jiadalong G Yellow Axis Pro feels soft and quiet, and with the tilt angle carefully designed by Xiaoqiao, the wrist will not feel tired after long-term operation. In addition, this keyboard supports three-mode connection, which can quickly switch between multiple devices, which can be called a productivity tool!

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