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Exquisite desktop starts from changing the keyboard, three-mode mechanical keyboard Dimo ​​Star Destroyer


Since learning computer in 1995, I have been used to the 104-key full keyboard. In fact, I am neither financial, nor have I played King of Fighters on the same keyboard with my friends for a long time, but it is just a habit. In recent years, there have been more and more things, so many that a computer can't finish them. Strictly speaking, I work with 1.5 computers more often, with a desktop computer at work and at home, and a game notebook on both sides. In addition, I often throw the camera and other digital products on the table, and the space is even more insufficient.

Speaking of which, 87-key compact mechanical keyboards have long been available, but in the past, the number keys were reduced. If you want to replace a new keyboard, of course you want to do it in one step.

Unpacking articles:

I believe that many friends, like me, play games after work, which belongs to the type of light gamers. Therefore, the selected peripheral products will take both into consideration.

In fact, my desk is not big. Next to the 32-inch monitor, there is not only a host computer but also another gaming laptop. The desk is not a serious computer desk, but a solid wood desk. As for the large white piece on the desk, you thought it was a desktop, but it was actually just a super-large mouse pad. And under the keyboard, you thought it was spray-painted, but it was actually another mouse pad.

As an old user of Dimo ​​peripheral products, the Dimo ​​mechanical keyboards I have come into contact with before are all full keyboards, especially the F4 ghost, which is a very special semi-modular mechanical keyboard. There is an illusion that all Dimo ​​keyboards have 104 keys. Unexpectedly, Dimo's new product this time is an 87-key three-mode mechanical keyboard.

From the outer packaging, we can know that the three-mode includes 2.4G wireless, Bluetooth and wired, which is also the standard configuration of the three-mode.

This is a typical compact 87-key keyboard with color-blocked keycaps and a business-like style.

The biggest pleasure of a compact mechanical keyboard is to save desktop space. Of course, in addition to the compact design and reduced buttons, wireless also frees the keyboard from the shackles of cables, and the desktop is naturally more fresh and concise.

The four borders are extremely compact, there is nothing but the keycaps, and it looks more refined.

Our five fingers are all different lengths, so a flat keyboard is clearly not ergonomic. The Dimo ​​F87 Star Destroyer adopts a design with six rows of keycaps and four levels of height, which presents an arc as a whole, so as to fit the physiological signs of the human body.

The design of the floating keycap is still used, the panel seems to be non-metallic, and the dark gray panel looks low-key.

After adding yellow accents to the gray tone, the entire keyboard seems to come alive. It is worth mentioning that the keycaps used by the Star Destroyer are PBT, which are also two-color injection molding, but the keycaps have low light transmission.

The Star Destroyer also has 16.8 million RGB colors, and it can also be DIYed through software. However, due to the wireless keyboard, the backlight intensity is much lower than that of other mechanical keyboards of Dimo, and even the backlight of the characters is relatively darker. Basically, the backlight of the characters cannot be seen in the environment with the lights on, or the backlight is low.

As for the shaft body, the default is the shaft body customized by Dimo. From the feel, it should also be an optical shaft, that is, a similar type of optical shaft.

The Star Destroyer is designed with interchangeable shafts, compatible with all MX shafts, and basically all mainstream shafts on the market can be replaced with Golang. It is quite good for friends who have extreme requirements for hand feeling, or who like DIY.

Let's take a look at the details on the back, the non-slip foot pads on the back.

Two-stage height adjustment can meet the input habits of different users.

There is also a magnetic detachable hand rest design, which can make the wrists of friends who need to record for a long time more comfortable.

The specific size is 358X134X38mm, no matter how tight the desktop space is, it can accommodate it. Small and exquisite, it can also support three-mode and hot-swappable. For those who have many computers and many desktop decorations, the DIMO F87 Star Destroyer is a very interesting peripheral.

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