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Exquisite life, giving fingers a smart stage

Important note: What I have done in this article is only my evaluation of the product from the perspective of an ordinary consumer.

If you were asked to choose a keyboard for your girlfriend, how would you choose it? Small and exquisite, exquisite color matching, simple keyboard layout, of course, it must be equipped with high-precision switches, so that her fingers dance lightly. I choose Leikaze 75 keyboard, which is exquisite and simple, with three-mode connection, no matter it is a computer or a tablet, whether it is an Android phone or an Apple phone, it can be controlled freely.

The Leikaze 75 keyboard only has 81 keys, not even the standard 87 keys, but it is a more standard 75 arrangement, which makes the original long keyboard more delicate. On the desk, it does not take up too much space, and you can put a few books that you usually like to read on the desk. You can also put it on the tea table, a tablet, drink a cup of tea, type a line, chat with friends.

Leikaze 75 keyboard has a simple package without too many configurations. It only comes with a Type-C data cable connected to the computer and a key puller and shaft puller. The back of the Leikaze 75 keyboard is equipped with a three-way cable slot to make your desktop more concise. The Type-C data cable has its own magnetic ring, which can effectively resist interference.

The Leikaze 75 keyboard supports three-mode connections, wired, wireless, and Bluetooth. You can connect as you want. You can connect to the computer through a wired connection to make the game more enjoyable; you can also connect to the computer wirelessly to control it remotely; you You can also connect tablets and mobile phones via Bluetooth, work, chat, whatever you want. No need to think about what system, the Leikaze 75 keyboard is compatible with multiple systems, and both WIN and MAC can be connected.

The Leikaze 75 keyboard has specially set up a storage compartment for the wireless module. The right hand side of the keyboard can be inserted into it when it is not in use, and it is not easy to lose it. Details can reflect many things, not only the design of the brand, but also the brand's attention to user experience.

In terms of switches, how many switches are equipped with the Leikaze 75 keyboard, G yellow switch Pro, BOX white switch, red switch, deep sea mute switch, etc. I chose the G yellow switch Pro, which is both for office and games. The shaft body of the Leikaze 75 keyboard supports full-key hot and straight, and you can replace it at will. There are quite a lot of color schemes for the keycaps, and I chose a simpler black-orange color.

One of the biggest highlights of the Leikaze 75 keyboard is that it adopts the GASKET structure, which does not need to be fixed by screws, but is fixed by snapping the upper and lower covers. The interior of the keyboard is not only equipped with a positioning board, but also interlayer buffer cotton is added to make the keyboard quieter and more stable during use.

God said, let there be light. A world with light is more beautiful. The Leikaze 75 keyboard has RGB lighting effects, 16.8 million light colors can be changed, 19 backlight effects are optional, and 7 kinds of monochrome lights can be switched at will. The brightness and speed of the lights can be adjusted at will, as long as you With care, you can always design a lighting effect that belongs to you.

In fact, when I purchased the Leikaze 75 keyboard, I didn’t consider the use of a tablet. It was only after I bought it that I tried it and found out that the tablet is paired with a keyboard. Dance on. When working at the office, turning on the computer always feels like working, while a tablet and a keyboard are more like entertainment, making the body and mind more relaxed in an instant.

Finally, I will make a brief summary of this Leikaze 75 keyboard. The Leikaze 75 keyboard adopts 75 configurations, making the keyboard more compact and exquisite; the real GASKET structure, built-in silicone bottom cotton, more quiet and comfortable; three-mode connection, multi-system compatibility, full-key hot-swappable, RGB lights can be switched at will ;Built-in 4000mAh large-capacity lithium battery, long-lasting battery life; a variety of switch bodies are optional, a variety of keycap color matching, full-key conflict-free, faster response. Overall, I still like the simplicity and delicacy of the Leikaze 75 keyboard. It does not take up too much space on the desk, and it can also be used as a tablet for office work on the tea table. For life, perhaps the ultimate pursuit is simplicity and delicacy. , for the keyboard, maybe it's just a stage where the fingers are nimble.

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