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Exquisitely crafted 100-key, silky-smooth operation and sensitive trigger-Xingui GM1000 mechanical keyboard

In modern office, PC is undoubtedly the main productivity tool. Almost every person must have a computer. Even if you don’t use PC for office work, PC can also be used for entertainment and games. Then, in addition to decent hardware, a PC must have two peripherals, that is, a keyboard and a mouse. Some people will say that productivity tools will calculate all costs into the PC hardware. This is also correct, but I Personally, I am more optimistic about mechanical keyboards and gaming mice. A good keyboard makes you want to type after typing, and it is handy for entertainment and office work. Then the current mechanical keyboard not only has a variety of shafts, keycaps, and the number of keys to choose from, but also can carefully select its mode. is very comprehensive. Recently won the NEWMEN upstart GM1000 mechanical keyboard, no more nonsense, just unboxed.

【Upstart GM1000 Mechanical Keyboard】

▲ Judging from the outer packaging of the Xingui GM1000 mechanical keyboard, it has a very strong national style design, the overall painting of the full moon crane, and the crane dance moonlight is marked in the lower left corner, which is also designed with reference to the zero sense of this comprehension novel. It adopts a hard paper box design, and the brand and model GM1000 are marked on the cover, and it is indicated that this is a three-mode 100-key keyboard. The back is generally marked with core functions, including:

Three modes: wired, 2.4G, Bluetooth 5.0/3.0

Interface type: Type-C

Shell material: ABS

Keycap material: PBT thermal sublimation, two-color injection molding

Wire length: 1.8m

Lighting effect: 18 kinds of RGB

Key layout: 100 keys

Backlight: RGB20 kinds

Rate of Return: Wireless 125, Wired1000

Shaft body: hot-swappable, Kaihua/Jiadalong

Size: 368*120*39mm

Cable length: 1.6m

▲Packing list, including upstart GM1000 three-mode mechanical keyboard, Type-C cable, key puller/axis puller integrated, four WIN system keycaps, four G PRO spare switches, manual warranty card.

▲Here comes the front. First of all, the keyboard is equipped with a transparent protective cover as standard. This praise, many keys are not there, and it is very difficult to clean the dust after a long time. The appearance of the keyboard adopts black and blue color matching, and the long keys space, SHIFT, enter, and ESC keys are respectively painted with national style, which has a feeling of night scenery in landscape pictures. The overall layout is 98% and the layout is 100 keys. It can be said that none of the vacant positions on the surface of the keyboard are fully utilized. This is what I want. There are numeric keypad positions, which is very suitable for both office and entertainment.

▲The back design is relatively conventional, with rubber non-slip foot pads at the four corners, which increase friction and silence, and will not slip during intense operations. Two-stage support feet are designed on the left and right upper corners, and each support surface is also equipped with rubber pads. It is the nameplate of the product, marking the shaft body, voltage, working current and other parameter information, next to it is a magnetically attracted 2.4G receiver groove, this should also be praised, the adsorption capacity is strong, and you no longer have to worry about losing the receiver embarrassing situation.

▲The two-stage folding support can cater to most keyboard operation groups, and the height is about 5-9cm, which can be adjusted according to the tapping habits.

▲In the interface and mode switch area, the upstart GM1000 adopts a Type-C interface, which can be charged and used in wired mode. Next to it is the keyboard switch, and on the far right is the three-mode selection. You can choose whichever method you want to use. Built-in 3000mAh lithium battery, the battery life can reach 150 hours after turning off the backlight effect, and 10 hours if the light effect is fully turned on, the 3000mAh power is still enough, the FN key indicator is divided into five colors to monitor the remaining power of the keyboard Reminder, red, yellow, green, blue and white, that is to say, white is almost out of power.

▲This 100-key position also integrates a lot of combined function keys, all of which are realized by FN+, which can switch the lighting effect speed, lighting effect brightness, lighting effect mode, lighting effect switch, etc. For multimedia, mute, volume, playback Pause and other quick operations, you can change the paired Bluetooth device and connect three models at the same time. This compact 100-key layout needs to get used to the up, down, left, and right keys, and there will be cases of accidental touches.

▲This kind of keyboard with the top F row layout is still comfortable to use. I am still used to flat operation, so the folding support feet are useless to me, but it is still better than nothing.

▲The one I bought is Jiadalong G Silver Pro shaft body, which is also the most expensive one. The travel of the silver shaft is 3.4mm shorter, the trigger is only 1.2mm, the pressure is 45±15g, and it can press 80 million times Life, linear axis body without paragraphs. The keycap adopts two-color injection molded non-transparent character keycaps, and the overall PBT material, the delayed oiling feature is still PBT, the choice is over.

▲The Jiadalong G Silver Pro switch body is also the shortest stroke among the four officially available mechanical keyboards of the upstart GM1000. Hot-swappable is very convenient for DIY in the future. The shaft center is very stable, and the shaking of the keycap is well controlled. The long keys also use satellite shafts, which are easy to match later, and there is basically no idle travel. This silver The axis is also triggered lightly, and the tapping force is also a kind of relief for the fingers.

▲It can be adapted to the whole system of Guozi, Android, window, and mac. In Bluetooth mode, it can connect 3 devices.

The ambient sound is about 37dB. The most conventional typing first, the overall tapping feel is very comfortable, and there is no need to press hard, which is much quieter than the traditional red switch. Bluetooth connection, no delay and no interference, the effective connection distance is 10 meters; personal use is used to tile the keyboard, so that the pressure on the wrist is minimized.

▲ Seeing this picture proves that the main course is about to be served. The regularity of mechanical keyboards is that all keys have no punches. I haven’t heard of any mechanical keyboards that have key conflicts. Use the Keyboard software to carry out the anti-shock test, the performance is satisfactory, the full-key no-shock test passed, and there is no red key prompt.

▲LOL took a walk after tea and dinner. Although LOL’s overall operation keys are not many, just a few, you can still try out the overall feel of the keyboard. Jiadalong’s G Silver Pro switch has a very short stroke and can trigger skills It is very efficient, and the pressing pressure is also the lightest. The effect achieved is that there is no need to stimulate the operation to press the game, and the skill can be issued with a light tap.

▲Metal Gear Solid The Phantom Pain was dug out by me recently. I want to revisit the masterpiece. From storyline, career formation, base formation, to rich operation flow. The key triggers of the upstart GM1000 mechanical keyboard are accurate, and there are no dumb keys or connected keys in the 2.4G wireless and Bluetooth modes, and the overall operation is very stable.

▲After God of War 4 was ported to the PC platform, I put it on the agenda, and basically improved the progress a little every day. What I like most is the tight action flow of this game, which is very enjoyable. Pure aesthetics of violent weapon fighting, just do it. The overall operation will inevitably reduce the pressure on the keyboard, the rebound effect of the shaft body is very fast, and there are many screens that need to be clicked with a single key. The keys are all effective input, and the accuracy is good.

▲Upstart GM1000 mechanical keyboard has built-in 20 kinds of RGB lighting effects, which is the most beautiful boy in the room at night. Although the characters on the keycap are not transparent, the gap on the side of the keycap is enough to see the lighting effect, and you can quickly find the key position through the lighting effect. The keyboard still has a backlight to have a soul.


▲The new GM1000 mechanical keyboard weighs 877.3g, which is not too heavy compared to other 100-key mechanical keyboards in hand, and it is also easy to carry around. But I'll leave it at home and use it.


1. The upsurge of national style and the mix-and-match appearance make this keyboard full of theme colors, which is very beautiful;

2. 98% arrangement, 100-key layout, the appearance of the small keyboard really improves the productivity too much;

3. The feel of the buttons and the mute effect are well controlled, and it will not disturb the people when used at home;’

4. The 3000mAh large-capacity lithium battery can last up to 150 hours, which is completely enough;

5. Three-mode connection, wired + Bluetooth + 2.4G, switch devices at will, can connect 3 Bluetooth devices at the same time and switch freely;

6. Jiadalong's G silver Pro switch body has good hand feeling, light pressing force, and short trigger key travel, which is very suitable for entertainment games;

7. The hot-swappable design of the full-key shaft body is convenient for later self-replacement;

8. There are 20 kinds of RGB lighting effects, brightness, speed and mode, which can be finely adjusted according to the combination of keys;

Need to improve

I still hope that the characters on this keycap can be upgraded to light-transmitting characters in the later stage, and the effect will be more cool.

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