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Fairy Accessories for Mobile Office—Rapoo XK100 Bluetooth Keyboard

With the increasing pace of work, many tasks need to be done anytime, anywhere, which also makes portable smart office products emerge in an endless stream, such as portable thin and light notebooks, handwriting tablets and other devices, and Bluetooth keyboards are also portable with this smart product. The trend of globalization came into being. Nowadays, people often operate on more than one device in office, and need to process tasks across platforms. Therefore, having a Bluetooth keyboard that can switch office devices at any time can greatly improve office efficiency and meet work needs in different scenarios. Then this time we will Let's experience this Rapoo XK100 Bluetooth keyboard that can be switched freely in iOS/Mac, Android, Windows and other mainstream operating systems

The Rapoo XK100 Bluetooth keyboard has been benchmarked against the K480 of a certain technology from the outer packaging, the same cyan outer packaging, the same middle rendering, the manufacturer’s logo in the upper left corner and the model number in the upper right corner, simple and elegant, very Rapoo’s style

When you open the package, there is a keyboard body, instruction manual and charging cable. This time I got the white version of XK100, which should be easier to oil than the dark version.

In terms of appearance, the XK100 keyboard has two versions, white and black. The white version is more recommended to buy. It is clean and simple, and the whole white design is more durable.

The size of the whole machine is 292*155*20mm. It adopts a wedge-shaped design. The basic width is shorter than that of the iPad mini5, the length is about half longer than that of the mini5, and the weight is about 450g. It looks much better, it can be said that the three-dimensional weight of the K380 is used to achieve the appearance of the K480)

In the design of the switch machine, Rapoo XK100 has also added its own small ingenuity, which is similar to the mute button of the iPhone. The power-on state is green, and the power-off state is red.

The surface of the Rapoo XK100 keyboard is treated with matte, which is not easy to slide when typing, and it is not easy to leave fingerprints and oil stains. The integrated card slot design is used above the keyboard to place mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones. There is an inclination angle inside to maximize the display of the device The inclination is about 110°, the length of the card slot is 360mm, and the width is 12.5mm (some devices can also be put in the protective case), and the maximum support for 9.7-inch iPad is placed horizontally

As a keyboard, the most inescapable thing is of course the feeling of using the keyboard. The Pennefather XK100 keyboard adopts a flat rounded rectangle design and a 78-key layout (limited by the length, but with a numeric keypad because it is too long, the portability is greatly reduced) , classic scissor foot structure, chocolate keycaps, comfortable and quiet typing, clear feedback, and a more comfortable typing experience

In terms of battery life, this keyboard adopts a built-in rechargeable battery design, with a battery capacity of 280mAh, which can be fully charged in 2 hours. The charging interface is a Micro USB port. After being fully charged, it can support up to 93 hours of continuous use, and it will be smart after 10 minutes of no operation. Enter the dormant state to further improve the overall battery life, so you don't have to worry about whether you forget to turn it off

In terms of system compatibility and pairing, the Rapoo XK100 Bluetooth keyboard is compatible with mainstream operating systems such as iOS/Mac, Android, and Windows. Like other brands of Bluetooth keyboards, it also has shortcut key function combination buttons set according to different systems, making the operation more convenient and quick. When pairing, short press FN+C, enter the pairing state after the indicator light flashes, and find the corresponding device name in the device Bluetooth list

In terms of multi-device switching, the Rapoo XK100 supports connecting up to 3 devices at the same time. You can switch between 3 devices by short pressing FN+1/2/3. Most people should be on their tablets, mobile phones and computers. Switch between offices, greatly improving work efficiency

Advantages: 1. The price is right, much cheaper than similar styles of a certain technology brand

2. Strong portability and light weight, half lighter than similar models of a certain technology brand

3. Easy to switch between multiple devices, compatible with mainstream systems, and high office efficiency

Disadvantages: The charging interface is relatively old, and it is recommended to upgrade the type c charging interface for subsequent iterations

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