Fancy? Gorgeous? Ease of use is king——Sharing the experience of using Dareu A81 keyboard

As the saying goes, once you enter 3c, it is as deep as the sea, and your wallet has become narrower and narrower since then. As a migrant worker who is nearly 40 years old, I have finally learned to enjoy the present moment.

Isn’t it the Chinese New Year recently? Because of the good performance in house cleaning recently, my wife rewarded me with 1,000 yuan for free self-configuration, so I bought this Dareu A81 three-mode mechanical keyboard.

Moreover, as a fully mechanical keyboard with a price of less than 500 yuan, it not only supports hot-swappable shafts, but also has a Gasket sound-absorbing and shock-absorbing structure, global RGB backlight, and comes with 2.4G wireless + Bluetooth + wired three-mode, Switch at will, and the usage scenarios can be said to be very rich.

The pure silver carton packaging, the outline of the product is printed on the front, and the oblique lines are full of mechanical style. This kind of product box is not cheap when used as a gift.

The back is bilingual in both Chinese and English, giving a comprehensive introduction to the various parameters of the product. It can be seen that the packaging shell is also designed with great care.

In terms of accessories, it is also very rich, and is stored in a storage box with a reasonable layout. A black AtoC data cable, 2.4G receiver (located in the groove on the right side of the keyboard), the integrated design of keycap puller and shaft puller are all fully equipped.

Overall, this keyboard gives me the feeling that it has bright colors and a stable and elegant shape.

The keyboard uses a full-color RGB backlight, and a variety of lights can be switched at will, which can be set according to your different usage scenarios and different moods; of course, even in a dark environment, it can also play a lighting role .

The back panel of the keyboard uses a full yellow plastic shell and four rectangular silicone pads, which can not only prevent slipping but also prevent scratches on the desktop. The same method of electroprinting is used to engrave 75% of the words and twill lines, which does not look monotonous at all.

The keyboard itself is equipped with 3 modes, and the corresponding switch is in the upper left corner of the keyboard. You only need to select the corresponding mode to realize the function.

For me, since I use a Windows desktop computer, I only need to connect it when I use it for the first time, and it will be connected when I turn it on in the subsequent use process, once and for all.

From the perspective of the keycap, the keycap has an appropriate curved surface at every moment, which can fit the curvature of your fingertips well during the pressing process.

PBT material, with a slightly coarse grain feeling, increases the friction during the use of the keyboard; at the same time, it can effectively prevent the keyboard from oiling after a long time of use, and the characters are clear and not easy to wear, which increases the durability of the keyboard.

On the whole, the fingertips of each level of the keyboard also have a certain inclination, and the overall structure of the keyboard itself is reasonably arranged. Relatively, it is quite suitable for ergonomic design. If you want to improve the comfort of your keyboard during use, it is recommended to equip yourself with a keyboard rest.

As for the switch of the keyboard, the one I chose belongs to the Dareus purple gold switch. In terms of feel, it is similar to the traditional cherry brown switch. The trigger force is small, and the grams are also 60±5gf, and the total stroke is 3±. 0.3mm, the sound is not loud, whether it is office or home coding, it will not affect others.

The axis body of the Zijin axis is a tripod axis, which is compatible with all tripod axes on the market. In addition, after the shaft is pulled out, it can be clearly seen that the sound-absorbing cotton is used in the keyboard, which can greatly reduce the cavity sound. This is why I feel that the sound of this keyboard is smaller than my previous keyboard. ! There is also a layer of poron gasket at the bottom, which is first-class in plasticity and shock absorption.

The keyboard not only feels very comfortable, but also supports hot-swapping of the entire shaft. With the included tool, the entire shaft body can be easily pulled out. It is also very simple to replace, and the playability is very strong.

In terms of battery life, after disassembly, you can see the built-in 4000mAh lithium battery. According to the official page, the standby time of the keyboard can be as long as 45 days without turning on the backlight, which is really extremely powerful!

Moreover, the full-color RGB backlight makes the keyboard itself very playable. You only need to use FN+【 to switch between different lighting modes. I especially like this multi-color breathing light mode.

At present, I have been using this Dareu A81 mechanical keyboard for more than ten days. On the whole, the keyboard’s low-key appearance, full-textured hardware, and just the right strength when coding and unique percussion sound have become my daily routine. An essential tool for coding in Dama.

If you are also looking for a mechanical keyboard that is affordable, easy to use and easy to use, today's Dareu A81 is really a good choice!

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