Fat House Daily Chapter 88: Is the threshold for playing a customized keyboard high? Why don't you take a look with me, a "first-time burner" Xiaobai?

What is a customized keyboard? Customization, that is, customization or customization, a mechanical keyboard is divided into casing, PCB board, positioning board, shaft body and keycap. When these components can be fully combined, it is called customization. The advantage of a customized keyboard is that you can choose accessories according to your personal preferences. Therefore, the user experience is not comparable to that of the public keyboard. But, but here it comes...Easy things are generally accompanied by two characteristics: difficult or expensive, or difficult and expensive. The threshold of customized keyboard is here:

(1) Disaster . The difficulty of realizing a customized keyboard mainly tests the hands-on ability of the user. If the keyboard is disassembled to the level of the PCB board, the degree of professionalism is particularly high, and it is not an area that ordinary consumers will or must be involved in. However, if ordinary consumers are interested in customization, they can actually pay more attention to the switch body and keycaps. After all, this is the part that is more related to the user experience. And if you only need to replace the shaft body and keycap, the difficulty will not be too high. The current general-purpose tools can be used to pull out the shaft and the key at the other end, which is more convenient to use.

▲The shaft and key puller can be directly removed to the positioning plate.

(2) expensive . Customized keyboard kits are generally more expensive, and the price of a slightly higher-end keyboard is hundreds or even thousands of yuan. Of course, there are cheap ones, but the quality is often almost meaningless. Therefore, in the past, customized keyboard enthusiasts often had the situation that expensive kits could not be afforded (reluctant to buy), and cheap ones were not appreciated.

However, it seems that the problem of the high price of customized keyboard reliable kits is also being resolved. "Top 3 customized keyboard sales in the world" - Skyloong will start the whole series of good prices on March 3 (Skyloong Crazy Kit Festival), covering Skyloong's three-mode kit (full configuration) And other accessories, the price is very high, it is worth squatting.

Of course, the three-mode kit (full configuration) with a particularly strong discount is a daily limited supply. Interested friends, let’s work hard together~ Attach a few links to official channels, and you can choose according to your needs:

Tmall flagship store

JD self-operated flagship store

Jingdong flagship store

Next, how about you follow me on the journey of customization of the little nerd GK75?

▲The packaging of the base of the small bug GK75 is quite characteristic. The pure white background color has a feeling of "everything is empty", waiting for the user to smear the color on the shaft body and keycap.

▲Of course, apart from the shaft and keycaps, the keyboard base is complete with other components (housing, PCB and positioning board) and accessories, such as dust covers, cables, and A to C female adapters. In addition, there are keymaps, warning instructions and other documents. For customization, the switch body and keycaps are optional. I chose the chocolate V2 rose switch body (with gold split space module) and the PBT space blue powder color scheme (with 2 sets of knob kits).

▲As mentioned in the previous article, the feature of the small bug customized kit is its high cost performance. The price has already been mentioned. Here we can also see its "sex" from the accessories. The workmanship is really good and there are no flaws.

▲The keyboard base shell of GK75 is a black translucent hard shell, and the gold metal positioning plate is particularly eye-catching. It can be seen that, in addition to the common single-axis seat, GK75 has three small satellite axes of the left "Shift", "Backspace" and "Enter", and the large satellite axis of the space bar.

▲The shaft seat compatibility of the small bug GK75 is relatively good, so there is a considerable degree of freedom when choosing the shaft body. In addition, it supports hot plugging, so there will be no restrictions on operation.

▲If you look carefully, you can see the white translucent cushion on the edge of the shaft seat, which uses the patented technology of the small worm - Lite Gasket integrated double-layer flicking three-dimensional noise-cancelling cushion (patent number: 202122268546.3) . The innovative structure made by combining the Lite Gasket silicone pad with the open mold instead of the knife mold, and the silicone gasket on the screw, in addition to sound attenuation, can also bring a soft and elastic feel.

▲In addition to the standard space positioning board, the small bug GK75 kit also includes a split space positioning board and the corresponding split space key cap. This is another patent of the nerd - the split space-long space interchange module (patent number: 2019209171742).

▲Look at the back of the keyboard. It has to be said that the translucent shell makes the texture of the entire keyboard base quite good, and even if it supports the 2.4G wireless/Bluetooth wireless desktop solution, the GK75 still maintains the desktop beautification design of the three-way outlet slot. The back of the entire keyboard is equipped with 5 anti-skid pads, and the feet are two-stage (common configuration for small-sized keyboards). The 2.4G wireless receiver and Type-C interface are reflected in the translucent shell, which is particularly in line with the aesthetics of straight men. .

▲The material used for the second-level foot support will be more solid, so the durability is also worth looking forward to.

▲The 2.4G wireless receiver is plugged in and stored on the keyboard, which is a relatively safe solution. The small bug GK75 is also very stable after being inserted, and it is not afraid of dropping it. With the keyboard and receiver independent, I lost several receivers, because they are too small, and it is really easy to lose them if they are placed alone.

▲The small bug GK75 supports RGB effects, so the power consumption is naturally higher than that of the matte version keyboard. Although its battery capacity is actually 4000mAh, charging is indispensable on weekdays, or connecting cables for wired use (lower delay~). Unlike many keyboards, the Type-C port of the GK75 is designed on the inside, which makes it easier to move the wires.

▲The small bug GK75 is a keyboard with a wide range of applications. In addition to supporting wired/2.4G wireless/Bluetooth three modes, it also supports switching between Windows and Mac operating systems.

▲The screws of the keyboard base are mainly distributed in the space positioning plate, the main positioning plate and the back of the shell. The screw adopts the common "ten" opening, which is easy to twist, like the electric screwdriver I use, which is even more convenient.

▲If you want to disassemble both the shell and the PCB board, you need to unscrew the screws on the back of the feet. The positions of these two screws are relatively hidden. If you don’t pay attention, it will be troublesome to disassemble.

▲The shaft insertion is very simple, and it can also be done when the power is on. When inserting the shaft, you should pay attention to the position of the pins, otherwise the shaft body may be damaged.

▲ Pulling out the shaft will be a little more troublesome than inserting the shaft, but it is actually not difficult to use the shaft puller to snap into the slot of the shaft body.

▲The installation of the satellite axis will be more skillful than the single axis. If you find the right angle, you can get it right away. If you don't find a good location, you may not be able to get it in for a long time, or you may put it backwards (easy to appear in the novice group).

▲Installing the keycap is much simpler than installing the shaft body, and it is also aligned with the position, just press it.

▲ Pulling out the keycap is also easier than pulling out the shaft. As far as our daily "customization" needs are concerned, the frequency of changing keycaps is significantly higher than that of changing shafts, so this kind of operation is convenient and the experience upgrade it brings is real.

As mentioned above, the GK75 kit has a split space-long space interchangeable module (patent number: 2019209171742). Its benefits are twofold: (1) One button can be changed to three buttons, allowing you to DIY more functions; (2) Short buttons have a better pressing feel than long buttons.

▲The operation is also very simple, first unscrew the screws on the original long space positioning plate.

▲Removed long space positioning plate.

▲The shaft installation of the split space positioning plate is different from that of the long space. The required shaft changes from one long satellite shaft to two short satellite shafts and one single shaft.

▲ After installing the satellite axis, press the three single axes into the corresponding keys.

▲ Finally, install the keycap. Among the three split grids, the one on the left is the most frequently used, while the one on the right is less used, and it supports DIY and other functions.

▲There is a little surplus in the supporting shafts of the GK75 kit. As I used it, there are only 5 single shafts, 2 satellite short shafts and 1 satellite long shaft left. This kind of surplus is of course necessary, even if it is an old driver, it is difficult to guarantee that it will not "stumble". If the shaft body is damaged, there will be a replacement margin.

▲The installation of the lower shaft body of the long space is completed.

▲The number of keycaps in the GK75 kit is more sincere, and there are a lot more. So there was a sweet annoyance, and I had a hard time finding the keycaps for the corresponding keys.

▲It is worth mentioning that there are two pairs of knob shafts and knob keycaps. This is also another patent of GK75 - the shaft-knob hot-swappable interchangeable module (patent number: 202220224005.2). In addition to the ESC key in the upper left corner of the keyboard, the 5 axes on the right all support such knob axes. Compared with ordinary switches, knob switches have obvious advantages. "Volume addition and subtraction and mute", "ZOOM± and ESC", or more DIY settings can bring about a major upgrade in appearance and functional experience.

▲The default function of the first knob is "Volume plus/minus and mute", and the function of the second knob is "ZOOM± and ESC".

▲The "customization" was completed. People like me with extremely poor hands-on ability finally spent 2 hours, and the main time was spent on finding keycaps. But the whole process is really interesting, I feel like I haven't been so focused on doing one thing for a long time.

I watched the video a while ago and saw the mechanical keyboard delay test video of the UP master "Keyboard Man Red Eyed Demon". Except for the four major manufacturers that have always been brilliant, I was surprised to see that the small nerd GK75 followed closely, which is one of the domestic delay solutions. The best performance, the delay of wired mode, 2.4G wireless mode and bluetooth mode is only 2.05, 5.45 and 22.81ms respectively, considering that the price of the small bug is lower than that of the four major manufacturers, so it is still a bit of a "true fragrance warning" feeling~

Moreover, when you get to know about the little nerd, you will find that it attracts many keyboard lovers, such as:

(1) A variety of self-developed hot-swappable shafts are available . Take the Glacier Optical axis series as an example, which includes linear axes and paragraph axes. There are fast axes such as Glacier Optical axis Green Tea V3, Glacier Optical axis Quick Silver V3, Glacier Optical axis Bumblebee V3 for professional gamers, as well as Glacier Optical axis Bumblebee V3. Axis, Glacier Red Axis, Glacier Blue Axis, etc. are geared towards office and light game scenarios;

(2) Has its own patented technology . It has been mentioned above, so I won't repeat it here.

(3) Cost-effective customized keyboard kit . It supports the replacement of positioning plates of different materials/split spaces, the addition of knob modules, dual system drives, and the adjustment of the tightness of screws of different lengths, etc.

Interested friends, you can pay attention to the "Small Crazy Kit Festival" opened on March 3~

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