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Fearless water splash dust cover, civilian rhythm artifact - Rapoo V530 gaming mechanical keyboard


In the past two years, peripheral products have really blossomed everywhere. The leader should be a mechanical keyboard that everyone wants. Even Meizu, a nation that once hoped, switched from mobile phones to peripherals. One can imagine how big the market demand is. . Among the many peripheral brands, Rapoo is one of them, and one of the brands that understands consumers best. The products have both good looks and good cost performance. For example, the V530 gaming mechanical keyboard launched by Rapoo during this time. This mechanical keyboard is also very distinctive, not to mention the shape selection. It is equipped with its own infrared silver switch. The A shell uses a more textured aluminum alloy panel. The color matching is also very eye-catching. Fendai ice soda, blue lagoon ice tea, There are three colors of Coco Mojito, the color scheme is very attractive, and it also has waterproof and dustproof properties. With this property, the quality feels very good. Let’s take a look at the details.


What I have in my hand is the color scheme of Blue Lagoon Iced Tea. I don’t know which PM came up with this name. I may want to have a petty bourgeoisie sentiment, but it’s a bit pretentious. Rapoo has persisted in the black and blue main color packaging box for many years, and it is beginning to feel a little aesthetically tired. The front of the color box is also displayed for the product. As a glue guy who occasionally plays glue, the blue lagoon iced tea color scheme is actually the classic blue-red color scheme that I like from Gundam. It can be used to create theme desktops, which is very important.

All the items in the box, except for the mechanical keyboard body, there are not many accessories, only a starter, and this situation is relatively rare for more than 300 products.

There is actually no difference between the Lanqiao Lake iced tea version and the ordinary black version of the V530, except for the keycaps. If you are smart, you will definitely wonder whether the price difference is worth it? For this reason, I also searched on a certain treasure. The full set of 104 keycaps with the same material is basically 150+, and the overall finished product will be cheaper. The feature of the top cover of the Rapoo V530 Lanqiao Lake Iced Tea Edition is all aluminum. The connection method is not multi-mode connection, only wired. It is mainly blue, and a few keys with relatively high usage rate are embellished with red, which is very refreshing against the aluminum material.

The Rapoo V530 mechanical keyboard has a standard 104-key layout with a size of 438*136*40. Because of the support of the aluminum plate, the weight is relatively high, with a weight of 800g. The above adopts a very cute design, that is, the upper cover is the positioning plate of the shaft body, and the design of the frameless floating keycap comes from this way, which not only improves the texture but also saves a positioning plate, which really kills two birds with one stone.

The V530 of Lanqiaohu Ice Tea color scheme has a fine-frosted aluminum panel. I have seen the introduction of the other two color schemes earlier, and the craftsmanship is still different. The aluminum panels of Coco Mojito and Fandai Ice Soda are metal wire drawing. , no matter what color it is, the uniform Rapoo LOGO design is protruding with twill, which can be better highlighted on the light-colored aluminum plate.

Borderless + floating keycap, this has a very important relationship with another feature of it, that is, waterproof. The entire keyboard is designed with a slight angle, even if the feet are not opened, as long as water is accidentally poured on the keyboard, most of the liquid will flow away from the surface and will not accumulate on the surface of the keyboard. Personally, I think the most detailed part of the overall keyboard should be the side. There is an RGB light bar on the left and right sides of the V530. The prismatic cut corners and the blessing of metal materials make the lighting effect absolutely full of gaming atmosphere.

The Rapoo V530 uses an independent infrared silver switch, which feels similar to the green switch. Compared with the traditional metal guide contact and conduction method, its response speed is faster, and it has the ability of waterproof and dustproof.

Although the conduction method of the infrared silver switch is different from that of the traditional mechanical switch, its feel adjustment is on par with the cherry green switch. Its trigger force will be 5gf less than the cherry green switch, which is 60gf. The triggering strength of the large key and the small key is relatively consistent.

On the bottom of the V530, there are non-slip silicone pads at the four corners, and two adjustable feet on the left and right, providing one more angle of use. There are two water guide holes at the bottom, if you really accidentally pour water into it, you can quickly drain the internal liquid.

The strange thing is that there are three such bayonets at the bottom, which are a bit like the limit points of the palm rest, but there is no related version of the Rapoo with a palm rest. Is this a follow-up version or is there an accessory?

The Rapoo V530 Blue Lagoon Iced Tea mechanical keyboard does not need drivers, it is plug and play, and has an ice blue backlight system with 12 preset light effects. It also supports self-defined full-key lighting effects, and the brightness of the lights and the speed of the backlight can also be adjusted. It can be regarded as making up for the regret that there is no driver support.

Because the bottom plate is made of aluminum alloy, it has a diffuse reflection effect similar to that of a lake, and with the RGB light strips on the left and right sides, the atmosphere throughout the year is very good.

Although there is only a single-color backlight, 12 kinds of lighting effects can definitely meet your requirements for lighting changes, and it can be changed every day for 7 days without repeating the same.

The so-called custom lighting switching and setting, personally feel more like a game mode, such as CS mode, several commonly used buttons in the left hand area, such as direction, reloading, switching weapons and other buttons will light up, for novices, this setting is simply It is tutorial style.

It is actually the first time for me to use this independent infrared silver shaft of the Rapoo family. It is triggered very quickly and does not require too much downforce. It is very light. I personally don’t like this lightness. The rebound sound feedback will feel like you have no input. Maybe silver axis will be more popular with girls. What I have to say is that the rattling trigger sound when it is input or playing games is really impressive. The keyboard as a whole is not very fleshy, and the rebound is fast and clean.

The main body of the keyboard is not light because of the aluminum alloy cover, but its own weight brings good overall stability, even with a tripod.

Waterproof and dustproof is an important feature of the Rapoo V530 mechanical keyboard. If you are in a bad environment or you are lazy and smoke while playing games, this keyboard is really suitable for you. Although the PCB board also has special treatment, some intrusions such as fruit sweat are still easy to cause corrosion. The advantage of suspension is that the keycap can be pulled out for cleaning at any time, and it is not afraid of easy cleaning.


The color scheme of the Rapoo V530 Blue Lagoon Iced Tea mechanical keyboard is really small and fresh, with blue, white and red keycaps, plus ice blue backlight and RGB lighting effects on the left and right sides, the gaming atmosphere is full, in fact, it mainly has the taste of Gundam. The switch body is an independent infrared silver switch, which feels much lighter than the cherry blue switch, suitable for long-term text input, and the crisp key sound of the green switch is very rhythmic. Waterproof and dustproof is only a protective function, and it is to deal with emergencies. It is impossible for someone to use the keyboard in the water, in order to reduce the damage of the mechanical keyboard due to water splashing. In general. The Rapoo V530 Blue Lagoon Iced Tea Edition mechanical keyboard gives people the feeling that it is durable. The addition of RGB also has a strong e-sports game style. The green axis typing is very rhythmic. People who love it love it and hate it. What kind of people are you? The only slight disappointment should be that the keycaps feel too transparent, and the color is not the hard and heavy effect, which looks light and light in front of such a stable aluminum alloy panel. This is a personal preference. I like keycaps that are thicker and stronger. As for the rest, everyone can see for themselves.

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