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Feel comfortable and good-looking, Dujia K320 mechanical keyboard experience sharing

I have always had a soft spot for mechanical keyboards. Compared with the softness of membrane keyboards, mechanical keyboards have a good sense of paragraph. Whether it is the crisp sound when tapping, or the DIY removable keycaps, it will always make people want to stop. Comfortable feel and good feedback are also the main reasons why more and more people choose it. Recently, I bought the Durga K320 mechanical keyboard, the brown switch wired version, and I have used it for a while, so I would like to share my experience.

Simply open the box, in addition to the TAURUS K320 mechanical keyboard, there are two keyboard data cables, a keyboard dust cover, a wire key puller, a coaster, and an instruction manual. The interfaces of the two data cables are USB-C to USB-C and USB-A to USB-C. This is more convenient, especially the current notebooks are becoming thinner and thinner, with fewer interfaces. The two interfaces All can be used, and the trouble of insufficient A port will be avoided.

This keyboard has a total of four colors, deep space gray, natural white, Cangluan ink, and light fog blue. The colors are very beautiful, and you can choose according to your preferences. The one I chose is space gray, black and gray, the large keys and functional areas are gray keycaps, the letter area and some F areas are black keycaps, very classic color matching, and the overall feeling is low-key and calm. 87-key design, compared with 104-key, the layout is more compact, much smaller and more refined, which can save more desktop space.

The keyboard adopts a semi-suspension design, which is convenient for daily maintenance and cleaning. In the lower right corner of the front side of the keyboard, the English name "DURGOD" of the brand is printed

The stepped keycap design has different height differences from top to bottom, which follows ergonomics and can effectively reduce the fatigue of long-term typing, allowing fingers to save effort when tapping.

The data line and the keyboard are designed with separate key lines, which has the advantage that it can be better stored and carried more conveniently and neatly. The connection adopts the mainstream Type-c interface, which is compatible with mobile phone charging cables and has strong adaptability. Basically, there is no need to worry about losing or forgetting the connecting cable. The three-stage wire slot layout can be selected according to the layout of the desktop, making the wiring more neat and beautiful.

The keyboard itself has a certain tilt angle, and the foot pad also supports two levels of adjustment, which can provide three different tilt angles to meet the needs of different usage scenarios. When the legs are opened, the stability of the support is high.

The keycaps are PBT two-color closed keycaps. Compared with ordinary ABS keycaps, the wear resistance is much improved, and it is not easy to oil. The surface is frosted, with a delicate touch and a very textured texture. At the same time, Dujia printed the function of the combination button on the side of the keycap, which looks more concise and can clearly see the function of the button. The most important thing is that it is convenient to operate. "key. The detail design is pretty good.

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, we have to talk about its switch body. The switch body of this keyboard is made of the original German Cherry switch body. Friends who have been in contact with mechanical keyboards should be familiar with "Cherry Cherry Switches". Mechanical keyboards The leader in the switch field, with fast response and durability, many high-end mechanical keyboards use cherry switches. I chose the brown switch known as the "universal switch", with a trigger pressure of 45cN and a trigger stroke of 2mm. Compared with the green switch, the overall noise is much lower, accompanied by a slight sense of paragraph, suitable for multi-scenario use.

Full-key no punch design, any combination of keys is valid. When playing games, you often need to use combos and combination skills. For game lovers, this function is very practical.

Exquisite and good-looking, high-value; two kinds of data cables, more convenient to use; three-section outlet, neater wiring; German Cherry original shaft body, quick response; PBT double-color closed keycap, durable and wear-resistant; full key without punching , Ergonomic design... Generally speaking, Dujia K320 is still very worth buying.

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