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Felco minila-r mass production ceiling

The filco keyboard I have been using for a long time now has 87 dual-mode keyboards. I have also used the cherry g80-3000 between the first minila and the minila r, and the first and second generation of Apple’s second-control keyboards. Later, due to occasional business trips, I can still switch them with me. The multi-device Bluetooth keyboard is more convenient, so I bought the minila-r

The minila generation is a tea switch, and it uses Cai Cai’s 2048. It’s really good to use. Although it’s Bluetooth 3.0, it’s very stable. There’s no problem with using it. I’ve paid attention to a great master who is worth buying before, and made a magic keyboard with 68 columns. I wanted to try it at first, but I was worried that my hand would be disabled. If you are interested, you can search it in the seafood market.

The 87 is the red switch. After replacing the keycaps of the sorceress, the appearance is good, but the keycaps are relatively thick, which affects the feel a bit and is a bit boring.

When I was closed at home at the beginning of the year, I also found a piece of wood to modify the lower keyboard tray. Although it is rough, it is perfectly compatible with Magic Keyboard and minila

It has been improved, and it can also put a touchpad

This time I bought the official name Chenxi Green, Green Switch. I still like the green switch when typing. It’s crisp and refreshing. Many people posted the list in front of me, so the photos are a bit sloppy. Everyone understands. The official small hand rest is good but a bit small. , the price/performance ratio is relatively low, and you may try it with other hand rests

It can be said to be incomparable. I usually just type, and I don’t have any special needs, even if I don’t need many special keys. Because my home is a mac system, minila multimedia is inconvenient. I also bought a small keyboard, which can be used for macro Into, all the key combinations are preset with a small keyboard, which is easy to use and very friendly. This small keyboard is really interesting. The disadvantage is that there is no Bluetooth.


1. Feel perfect

2. The backspace, which was inconvenient before, has been improved. It is larger and more comfortable to press. There is also the shift on the right. The previous generation was too small. You have to look at it every time you press it. This generation perfectly solves it.

3. Can connect 4 bluetooth devices to one cable, easy to switch, really satisfied, dry battery power supply is safe and convenient

4. Bluetooth has been updated and the connection is stable and fast

5. The appearance is good, the keycap feels good, but I still like the original height

Disadvantages: The keycaps are not easy to fit. Friends who like beautiful keycaps will definitely have a hard time. Because I haven’t bought a more suitable keycap, I haven’t replaced this keycap for a long time. It’s okay to use it for a long time, but personally I still like the height of the original factory.

2. If the arrow keys are not used by minila before, you may need to get used to using the left-hand arrow keys.

3. The most deadly problem. This interface miniusb is really an ancient interface. There is no way

4. Expensive

5. Many people may not be used to this key

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