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Finally let me find this keyboard! Thin and light|feel|appearance|experience, I like it very much!

For daily coding and office work, there is no way to adapt to the typing feel of a laptop keyboard, so I have been looking for a keyboard that is comfortable to type on, beautiful in color, and versatile on the desktop. From regular keyboards to gaming mechanical keyboards to punk keyboards, I have changed several models, but I still haven't found one that satisfies me.

But the experience of using this 89-key, LP thin-shaft Lulian KU102 keyboard that I bought two days ago is deeply rooted in my heart, so I must plant grass for everyone.

Let me talk about this keyboard through my own experience, what are the good points of the experience.

? Appearance and collocation

The first is the appearance, because my desktop style is mainly black, and then it is equipped with some colorful background lights. So when choosing a keyboard again, I chose the dark green key color, with orange and gray three-color combination keycaps, which is more compatible with the desktop style and also in line with my digital and technology nerd personality.

The Greenlink KU102 keyboard has a built-in battery and can be charged. It can be charged with a mobile phone charger when there is no power, which is much more convenient than its USB-powered and battery-powered keyboards. Moreover, the keyboard has an intelligent sleep mode. If it is not used for a long time, it will automatically enter the sleep mode to reduce power consumption and improve battery life. When I use it daily, I like to turn on the background light at night, and it can last for a week with normal use. If the backlight is not turned on, it can be used for 180h, eliminating the need for frequent charging.

?‍? Typing experience

For a keyboard, the typing experience must be the top priority. Lulian KU102 uses LP's thin and light switch body, and the handle of the switch is brown. To put it bluntly, how I feel when I type, the feeling of typing feedback to my fingers seems to integrate the advantages of many key switches, because when I press it and bounce it back, it is not straight up and down, it is very sensational.

Coupled with the shorter key travel, long-term input is much easier. Let’s use an analogy to describe that other people’s typing fingers need to run 100 meters, but this keyboard only needs to run 50 meters. Accumulated, the fingers “walk” a few kilometers less , can it be easy? The sound of the keyboard keys is also very small, which makes it feel but not noisy, which is just right.

? Personal experience

The keyboard of Lulian KU102 is different from other keyboards in terms of connection experience. This keyboard can support both wired and wireless connections. For desktops or old computers that do not support Bluetooth at home, it can also work through a wired connection. This design is deeply loved by me.

USB-C port charging and wired connection?

Finally, I believe that most of you will not bring a separate keyboard on a business trip, but the Greenlink KU102 keyboard brings a light and thin experience without sacrificing the feel, less than the weight of a bottle of spring water, so even on a business trip you can Very convenient to carry.

In terms of feel, appearance, portability, and battery life, this keyboard has excellent performance. More importantly, the event price now only costs 249 yuan, compared to the original price of 359 yuan, which is indeed more worthwhile.

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