Financial data analyst dedicated Mars key mxrskey ck210

A while ago, a friend asked me if I had a numeric keyboard, and I suddenly remembered the key to Mars that I didn’t choose last time, mxrskey

This is what was said in the last video, crane packaging,

Usually, the entire large keyboard is enough, but there is not much requirement for a large keyboard, but for high-intensity data analysis, report making, cash register, financial accounting, etc., the notebook does not have a number area, which is a flaw , you have to throw out a small keyboard, some may not have high requirements, the whole film, but it needs to feel, high frequency, this kind of advantage of changing the shaft and keycap comes, in addition to improving the feel, it can also make the whole Ambience lights, improve efficiency, and feel much better

This is not the whole CK820 of their family before, but it turned out to be purple. I thought it was the only one. In the end, good guy, this year is just like the fashion, and there are a few more purples. The last video and the next video are also purple.

But this time, I chose black for the CK210 in my hand.

It has the same style as the big keyboard. It has a small scroll and a small dam on the back. It is made of aluminum, which is resistant to falling. Toggle switch, magnetic second gear pad

Its method is the same as that of ordinary keyboards. Not only does it have three-mode connection methods, but also RGB and hot-swappable.

The light can also be adjusted, and there is also a light bar on the side, which can also be controlled independently.

With its satellite switch, I used a tea switch, the big key is very soft when pressed, and the small key is crisp

The keycap is the fresh orange transparent keycap of Yigejia. The light visible to the naked eye is at the lower light position. It is also very eye-catching during the day, and the light intensity is good.

I brought a hexagonal screwdriver, you can keep it if you want to remove it,

The positioning plate of fr-4 is supported by a silicone pad next to it, and it will be a little soft when pressed.

Below the positioning plate is the poron sandwich cotton, and the pad under the shaft of pe

The following is Kaihua's shaft seat

Then there is the poron bottom cotton, under which is sealed a 1500mAh battery,

Both Bluetooth and 2.4 wireless are supported, and it can also be used as a wired connection with a data cable. Those who like Altuotuo can consider it

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