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Find a home for the keycaps——ZOMO keycap display box, talk room, take more pictures and talk less

The writing of this article happened to be Children's Day. As a "big kid" who has been a little over-aged for a long time, I always want to buy a new toy on Children's Day to make myself happy. As a peripheral player who is not very rich, it is not an exaggeration to have some personalized keycaps. These keycaps are scattered on the two or three keyboards I usually use until ZOMO launched a new keycap storage box. That’s why I decided that I can no longer “care about one thing and lose another”, and put all the personalized keycaps back into the warehouse, and there will be another handsome and personalized decoration on the table. This wave is a win-win situation~~~~~

This keycap storage box is made of all-aluminum alloy material. The craftsmanship is still very good at ZOMO's CNC machine tools. It adopts the same process as ZOMO's metal keycap series products. The keycap products are smaller in size. It is very delicate, but when it comes to a slightly larger product like a keycap box, from the heavy weight in the hand, the very fine metal sandblasting on the surface and the meticulous chamfering and workmanship, I have to sigh ZOMO's attention to detail and craftsmanship High demands and high standards.

This time I chose the special version of the ZOMO keycap box, the special version of the mobile suit. Its characteristic is that many elements from childhood memories of Gundam are added to the keycap box, such as the red bottom metal nameplate with "MOBILE SUIT". There are also decorations similar to the golden grille on the chest of Yuanzu Gundam's chest, and even the supporting legs are made into the shape of the lightsaber hilt of the Gundam series. The details are still very elegant. The material of the keycap box itself is metal, and it is also matched with the steel-like mobile suit elements. The style is very coordinated. It is the most eye-catching thing on the table.

ZOMO's keycap box is equipped with an accessory called "Little C", which has a built-in magnet, and one end is fixed to the keycap cross column, and the other side can be fixed in the keycap box. Of course, because there is a magnet behind the small C, the keycap can also be transformed into a refrigerator magnet or adsorbed on the surface of any iron object by connecting the small C. I tested a lot of keycaps, and most of them are relatively stable after being connected with a small C. A few of them may be a little loose due to problems such as the thickness of the cross column and uneven tolerances, but the probability of encountering them is not high, so you can use it with peace of mind. After the keycaps are put into the keycap box, whether they are stacked (the ZOMO keycap box supports direct stacking, the acrylic top cover has grooves that can be directly connected to the rubber anti-slip strip at the bottom of the keycap box), or standing sideways, they all have a good effect. Stability, placement can be adjusted freely. There is really nothing to criticize about this keycap box~

In addition, considering that some individual keycaps are really "super high", the ZOMO keycap box is also designed with a variable height. There are four 9mm aluminum alloy heightening blocks under the bottom plate of the keycap box. You can remove the heightening blocks by removing the four inner hexagonal screws to adjust the entire placement height. It is actually measured that even the tall players such as the ZOMO Little Prince Rose keycap and the Xuanjing Treasure Box keycap will not touch the acrylic top cover without removing the height increasing block and putting it in the keycap box. Therefore, the storage of this keycap box Compatibility, everyone can rest assured!

Well, it's time to give a summary again. ZOMO's new keycap storage box can find a "home" for individual keycaps scattered on different keyboards, and can also be used as a handsome and highly personalized desktop decoration. This investment is undoubtedly very worthwhile. Of course, in addition to the slightly more expensive co-branded version, ZOMO also has a variety of ordinary versions in different colors with no discount on materials and craftsmanship to choose from, but it lacks the co-branded elements, but the price/performance ratio is much higher. ZOMO's CNC technology level and detail control have always been the best in the industry, and each model can be called a boutique. Taking advantage of the 6.18 promotion, let's make another one!

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