Fingers Paradise | Can sprouting and playful be used to describe the keyboard? That's right! Daryou Small Cube Z82 will be your super soft and cute fingertip paradise!

?The sharing of life is the multiplication of happiness?——Hi everyone, Xiaoxue is here! Nowadays, the design of mechanical keyboards can be described as a collection of diversified, interesting, and personalized styles. On the basis of practicality, it takes into account the appearance value, creating an interesting fingertip paradise, making codewords a kind of enjoyment, and making the desktop unique. It’s a sight to behold. Today’s recommendation is a cute and playful co-branded keyboard. It’s cute in shape and super quiet in feel. It can be said to be the cute and soft keyboard in the keyboard world, and it’s one of the must-have favorites for girls! It is Dareu's new keyboard star -- Yugui Dog Custard Z82 mechanical keyboard!

This time, the cinnamon dog-themed mechanical keyboard of cinnamon dog launched by Daryou and Sanrio is based on the cuteness of the small cube sugar Z82 mechanical keyboard. The special favorite keyboard recognized at a glance, I want to say that I really have no resistance to cuteness!

The Cinnamon Dog Custard Mechanical Keyboard adopts a blue and white color scheme. The fresh texture seems to pick off a piece of blue sky, by the way, pick off the clouds there, and fall to your desktop to give a soft and soft atmosphere.

The rounded corners around the keyboard are designed, and the cooperation between the upper cover and the keycap is also designed as a circular arc transitional frame, which has a comfortable streamlined feel and highlights the cute features.

The keycaps are PBT two-color keycaps, the sky blue and white are matched, and the space bar has a cute cinnamon dog, which brings out the cuteness to the fullest.

At the same time, the cuteness of the keycaps of the small sugar cube series is its rounded square shape, the concave design wraps around the fingertips, strong certainty, comfortable and dry touch, and does not oil up after long-term use!

Appreciate it from the side, it also has a beautiful arc, which is self-angled, so that the wrist can have a more comfortable experience during use, and long-term codewriting will not tire your hands.

At the upper left end of the keyboard, a power cord interface and a link switch are designed. At the same time, there is a 2.4G receiver and its storage compartment on the lower side. The operation of linking and switching can be said to be very smooth.

The back design is simple and clear, with five non-slip foot stickers along the circumference, and two levels of adjustable feet. There is a non-slip rubber pad under each foot, which can facilitate height adjustment and improve the stability of the keyboard.

The Yugui Dog Custard Mechanical Keyboard is equipped with Kaihua Light Sound Switch, which has small trigger force, light hand feeling, no obvious paragraph feeling, and the sound of finger drop is very light. It is a quiet linear switch body, even in the office or late at night. It is also fully guaranteed that the code word sound will not disturb colleagues or family members when used overtime.

At the same time, the trigger force of the light tone axis is about 40g, and ladies and sisters will not make their fingers too tired even if they face long-term code words. It is very suitable for people who have long-term code words, and it is an efficient and quiet productivity.

The Cinnamon Dog Custard Mechanical Keyboard is also very careful in the adjustment of the large key positions. The satellite shaft is lubricated at the factory, and the tactile resilience is very good. The quick trigger has no noise, and the feel is quite neat and clean.

The keyboard as a whole adopts the popular Gasket structure, equipped with high-toughness custom-made noise-absorbing silicone pads, which makes the overall pressing feel softer, and also offsets other noises. It is not only soft in appearance but also soft in touch. The "softness" is enough to make you put it down.

The Cinnamon Dog Custard Mechanical Keyboard adopts a simplified 75% arrangement, with 82 keys and a multimedia stepless knob on the upper right, cancels the number key area, and simplifies the editing area, making the overall size smaller. Save more space for the desktop.

The keyboard adopts three-mode connection, which is compatible with Windows and Mac systems, and the connection methods are diversified, which makes more connected devices and more convenient to use, which meets daily office study and games.

The built-in 2000mA lithium battery supports 15 days of use with the lights off, which can fully meet the needs of daily use.

The light adopts soft white light, and the upper light position design has a variety of light effects that can be changed. It is not dazzling when used at night, as if the soft moonlight flows out with the fingertips, and you can experience the beauty of tranquility amidst the smart flickering and changing.

This time Dareu's new keyboard can be said to have directly touched the hearts of countless young ladies. The appearance is fresh and sprouting, the shape is round and textured, and the soft and cute decoration of the cinnamon dog highlights its cuteness and cuteness. It is the design that makes the beauty party unable to move their eyes.

From the beauty at first sight to the soft elastic feel and light tone in use, the daily code words are softer and lighter, and the light tone is not tiring and noise-free, giving people a quieter and smoother daily environment. output experience.

All in all, in terms of shape and feel, this mechanical keyboard has given us a new cute and fun experience, and it will undoubtedly become the new desktop favorite of young ladies! In addition, the mouse and handle of the same style are quite nice, the whole set is simply not perfect! In addition, Daryu will launch Sanrio series of classic animation joint name Hello Kitty, Kulomi, Melody, Pudding Dog in the follow-up, Jimei, let's go! ! !

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