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First Taste of Gasket Structure - Dareu A87pro Customized Mechanical Keyboard

Regarding the "Gasket structure" in the customized mechanical keyboard circle, it was relatively small a few years ago! In the past two years, it has been slowly accepted by more users! Recently, I bought a customized mechanical keyboard with Gasket structure: Dareu A87pro.

Let's briefly introduce the term "Gasket structure".

Gasket structure, the interior of the keyboard is not fixed by metal such as traditional screws, but is fixed by rubber and the precise design of the upper and lower shells. And the Dareu A87pro that I started with added a layer of 3.5mm thick silicone pad inside, so that the feel is more uniform and comfortable, and the sound of typing on the keyboard has a better noise reduction effect!

In terms of color matching, there are currently two colors of white peach powder and evening cloud gray to choose from. White peach powder is mainly black and white, while Muyun gray is mainly blue and white.

As a girl, I personally prefer blue and white collocation, which looks more clean and simple! So I chose Twilight Gray.

In addition to the blue and white color scheme, there are also sporadic orange red embellishments. Among the accessories, seven function buttons of other color schemes are presented as gifts, in order to meet the color needs of consumers.

The keyboard adopts 80% arrangement, 87 key layout, cancels the numeric keypad on the right side, the keyboard as a whole is more compact, and also meets the basic needs of daily code words!

The overall size of the keyboard is 364*136*41mm, and the total weight is 950g. Relatively speaking, it is relatively heavy, but because of the wired connection, it is not necessary to move the keyboard frequently.

The connection method is a wired Type-C interface single-mode connection, which adopts the form of separation of keys and wires. The back of the keyboard is equipped with cable management slots in three directions, which is convenient for the adjustment of data cables in different desktop environments.

The four corners of the back of the keyboard are also equipped with non-slip pads, and the soles of the feet adopt the traditional two-stage design.

In terms of keyboard material, a harder high-purity PBT two-color keycap is used. The surface of the keycap is very delicate and comfortable to the touch, and it is not easy to slip.

The height of the keycap adopts the original OEM height, which conforms to the ergonomic design, and you will not feel tired even if you code for a long time.

In terms of characters, the color is still orange, and the closed font looks very clean and elegant with white keycaps!

In addition to the "Gasket structure" that is the characteristic of this keyboard, its shaft body is also very unique.

The keyboard switch body adopts the sky switch V3, which is the first time for me to experience it personally. The feel is very close to the Cherry red switch, straight up and down, and the feel is very smooth!

As for the large key, a brand-new satellite switch after special adjustment is adopted, which is more stable than the traditional satellite switch, and the feel is also greatly improved!

As a customized mechanical keyboard, it is necessary to support hot swapping! You can DIY other mechanical axes according to your own needs.

This mechanical keyboard also has RGB full-color backlight effect!

The RGB switch can be adjusted through the light adjustment button on the left side of the keyboard, and the brightness, color and frequency of the light can also be adjusted through the FN combination button.

It is the first time to experience the sky axis V3, and the feel is still very comfortable! Even if you code at night, the sound is very soft and will not affect your sleeping baby! The "Gasket structure" makes the keyboard feel more even when typing, and you won't feel any discomfort after using the keyboard for a long time!

Generally speaking, the current price-performance ratio of 499 for this single-mode Daryou A87pro customized mechanical keyboard is still good! Interested friends, you can buy it and try it out!

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