Five years ago, the cherry switch dominated the market, and it was worth buying a keyboard for public testing

Since entering the pit keyboard in 15 years, I have experienced dozens of different keyboards in the past 8 years. I have touched most of the shafts. The keyboards come and go like running water, but this keyboard has been tested since 2018. It has been 5 years now, and it has been used in the company.

It’s not to say how good the feel of this keyboard is, it’s just the belief in the cherry switch in 18 years and the customization of the pit. Let’s use this keyboard as a guinea pig, and the more it stays with me, especially the cherry The spring sound of the shaft makes me very impressed with the Run shaft.

This keyboard is a cherry red switch 104 keyboard made by Yuemi. In 2018, the experience of domestic shafts can only be described in words. Although the quality of cherries at that time had declined somewhat, both Tieba and other groups of friends took cherries as the benchmark for shafts. So the public is quite excited to test a keyboard with a cherry switch.

The price of the cherry switch keyboard in 2018 is still very high, especially filco and leopold, which are basically more than 1,000 yuan. It is indeed very cost-effective for Yuemi to make the price 299. I admire the Xiaomi ecological chain very much, and this The appearance of the keyboard is not bad, and it is very high even now.

Clean and tidy is my first impression of this keyboard. The overall plain white is very simple. Except for the text prompt of the indicator light and the two lines of text on the back, there is no redundant text in the rest of the place. The design language is pleasing to the eye. If you are interested, you can Take a look at the public test report I wrote at that time, which has a detailed evaluation of the appearance of the keyboard.

Because this keyboard does not have lights, the most worthwhile thing to do is to replace various keycaps. The other advantage of the white keyboard is revealed. It can be harmoniously matched with various keycaps. The keycaps bought in recent years are too There are many, Punk Gundam No. 1, Toffee Shiba Inu and Cheese Cat can basically match with this keyboard. The feeling of changing the keycap is similar to changing the keyboard, refreshing.

The very simple structure of the keyboard: keycap + shaft body + steel plate + PCBA + shell, it may be a little shabby now, without even a soundproof cotton, but there were not so many concepts at that time, and it was good for daily use. The most important thing about this structure is that it is easy to disassemble. When it is customized in the later stage, it is often dismantled and dismantled, and the process is very smooth.

The first time I disassembled this keyboard, the keyboard indicator light was not on. After inspection, the wire was damaged, so I removed the keycap, unscrewed the screw, pried off the shell, and then went to Taobao to buy a replacement according to the current wire, and then installed it. The later running switches and switching switches on non-hot-swappable keyboards were also explored on this keyboard.

Afterwards, I don’t know which thousand killers pulled me into the customization group, and then there was the hot-swappable aluminum kit, the open shaft and the mahjong sound of the shaft, and I was deeply involved in various shafts, various structures, and various coatings. I can’t extricate myself from the installation, but the real soldering transformation and installation still depends on me, Xiao Yuemi. During the period when I first entered the customization, I disassembled and understood the various structures of the keyboard, and modified and installed it. , are all carried out on this keyboard.

Now I have changed to a set of Mario keycaps, which look very matching. I just need to glow and glow while lying in the company. I am very grateful to this keyboard for such a long time, and I am also very grateful to Aunt Zhang for the public test.

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