Following the trend, I bought the keychron Bluetooth keyboard k3pro and shared my experience

Seeing that many people bought this keyboard, I also followed the trend and bought the brown switch of K3 pro (there are Jiadalong short switch red/tea/green switch body optional). I have bought red switches from other brands before and it feels a bit soft. It is not a relatively long time to type. This brown switch is very comfortable for me (I think the red switch is more suitable for girls, and the sound is slightly lower. It may be dark when typing for a long time. will be a little tiring).

The original keycap is the layout of the mac, and the accessories include win keycaps, key pullers, shaft pullers, data cables, and manuals in various languages; compatible with MAC/WIN systems, and the distance between devices does not exceed 10 meters, and 3 units can be connected at the same time Equipment, IPAD/mobile phone/computer can be switched, support QMK/VIA open source key change custom keyboard.

Compared with the red switch, I like the cleanness when hitting the tea switch, the sound is not very loud, and it is slightly lighter than other brands of red switches I bought before. The sound of tapping seems to have a rhythm, which reminds me of Nalan Xingde's "Blowing Flowers, Chewing Cores and Making Ice Strings", which may be related to the color matching of the keyboard. I always feel that the sound of the keyboard has a cold atmosphere. The size of the PBT keycap is very comfortable when you tap it, and you will not press it by mistake. Each button is also relatively stable without any shaking feeling.

75% layout, bluetooth and wired dual-mode, very masculine color, esc and enter keys are red, which adds a bit of liveliness to the stability, maybe girls don't like this appearance.

Tried the lighting, it didn't have the white color I like, and I don't like colored lighting very much. There are a total of 22 different lighting changes, and there are many unexpected display methods. What impressed me most is that there is a light like a water drop. When you press a key, the light will extend like a wall.

The three-section foot support on the back has two adjustable sections, which can effectively relieve hand fatigue.

Whether it's the keycaps, the low shaft of Jiadalong, or various details, the texture and details are very good.

The battery is 1550 mAh, there is an indicator light for charging, and it takes about 4 hours to fully charge. I used it intermittently for a week when the power was cut off, and it can be converted to about 33 hours without turning on the lights.

I don't care much about the playability when I buy a keyboard. I buy it mainly for use, and I don't want to modify it. This keyboard can be plugged and unplugged with electricity, you can change the axis and change the keys, and you can change it as you want.

Friends and girls who type for a long time can choose the red switch. The tea switch I bought may be tiring when typing often, but it is more comfortable for short-term typing. The model I bought meets my needs in terms of appearance design and performance. , except that the light does not have white light; the playability is relatively high, and it supports QMK/VIA open source key change custom keyboard, which can be plugged and plugged in with power; this is one of the products that I bought Songxi this year without regret.

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