Forwarder C65 volume adjustment button transformation and replacement plan

Following everyone's footsteps, I bought the Forerunner C65 keyboard. I have been using the green switch before, and I also want to try the silent switch for office use. The keyboard also takes up less space than the previous full keys. I don't think there is much dissatisfaction, just one point, the volume button is really ugly

At the beginning, I saw a big guy on the website saying that the volume knob can be changed, as long as it is a D-axis ladder, I also secretly moved my mind, how can I not change it if it is so ugly, I will look for it first! The original volume knob has a diameter of 17.5mm and a height of 14.5mm, but this size is relatively irregular, and it is difficult to find the same specification. According to the size and height of the keyboard, I roughly estimated that a knob with a diameter of 20mm and a height of 10mm should also meet the installation conditions.

Then it was a long search process... I omitted the search keywords of multiple platforms, and finally found this product.

The unit price does not exceed 1.4 yuan. What are the advantages of this model? There are many colors to choose from, and the single price is not as expensive as the postage, which is just right for buying them all.

After buying it, I found a problem, this thing can't be installed , see the figure below for specific reasons.

Obviously, the purchased knob is shorter than the original part connecting the volume lever. The height of the original connecting rod is 14.5mm, but the purchased one is actually concave. After a rough estimate, this product is only 8.6mm, which is 5.9mm missing in comparison. mm

What should I do? Is this expensive knob just so useless? , I was not reconciled, so I made a plan. Is there a possibility that I can make up the concave part of the knob? In the meantime I even thought about going over and buying a few protruding knobs and cutting the protruding parts off and backfilling the knobs I bought

Then one day, it occurred to me , I typed so many keywords "D-axis extension rod" on Taobao, and suddenly this baby appeared on the search page

After repeated communication with the store, it was finally confirmed that it can be used on the volume knob, and I placed an order readily! After I arrived, I found that the merchant didn't lie to me, it really works! But this effect...

I feel like I installed a satellite pot on the keyboard! But after being shocked, I also thought about it, isn't it just long? Wouldn't it be nice to saw off the excess? witty like me

Just do it, I took out my Takumi small electric grinder, and polished it carefully, the effect is as shown in the figure

Although it has been cut so that it cannot be cut anymore, there is still a part of the gap between the knob and the keyboard, which should be the reason for the resistance piece inside the connecting rod.

Be careful assuming boldly to prove it. Anyway, I bought 10 poles, and there is no cost to dispose of one first, so I picked up my small electric grinder, flattened the resistance plate inside, and even ground it deep. A small part (not too deep, or the volume button will not go down). Then put it on again, perfect!

So far the transformation of the volume knob is over, thank you for watching, bow and sprinkle flowers.

PS: Later, I also thought about cutting the thick part of the D-axis connecting rod directly according to the length of 5.9mm. It is estimated that the cut part can also be used by the filling method I thought before, but because the buttons are all used by me After the modification, the enthusiasm for hands-on work has basically disappeared, so let’s talk about it later

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