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Free and unrestrained, showing individuality-IQUNIX F97 Tuya Diary wireless mechanical keyboard out of the box

As a fan of aluminum factory products, I have always paid attention to new keyboards. I have bought several different models of aluminum factory products, which made my family members gradually familiar with the term mechanical keyboard. For example, I often experience aluminum factory products. daughter.

And the appearance style that girls like has always been different from my uncle. For example, I think the calm and pure black black warrior is cool, but my daughter thinks it is dull and boring. She is very fond of the latest new product " graffiti diary "It was love at first sight, and I even felt that the cat keyboard in my hand didn't smell good anymore.

In terms of layout, she is the favorite F97, reunion " old friend "It's still a familiar feeling. The accessories are exactly the same as the previous F97 models. In addition to the keyboard body, there are key pullers, shaft pullers, cleaning brushes, wireless receivers, Type-C data cables, and five free keys. To replace the keycaps of the MAC layout.

The keyboard is divided into two colors, red and black, and the layout and pattern of the keycaps are exactly the same. The so-called difference in color is actually the color of the outermost border and back of the keyboard, so the one I have is red, to match the keys. The cap is beautiful and colorful, so it is natural to choose the RGB version to echo it.

Since it is a red model, of course the back is pure red. The advantage of being surrounded by an all-aluminum alloy frame is that it is very heavy and heavy, which is worthy of the name of the aluminum factory.

There is also the word F97 in the middle of the back. The three English letters of F97 are filled with graffiti, which echoes the pattern style on the front.

The Tuya F97 uses non-adjustable metal support feet, and there are two silicone non-slip pads underneath, which improves the stability of the keyboard.

After placing the keyboard on the desktop, you can see that the keyboard and the desktop naturally form an ergonomic 6° inclination, which is called " golden angle "The angle can provide users with typing comfort.

The wired/wireless switch is designed under the metal support feet. Although the size of the switch is still miniature as before, it has to be said that the switch feels good and is not easy to misuse.

The side of the top is still the familiar recessed interface, which can better prevent pulling and make the wire more stable and not easy to fall off. This USB Type-C interface is connected to a cable for data transmission and charging. You don’t need to unplug it frequently when you plug in the interface during daily use, because the wired mode supports charging while using, which can effectively avoid power anxiety.

It is called graffiti, and the patterns on the keycaps are naturally free and unrestrained, bold and unrestrained. In the eyes of adults, they seem a little jumpy and messy, but in the eyes of teenagers, they become distinct, highly recognizable, and full of modern free style.

Consistent with the design of the previous F97 products, the status indicator is between the G and H keys. Users can judge the remaining power of the keyboard and different connection methods through the color change and different flashing patterns of this light.

After using a variety of keyboards, I found that the frame surrounded by all-aluminum alloy is more textured, smooth and cold, and feels heavy, which is more appropriate to the name of the aluminum factory. The keycaps are uniformly made of PBT material, which has a delicate feel and is not oily. The characters engraved by the dye-sublimation process are beautiful and not easy to fade.

In addition to the black and red keycaps, most of the letters and numbers are white, and there are many bold symbols on the space bar, backspace key, enter key, SHIFT key, ESC key and other keys that can be seen at a glance. Doodle pattern. F97 Tuya adopts a compact 100-key layout scheme. With independent number keys and direction keys, the body area is reduced to a compact size of only 372mm*123.5mm.

Lifting the keycap of the space bar, you can see that the large key of this Tuya F97 uses a balanced design, and the sandwich sound-absorbing cotton and bottom cotton are added inside, which can effectively reduce the knocking noise and make the hand feel more solid.

In terms of the shaft body, due to the emphasis on " crisp "and" quick response ", so this time I chose the Quick Silver Switch, whether it is used for typing, surfing the Internet or playing games, TTC Quick Silver Switch can meet the requirements.

Tuya F97 also provides a hot-swappable switch solution for all keys, which is convenient for users to replace the switch according to their personal preferences. Using the key puller and cap puller can quickly replace the switch body and keycap, and even create a switch that only belongs to Your own unique and exclusive keyboard.

In terms of battery life, the built-in 4000mAh large-capacity lithium battery of Tuya F97 can provide a long battery life of up to 260 days. It can be said that charging twice a year is enough, and it is often found that the mouse is the first to run out of battery when it is placed with the mouse.

Used with a pure black mouse, the graffiti is more eye-catching, and the monotonous boring on the table is swept away by the bright color of the graffiti.

Not to mention the effect of the RGB marquee, a variety of modes can be selected. Against the background of the backlight, the graffiti looks more colorful and eye-catching.

Different colors, brightness and modes can be adjusted by key combination.

In particular, the white-based keycaps have a more ivory white texture against the backlight.

It supports about 16 million colors of lighting color adjustment, a total of 17 different lighting effect modes, and supports the switching of brightness and color. The range of user choices is still very large.

Users can use Tuya F97's rich combination key functions to realize wireless mode switching (Bluetooth, wireless, USB), light adjustment, check battery status, multimedia control and other functions, especially like that when the RGB backlight is on, the gap between the keycaps is also filled with light The advanced look and feel creates a more comfortable use atmosphere.

Finally, a brief summary of this Tuya F07 wireless mechanical keyboard.

The most eye-catching feature of this F97 graffiti diary from the aluminum factory is the variety of colors, the bright appearance of the pattern, the all-aluminum frame, the hot-swappable switch keycap, the long battery life, and the crispness brought by the fast silver switch. The cool touch will make young people put it down.

The convenient three-mode connection, the dazzling RGB lighting effect, the consistent excellent workmanship and solid feel of the aluminum factory are all the reasons why this keyboard is worth buying.

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