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Freely build a customized keyboard, enjoy exclusive customization! Luofei Xiaoqiao three-mode mechanical keyboard experience!

The 618 event still couldn't resist buying this Luofei keyboard! ! I have always felt that customized keyboards are very popular, but it takes a long time and the lack of cost performance makes people discouraged! I have always wanted to customize my own keyboard, such as free choice of axes, keycaps, middle frames, etc. I don’t know how you choose? Recently, I bought the Xiaoqiao 100 customized mechanical keyboard launched by Lofree. It supports three-mode connection. The most surprising thing is that the main accessories such as the shell and keycap can be freely matched! No, I quickly customized a set when it was released. Uncle V chose the tofu-colored body + social animal banana keycap optional version. I like this small and fresh combination. Let’s take a look at how this combination works!

First decide what you want

The shaft and keycaps can be selected on the "Luofei Building" applet. There are many keycap themes on it, such as "cute cat" and "good luck peach blossom" that girls like, and boys like such as "Tiger cubs are very busy" and "community animal bananas" are very good! Through Luofei, the private customization of the keyboard has been realized. I did not expect DIY to be so simple and interesting!

After matching the body, keycaps, shafts and other accessories, you can place an order. The whole process is very simple. Uncle V’s set is about 600 yuan, which is much cheaper than customized keyboards. Take it with you, very easy! No need to wait indefinitely! Just wait after placing the order, and it will be delivered in two or three days! If you like it, try it now!

I can't wait to see how it looks when I get it. No, I will unbox it as soon as possible! Lofree Luofei Xiaoqiao 100 three-mode mechanical keyboard has two boxes in total. The keyboard and keycaps are packaged independently. In addition to the main body of the keyboard, there are many accessories, such as key puller, battery, data cable, manual, etc. The biggest joy of this optional theme keycap is that it can be replaced frequently. You can really experience the fun of DIY. You can buy whatever theme you like. If you want another style, you can change a set of keycaps without changing the body. The theme will change its appearance again, and this feeling of experiencing the "new" keyboard is very refreshing.

This 100 series tofu-colored shell uses Jiadalong's G red Pro axis. Currently, Jiadalong's axis body is considered mainstream, and it is also a rare conscience axis in China. The single life span is as high as 8000W times. , there is basically no problem in daily use. When installing for the first time, it is recommended not to confuse the position of the keycaps. After all, each position is unique. If you accidentally confuse it, you can check the position map on the Internet before installing.

The Lofree mechanical keyboard adopts ergonomic design as a whole, and it is a curved structure when viewed from the side or the back. This range can better support the hands, and typing for a long time will not make you tired. The keyboard is powered by three No. 7 dry batteries, and the battery life can last for about one month. In addition, it also supports the use of plug-in cables. It uses the Type-c interface, and the wiring is also very convenient. However, for friends who want a clean desktop, it is more convenient to use battery power! In addition, there is a power knob at the bottom, with a total of 3 levels of adjustment, namely OFF, ON and 2.4G/BT. You can switch between wired mode and wireless mode by turning the knob, which is easy to use.

Lofree mechanical keyboard supports Bluetooth 5.0, wireless 2.4G and wired connection, which can meet different usage scenarios and needs, and can be arranged according to individual needs. It is worth mentioning that it can connect three devices at the same time, and is compatible with mainstream platforms including: Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and other systems.

The Lofree mechanical keyboard adopts PBT sublimation keycaps, which support hot-swapping, and can be easily removed and replaced freely through the provided key puller. 100 full keys are arranged without conflict, which is no problem for friends who like to play games.

The input experience of Jiadalong’s G Red Pro switch is still good. Overall, typing is relatively smooth, and the trigger speed is relatively fast. The red switch has always been my favorite switch, mainly because it is relatively quiet. In addition, the internal structure of the keyboard adds a silicone sandwich pad, which can effectively reduce the cavity sound, and it is also very good to use at night without disturbing the family. This is quite comfortable.

Summary: Generally speaking, since I bought the Lofree 100 mechanical keyboard, other keyboards at home have begun to be idle again, and they are usually used in the office, mainly because of their good looks! Whether it is office or playing games, it is also very applicable! It can be powered by dry batteries and has a strong battery life, which can last up to about a month, which is very worry-free to use. For such a customizable mechanical keyboard, its playability is very high. Not only can you DIY to choose the desired body, shaft body, keycap and other accessories, which greatly satisfies your own aesthetic preferences. This feeling is still very good! If you also like this way to get a special keyboard, you might as well give it a try!

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