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Fresh Trial Chapter 78: Consumption downgrades, continue to buy second-hand bluetooth keyboards

In the past two years, I have been really cash-strapped. I can only follow the global trend and downgrade consumption. I can no longer afford to visit the dog city and the cat city. Now I hang out in the fish city all the year round. , Two days ago, I bought an A5pro with no lights. I always wanted to use the adapter to connect the keyboard code words, but found that I needed to change the plug constantly, and charging was troublesome, so I thought about buying a Bluetooth keyboard. The original Bluetooth keyboard is also I bought it for more than 50 yuan, but later I don’t know why some keys failed, and some keys worked occasionally, so I had to buy it again.

Three-mode keyboard

Looking at the picture, I thought it was very thin and light, but who knows that it is quite weighty after buying it. The K480 of a certain technology cannot carry the full name. You know


From the front, it is a kind of round and small concave keycap. I personally don’t like this kind of keycap. I prefer the chocolate cube type. It's a bit loud when tapped.


There is also a battery switch power display on the back, which is a relatively advanced point.

I have used several wireless keyboards, and none of the Bluetooth keyboards have a battery indicator, but the red light will flash when there is no power. It seems to have the same effect.


There is a row of instructions on how to use it on the front of the keyboard. The seller sent it in a box of biscuits. I thought I bought a box of biscuits in some mall, or a gift from a friend.

three seconds

The above can be adapted to computers, tablets, mobile phones, and Apple systems. There are two modes. You need to press the rightmost button for three seconds before the Bluetooth is discovered.


The access method is the same as other Bluetooth keyboards, after entering the verification code, you can access it.


You need to turn on the battery switch first, so put the picture here.


This is the display name, try typing below.


Typing on the Q5 is not as good as the original ordinary keyboard adapter, so let's get used to it for a while.

pick A5

I tried to connect it to the a5 again, and the signals interfered with each other when the Bluetooth and WiFi were turned on, and there were occasional disconnections.


The A5's screen is too small, and typing is a bit poor, so give it a go.


Try it with an Apple computer again, the effect is not bad, the overall typing experience is much better than the previous two, and it is still slightly easier to use the Guozi system.


It can be connected to three devices. This setting is quite good. Just move the wheel, and connect two tablets and one mobile phone.

Let’s introduce it here first in this issue. Continue to try it out. I checked it in the Gouzi Mall. The original price is 139, and it’s basically half price if you start with 50. I don’t know how long the second-hand items will last. Lower your expectations, life may be easier , that's it, thanks for reading.

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