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Freshman admission gift mechanical keyboard Dujiao k310

My little nephew has just finished the college entrance examination this year. No matter what his grades are, he needs to relax during the next two months of vacation. The game he has always wanted to play before can finally be played without any scruples, so I gave him a Dujiak310 as a gift. Reward him with a gift. For a boy who likes to play games, it can be said that he has no immunity to this gift, and once he gets it, he really can't put it down. Let me share with you the Dujiak310 that I gave to my little nephew with the 618 discount.

The packaging box of the k310 is in the same line as other models, maintaining the unified tonality of the brand without any major changes. There is only a big brand LOGO on the front, Taurus written on one side, selling points written in English on the other side, and related information such as the place of origin on the back.

Open the packing carton, inside is the plastic protective case of the keyboard, and then there is the body of the keyboard.

The workmanship of the keyboard is relatively solid, and it is very heavy to hold. It feels like it should weigh about two catties.

The keyboard I gave him is a natural white color, with white and gray keycaps, which is extremely simple, and it looks more eye-catching when there is no light.

The side of the number area of ​​the keyboard is printed with Duga's brand LOGO, which looks simple and elegant.

The bottom of the keyboard uses a two-stage bracket with common non-slip silicone blocks, and the anti-slip is also very good.

In addition to the bottom, in the design of the height-adjustable bracket, not only a two-stage design is adopted, but also a separate anti-skid pad on each stage, the details are full!

In terms of accessories, the manufacturer gave a logo strap and a tool for pulling out keycaps, and also gave a coaster as a gift. The details are still well done.

The keyboard cable provides two mainstream interfaces usb and Type-c ports, which is convenient for adapting to different computer interfaces.

The keyboard adopts tpye-c interface and three-outlet design, and the interface can be fixed with a lockable structure to ensure the safety of the interface.

There is a structure of locking up and down to prevent the interface from being damaged by rough pulling. It is still a very considerate small design.

In terms of touch, the matte texture of the keycaps of the k310 makes people feel great. This 310, which has always been famous for its large key design, can make it possible to play games without missing a beat, especially when you are in a hurry. You press the wrong key position, and at the same time, when typing, it is also very smooth, and the feel is excellent.

The switch body of the keyboard uses the cherry switch. Thanks to Du Jia’s adjustment, the trigger of the keyboard is very good. When playing games, the keyboard has a one-key macro button. With the blessing of excellent feel, playing games is indeed very comfortable.

I have tried various switches, and in the end I still feel that the red switch is the most comfortable to use. Whether it is typing or playing games, the feedback it gives me is just right.

Considering that it may be used sometimes in the school dormitory at night, I bought him a matte version with 108 keys. Students sometimes need to enter some numbers, so it would be much better to have a number area.

Recently, I have been tossing a lot of keyboards back and forth. Now there are really all kinds of mechanical keyboards on the market, and domestic keyboards have also risen. This Dujia 310 not only has a super high cost performance, but also feels better than foreign keyboards. The factory is comfortable, whether it is a competitive game or an office use, it is a good choice.

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