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Friendship also has the seven-year itch? Maintaining the relationship is actually not as difficult as imagined, please check quickly for good assists~

Some people say that every relationship has a shelf life, not only love has a shelf life, but even the friendship that is so cherished in our palms will fade in the friction of life one day... I can't help but think that many people are discussing topic of #Friend relationship need frequent contact to maintain it# , Recall, have you rejected your friend’s invitation again and again because of your busy work, or have you neglected the agreement with your friends because of love? In the long river of time, friendship plays a very important role. Your happiness, sadness, depression , I am glad that TAs are all involved. If family is our safe haven, friends are small sailboats that accompany us. TAs always give you endless confidence.

"The world is so big and there are so many people, it would be my luck to be friends with you."

When our identities are constantly changing, when we know more and more people, when your WeChat friends have broken through the 500 mark, in these busy and growing days, except for the only constant that is always changing, back to Looking back, the group of people at the top remains the same. Apart from family members, they are friends who are close enough to wear the same clothes~

?For this reason, the editor specially interviewed colleagues around me: Do you think the relationship between friends needs to be maintained?

A trendy colleague said: In fact, most of the grown-up friends are just passers-by, but if the relationship between friends is already very strong, it’s all due to death, so how can there be any maintenance?

Fanfan’s colleague said: Don’t talk about friendship, even the relationship with pets needs to be maintained. Even if you have a certain foundation, whether you can continue to heat up or not depends on your actions. Isn’t this the same as love? So whenever I have free time, I will go out for drinks with my sister~

The tall colleague said: Raise your hands and feet to agree with Boss Fan! But we are different, we don’t drink alcohol when we are older, it’s all about keeping healthy and dancing haha


It can be seen that everyone is an unswerving defender of friendship, and the editor also feels that no matter how stable the relationship is, we need to water it carefully. Students who want to maintain the relationship can read the few summary of the editor for you coup.

1. Keep in touch

Why do you say that friendship needs to keep in touch? Friends are different from family members. Family members can keep in touch with you for a long time, and even live under the same roof as you. However, friends are different. You may go your separate ways after leaving the campus, and you don’t know when the next time you will meet, so this What is needed at the moment is to tell the other party what you have in mind. There are many ways to convey emotion through connection... such as ↓

write a letter

Confess your true feelings and talk about your understanding

The significance of letters lies in conveying and expressing feelings, which is a way of communication. In ancient times, letters were a very important way of communication. People relied on letters to express their thoughts about their loved ones, and also relied on letters to convey key information. Nowadays, with the popularity of mobile social software, people seldom write with a pen, let alone a letter, but the method used by the ancients is the easiest way to let the other party feel your heart, but when choosing letter paper and envelopes , Try to place a certain vision, the letter paper recommended by the editor has a variety of scenes to choose from, sunset, seaside, dusk, all beautiful scenes are available, the texture of the paper is also good, the picture printing is relatively clear, much better than ordinary envelopes , since we want literature and art, we must develop literature and art from the inside out!


Bring the scenery of the city you are in to friends far away, let them think of you when they see the scenery

The meaning of writing a postcard is actually similar to that of writing a letter, but the focus of postcards is to show local characteristics and humanistic emotions, and the implication is to convey the concern and blessings to friends and relatives. Friends of the university, when you go to different cities, you can find postcards with iconic buildings at the local post office. It is more meaningful to mail them locally~

Other methods

[open black together]

Games are not only an important means for couples to warm up their relationship, but also the button to start the friendship boat. There should be many veterans who met and became good friends from the beginning of a game~ There is no limit to the time and place of the game, as long as there is a computer, Mobile phones and other devices can be used quickly, and it can also allow you to deepen your mutual relationship during cooperation.

【Share what's new】

It is said that the desire to share is a magic weapon for warming up a relationship. If the desire to share decreases, it is a precursor to the end of a relationship. If you and your friends can’t often go out for dinner, then share your daily life with her~ Let She knows your recent changes and your living conditions, and you will know her current living conditions better~

2. Remember each other's special day

Some people may say that they are careless, but her friends never care too much about her forgetting the other party’s birthday. The editor will help you interpret: Don’t mind, it’s not that you don’t care. Your forgetting will make the other party silently draw a mark on his heart. It will make your friendship fade away unconsciously, so you should still pay attention to what you should pay attention to. Occasionally forget to remember to add surprises, often forget... Then you should bookmark this article and remind yourself at all times! You can refer to the gift for the other party↓

Your friend is a literary youth?

Then choose the album

Give her a special memory of yours

If your friend is a person who cherishes and values ​​memories very much, then you don't have to think about anything! Let's choose this Polaroid interstitial photo album. The cover is made of fabric design, so that your memories will not be infringed, because the fabric design is more resistant to preservation and can stand the test of time, just like your friendship. , it feels very comfortable to hold in the hand, and the hot stamping pattern will also look very good in texture. It also uses a slightly retro insert design. The pocket design makes it easier to take out and place your photos. The inner core also uses The high-transparency style is not only waterproof and moisture-proof, but also can present more vivid colors. This model is also equipped with a protective case, so that the entire album is not easy to yellow, prevents aging, and the material is thicker and not easy to break. It is a whole set for her full of heart~

Your friend is an e-sports player?

Then choose a mechanical keyboard

High-value mechanical keyboard with a strong sense of technology

If your friend is a teenager/girl who likes to play games, then you can give her a mechanical keyboard with a very design sense. Modular wireless mechanical keyboard, with transparent main body, pure transparent keycap design, transparent jellyfish shaft, 68-key layout, 7 lighting effect modes, dual-mode connection, multi-system switching, Bluetooth 5.1 and various functions, let her use the mechanical keyboard Light and shadow, agility, refraction, and reflection all add a sense of color to the world. Using high-gloss plating bottom shell, imported high-transparency PC surface shell, and transparent jellyfish shaft, the texture is upgraded again.

If your friend is a health care person

Then send a cervical spine massager

Apply it for 15 minutes a day, you can relax all day

If your friend is a student, she must have a lot of study pressure. Sending a cervical spine massager can help her take care of herself in the busy study life; if your friend has entered the society, then this cervical spine massager is even more Need, not only can be used at work, but also can be hung around the neck when playing games, so that you can enjoy your leisure time while massaging the cervical spine. This SKG massager is small in size and has a 42°C heat compress , can relax the tense muscles of your neck, and there are 15 levels of strength you can choose at will, whether your friends are boys or girls, it can be used, and the elastic material is upgraded to fit the line of the neck more.

If your friend is a hipster

Then get an Armani watch

The green dial is more eye-catching, and the fashion on the street depends on it

If your friend is the type who pays attention to daily dressing, then of course you should give him a watch that can enhance the fashion of wearing. The details of the dial, strap and crown of this Armani quartz watch are very good. The dial is The green matte design, the jumping color is very suitable for young people's desire in summer, and it also makes the watch more layered. The sword-shaped hands can play a finishing touch, and the crown is easy to adjust. The smooth case can Fits the wrist, the silicone strap is more comfortable to wear, and the pin buckle is also convenient to wear. The eagle logo graphic is properly displayed, highlighting the good looks of this watch. The overall shape of black and green is perfect!

If your friend likes sports

Then send Asics running shoes

The high elasticity of the midsole helps sports

If you want to say what a friend who likes sports wants most, it must not be a gift, but you who will accompany her to exercise together, but how often, we will use the sentence "Today is too tired, next time next time" "Be prevaricated, and if you are in different places, you can't run, climb, or walk together, and you will miss some of each other's time, but you can give her a gift that can replace you on her birthday or other commemorative days. Accompanying her gift, this Asics sneaker is very suitable. This cushioning running shoe has high resilience and comfort, so that the shoe can fully absorb the impact of sports and at the same time provide a relatively good rebound. As a result, the heel of the shoe is made of visible GEL cushioning rubber, which provides sufficient impact protection for the heel. The mesh upper is also relatively more breathable, and it also improves the bending performance of the shoe, and the resistance is smaller when running.

If your friend is a whitening expert

Then send Kiehl's Spot Lightening Small White Bottle

Classic ingredients help lighten spots and whiten, make you look beautiful in summer

If your friend pays great attention to whitening, then you should choose a product that can keep her whitening continuously. This single product can inhibit and reverse melanin. Bosein can also promote collagen, making the skin more plump and translucent. The salicylic acid can help metabolize the old dead skin cells of the skin, make the skin tender, and at the same time, it can be extremely strong, making your skin healthier, moist and not sticky, refreshing and easy to absorb, the ingredients are not photosensitive, and can be used during the day Enjoy it~

3. Need to respect each other

Even the best friends need to have personal privacy, learn to listen to each other's opinions and ideas, even complaining needs to be moderate, not friends can have no lower limit.

4. Treat people with sincerity

The prerequisite for maintaining a good relationship is that you recognize and treat the relationship with sincerity. If you want the other party to treat you as kindly as you do and cherish each other's feelings, then you have to give your sincerity as well.

If you want to maintain friendship easily, as long as you can put each other in your heart, no matter how far apart, no matter how many people the other party meets who are more comfortable with each other, the next time you meet, you will still be the same as you were at the beginning. nothing to say~

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