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From entry to personality, you don't need to ask for help when choosing a mechanical keyboard


The essence of a mechanical keyboard is composed of multiple switch shafts, and one shaft is essentially a switch. However, the switch body is no longer a foreign brand. More and more excellent domestic switches allow us to enjoy the fun of mechanical keyboards with ordinary wages.

There are often friends who use discounts every day, cabbage prices, worth buying, or even a certain fish. Just buy a keyboard, so tired? In fact, it is very simple. For example, a certain foreign brand switch is about two yuan each, and the 104 keys dare to sell for less than 300. It is very likely that it is a refurbished switch, that is, through the collection of waste products, the usable switch is removed from the mechanical keyboard. . When doing business in the past, some motorcycle electronic parts factories picked up usable parts from reworked products, scrap products and even low-priced recycled waste products, so the price can be reduced, but the quality is getting worse and worse. This is the most common electronic parts factory. Trash tricky.

Of course, it’s not just the simple shaft that affects the mechanical keyboard experience. Let’s analyze with you the mechanical keyboards that different groups of people need.

beginner level:

Due to the rise of domestic switches, the switch of the switch can meet the needs of game players and the era of e-sports. The shaft body is similar to tea leaves. For laymen, there are several colors of green, black tea and black. In fact, the shaft body of the same color is also different in feel. It’s also green tea, but is it difficult for you to get the top-quality Longjing in the tea bag?

Fortunately, due to the development of domestic shafts, not only the threshold is low, but the technological progress is also obvious. The entry-level products also perform well, which is a good choice for students or light gamers.

Not much to say, let me tell you about a 104-key full keyboard at the level of 100 yuan. This is Dimo's entry-level F10 mechanical keyboard. I believe that friends who are familiar with mechanical keyboards will understand that this is a compact design mechanical keyboard with rainbow mixed light. Due to the price budget, the backlight is not RGB, but the rainbow mixed light is cool enough.

The height of the keycap adopts six-level and four-level height design, which is ergonomic, and the experience when we type is better.

The switch body uses a light-sensitive switch. The light-sensitive switch adopts the principle of optics. There is no physical contact inside the switch body, and the key life is thus increased by 100 million times. In terms of appearance, the cross column of the shaft body increases the side wall to increase stability and prevent dust. In addition, the SMD RGB LED solution is adopted, and the shaft cover light position is sealed accordingly to improve the waterproof and dustproof performance.

The keycaps are ABS injection molded, which is also common in entry-level and mainstream mechanical keyboards. It is worth mentioning that the Dimo ​​F10 is full-key without punching, and the full-key is programmable. In other words, you can customize all kinds of unique and more convenient settings to any button. This kind of gameplay is quite practical.

Face-controlled players:

It has to be said that the peripheral products are basically masculine, looking low-key, restrained and cold. Simply put, they lack color and warmth.

In fact, many powerful peripherals are now trying to follow the idol route. You can rely on strength and appearance to make a living.

Dimo F31 series is a very interesting choice. F31 has a variety of different personality panels to choose from. Pink, sky blue, sapphire color, purple blue color matching, etc., not only can satisfy trendy people, but also female gamers who love beauty.

As a mechanical keyboard with 200 gears, there are not only rich panels to choose from, but also cool rainbow mixed light + side RGB light strips,

The keyboard adopts game macro programming + custom driver, 104-key macro programming can be customized, one-key macro, the game is smoother, the performance is stronger, and the degree of freedom of operation is higher. Rich multimedia function keys can be triggered by pressing the FN key + the corresponding function keys F1-F12. There is also 104 full-key non-conflicting technology, and the design of pressing all keys at the same time without conflict can quickly trigger skills and make the game more smooth.

Wireless Multi-Model:

Mechanical keyboards aren't limited to 104-key options, and they aren't limited to wired ones. It is true that there is no delay problem with wired peripherals, but now the wireless delay is so low that it is negligible. Many top e-sports players also use wireless sports products. Are your hand speeds faster than CSGO champions?

Dimo F87 Star Destroyer is a three-mode product. The three-mode includes 2.4G wireless, Bluetooth and wired, which is also the standard configuration of the three-mode.

This is a typical compact 87-key keyboard with color-blocked keycaps and a business-like style. The four borders are extremely compact, there is nothing but the keycaps, and it looks more refined.

Although it is a wireless mechanical keyboard, it also has a dazzling 16.8 million color RGB lighting effect.

The Star Destroyer is designed with interchangeable shafts, compatible with all MX shafts, and basically all mainstream shafts on the market can be replaced with Golang. It is quite good for friends who have extreme requirements for hand feeling, or who like DIY.

Personalized and extreme feel type:

If even the three-mode mechanical keyboard is not individual enough, you can take a look at the semi-modular Dimo ​​F4. Strictly speaking, the real modular keyboard is a customized keyboard, which is basically beyond the consideration of ordinary users. Not only is the price high, but it also requires a certain degree of DIY skills.

Dimo F4 modularizes the number keys, allowing us to freely choose to install or not. Can be mounted to the left or right.

When the number keys are removed, the 87-key keyboard can save space on the desktop, and if it is placed on the right side, it can be used with some games.

At the same time, there are macro function keys on the module flower, which are also optional.

Moreover, the original switch is still used, which is more suitable for peripheral players who have a hardcore belief in the feel of the cherry switch. Of course, green and black tea and black are optional.


The only criterion for testing truth is practice, and the criterion for testing peripherals is hardcore e-sports games. In recent years, the popularity of e-sports games has led to the development of peripherals, not only in appearance design, shaft design, but also in price. Not only is the development better but also more diversified, so that ordinary gamers and salaried gamers can enjoy You can choose your favorite mechanical keyboard.

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