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From the circle of friends, I got a set of brand new Cherry original silent red axis mechanical keyboard to experience: CHERRY MX 3.0S wireless mechanical keyboard test sharing

I have used many brands of mechanical keyboards, most of them are domestic mechanical keyboard switches, and the TTC switches and Kaihua BOX switches are more contacted. Zealpc Tealio Tiffany switches and Razer's self-developed optical switches are all used by their own brands. I have heard of CHERRY MX shaft before, but I have never bought it. Recently, a friend in the circle bought a set of CHERRY's original silent red-axis mechanical keyboard, so I had the cheek to come over and experience it first. This can be regarded as a rare opportunity to experience it.

When I got it, I found that the packaging box of the CHERRY mechanical keyboard is obviously different from the mechanical keyboard packaging boxes used by those brands I have come into contact with in the past.

The surface of the packaging box has that kind of leather-like texture, and the packaging box is full of weight in the hand. There are MX axis and CHERRY logo on the side, which indicates that this mechanical keyboard is using the MX axis.

There is also information about the keyboard on the side of the box. What attracts me the most is the Bluetooth logo on the information, which means that this is a Bluetooth keyboard that supports Bluetooth pairing, which also surprised me. After reading the information, I learned a few key points: the keyboard model is CHERRY MX 3.0S wireless mechanical keyboard, MX silent red switch, white.

The CHERRY mechanical keyboard is placed in the foam cotton, and the foam cotton around the upper cover and the box is very thick, so there is no need to worry about accidental damage to the mechanical keyboard such as bumps during the logistics process.

Take out all the items from the box: CHERRY MX silent red switch wireless mechanical keyboard × 1, a paper manual in multiple languages ​​× 1, CHERRY promotional card × 1, USB 2.0 2.4GHz RF wireless receiver × 1 , Silicone head metal thread high pad × 2, USB-A to USB-C cable with USB 2.0 transmission specification (can be used as a wired keyboard, supports function and data transmission) × 1.

The more distinctive fixed foot pad, after removing the rubber pad, screw in the silicone head metal threaded high foot pad. I didn't quite understand it at first, and it was only after reading the manual that I realized that it was used in this way. A certain angle can be presented to raise the height of the mechanical keyboard, and the comfort of hitting the keycap on the mechanical keyboard can be improved by adjusting the height.

The CHERRY mechanical keyboard is a white single-color two-color injection-molded ABS keycap (bringing better light transmission effect, RGB light effect will be better), the whole body looks simple and beautiful.

The frame of the mechanical keyboard is a large aluminum alloy plate, which is more delicate than the plastic frame used by many domestic brands.

The CHERRY logo is printed in the center of the CHERRY mechanical keyboard, and there is a groove on the frame, which is convenient for grasping the mechanical frame to lift the keyboard.

On the back of the mechanical keyboard is also a backplane made of a whole piece of aluminum alloy.

Because this is a wireless mechanical keyboard with a built-in lithium battery. It also supports Bluetooth pairing, so there is a battery warning on the label on the back of the back panel.

There is a small hole here, which is used to reset the mechanical keyboard to factory settings.

There are plastic frames on both sides of the mechanical keyboard. It is estimated that the 2.4GHz radio frequency antenna and Bluetooth antenna are on both sides so that the all-aluminum body material is not used. The steel-free structure used by CHERRY, the steel-free structure uses the shell to gather the sound of the shaft body by removing the positioning plate. It is equipped with a special PCB with better elasticity. While providing a soft and elastic feel, it also presents the original characteristics of the shaft body. It is a feature of CHERRY. It pays attention to the thick and stable use feeling, and is more durable than the Gasket structure adopted by many brands. reliable.

There is also a plastic frame around the top area of ​​the mechanical keyboard, where the power switch key of the mechanical keyboard is placed, and the USB-C charging port is next to it.

There are multimedia shortcut keys in the upper right corner of the mechanical keyboard, through the FN key + the three buttons on the upper right of the far right are: USB wired direct connection, Bluetooth wireless, 2.4GHz wireless, which means that this is a three-mode keyboard . This wireless mechanical keyboard adopts CHERRY's original unique LLP (Low Latency Mode) technology, which belongs to CHERRY's unique self-developed wireless technology, and the delay is less than 1ms at 2.4Ghz.

This is a USB 2.0 2.4GHz RF wireless receiver for mechanical keyboard.

The red axis belongs to the whole without a sense of paragraph, and the hand feels soft. I believe that most people who have a mechanical switch keyboard will eventually choose a red switch as an alternative. The red switches of this mechanical keyboard use CHERRY mute RGB red switches, with a lifespan of 50 million times, 60+20g trigger pressure, 4.1mm total key travel, 1.9+06mm trigger key travel, and a light hand feel.

Since the shaft body is directly positioned on the PCB board, the bottoming feel after hitting will not be so stiff. CHERRY's original silent red switch hits the bottom very stably, the noise is small and the rebound is quick, and the feel is crisp and neat. When I play games, this mechanical keyboard has full-key no-click, 1000hz refresh rate, especially when playing fighting games such as King of Fighters, there is no pressure to perform multi-key operations such as flying, jumping and squatting, and big moves. When you successfully win the K.O with a one-stop combo, the light feel and trigger response of the red silent switch reflect an immediate advantage.

The backlight can be turned on through the shortcut key and supports RGB light effects.

This is the pure white backlight I usually use most often at night, and it will not be as fancy as RGB light effects when used at night.

This is the animation under the pure white LED backlight.

This is a real picture of the mechanical keyboard under the RGB light effect.

This is a moving picture under the LED backlight with RGB light effect.

This is a real photo of the monochrome backlight.

This is an animation under the monochrome LED backlight.

This is an animation under the monochrome LED (breathing effect) backlight.

This is a real photo of the RGB light effect (special effect).

Basically, mainstream RGB light effects can be configured.

When I got the company to use it, my colleagues around me cast envious eyes. I have to say that the appearance of the CHERRY wireless mechanical keyboard is indeed very high.

After returning home from work, turn on the EPIC and play stand-alone games happily.

Under the Windows system, you can check the power status of the wireless mechanical keyboard and wireless mouse on the Bluetooth.

CHERRY's matching keyboard software supports lighting effect adjustment.

The keyboard software that comes with CHERRY also supports custom keyboards (macro settings).

The matching keyboard software of CHERRY can set the USB report rate and brightness.

It also supports upgrading the firmware version of the wireless mechanical keyboard through the keyboard software provided by CHERRY. The software produced by the original factory is mature, stable and reliable, and there have been no BUGs in the experience.

The matching keyboard software of CHERRY has a built-in mini game: Fingertip Fortress.

This small game also has 3 camps to choose from, which is really amazing.

It is necessary to input the pinyin input method in the picture box, and send soldiers by typing to destroy the soldiers sent by the computer.

After a week of use experience, I have a better understanding of the mechanical keyboard of the CHERRY MX switch. The switch body of the CHERRY MX silent red switch feels very comfortable to use, and the gaming experience is good. I am more inclined to play adventure games like Tomb Raider. Complex operations require a good response of the mechanical axis. Moreover, the MX axis of the original factory CHERRY is obviously more reliable in terms of reliability and service life.

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