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From the orders of previous years, select 10 ultra-low-priced goodies, come and enhance your happiness

Adhering to the principle of "buy the right one, not the expensive one", I have bought a lot of cheap and good products in the past few years. In the process of use, the wrong "law" of "cheapness is not goods, but goods are not cheap" has been truly broken.

Below is my selection of 10 small electronic devices and daily necessities that enhance happiness from my shopping list in previous years, and share them with you!

Since I usually use a computer a lot, I used a laptop at first. Due to the small body of the notebook, and the touchpad is easy to accidentally touch, it is very difficult to operate. Then I thought of buying a keyboard and mouse. I originally planned to save money and buy a wired one, but the winding cables are very troublesome. I accidentally found a wireless keyboard and mouse that cost less than 60 yuan. After reading the introduction, I bought it without hesitation. .

After receiving the goods, I was a little worried about the poor quality, but after using it for a few days, this worry was completely eliminated. After plugging the receiver into the USB port, the mouse and keyboard were connected in seconds. When the system was installed, the wired mouse did not respond, and the wireless one still works. operate.


Once the water cup was accidentally knocked over, and the keyboard got wet, but it can still be used normally after simply wiping and drying, and it is very power-saving. If the water had been poured onto the laptop at that time, the computer would have been ruined!

Later, I changed to a desktop computer, and the keyboard was even better. The desktop is clean and wireless, and it is flexible and convenient!

No matter on the road or running and exercising, I usually don’t like to use earphones, because the wired earphones are easy to pull, and the sound of the wireless Bluetooth earphones is too small, and the sound from the earphones can’t be heard clearly on the noisy road.

Later, I saw a new colleague wearing an earphone on his head. At first, he thought it was a hearing aid. After asking, he found out that it was a bone conduction earphone. After trying it, it felt like the sound came from the body, and the effect was particularly good. But after asking the price, I laughed out loud. A pair of bone conduction headphones cost hundreds of dollars, so it’s not worth it!

I also saw a female colleague who hung a pair of headphones around her neck all the time, which looked like a beautiful decoration. I took it out of curiosity and tried it again, and it worked really well. When I asked about the price, I hesitated again. The price of other brands was only 100 yuan less, so I stopped thinking about it!

The e-commerce software is amazing. I can recommend whatever I want. One day, I saw that a pair of hanging neck headphones can be bought for less than 30 yuan. Looking at the cumulative sales and reviews, I bought a pair with the mentality of picking up a bargain. .


Maybe because of the experience of buying a keyboard at that time, I didn't worry about it this time. The product is indeed reassuring. After buying it, I found that the battery life is very good. Although the sound quality is not as good as bone conduction headphones, the effect is completely comparable to that of that brand.

Listening to audiobooks on the way to and from get off work and listening to music while running after getting the earphones adds a lot of fun to life!

I bought this product because old-fashioned laptops and desktops do not have Bluetooth, which makes the small Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth headsets I bought before useless. In addition, I hate all kinds of cables, so I have always wanted to buy a Bluetooth receiver.

At first, I thought that this product would cost at least 100 yuan, but after searching, I found out that it was less than 20 yuan.


After placing the order quickly, wait for the delivery. After the delivery is inserted into the USB, the green light will be on. Follow the guide to install the driver and then you can connect to the Bluetooth device. It is worth mentioning that not only can you play music, but you can also connect to the mobile phone to send files. !

The functions that this little thing can achieve are completely beyond its price, and I can't figure out where the black technology comes from!

I bought this good thing as a gift for my family's birthday. I didn't expect much at the time, but the cup is surprisingly good. Although it is cheap, it has many functions.

The first is the material. Stainless steel is the best material for drinking water. It is sealed and easy to clean. The texture of the appearance is also very good. The built-in temperature display function is also very good. Healthy drinking water is actually as simple as that!

I used to dismiss small items like umbrellas. It's raining, the big deal is to spend 10 yuan to buy one and use it temporarily. Until one time I met the boss with more than 300 umbrellas.

"When it's sunny, prepare an umbrella and be full of dry food." After it often rains and buys an umbrella temporarily, I finally remember that it's time to buy an umbrella!

Since you want to buy it, buy a good one and use it repeatedly. After choosing it several times, you can determine the style. It is the kind of fully automatic retractable umbrella that can be opened at the touch of a button. This kind of umbrella with "keel" is no more than a dozen yuan, very It is strong, and it can also be used to shade the sun in summer. The umbrella cover is very large. Compared with the 30 yuan thing, the effect is really heaven and earth.

Later, I bought another one for the two people in the family to use interchangeably, whoever uses it likes it! Always remember the useful umbrella when you go out, and never lose it again!

At that time, the faucet in the kitchen was broken and kept dripping, so it had to be replaced with a new one. If you want to change it, you have to change it to a good one, but after visiting a few physical stores, you find that good brands are more expensive, often three or four hundred. It's time to buy cheap online again.

After choosing for a long time, I chose this one. Jiumuwang is a relatively well-known brand in the faucet industry, so I still have a score in my heart. After I came back and installed the hot and cold water pipes, the water stopped dripping and the output of hot and cold water was much larger than before!

The key point is that it has a pull-out and telescopic function. When the kettle is filled with cold water, it is no longer necessary to wait for the water to fill up. It also saves a lot of trouble when washing the basin and vegetables. Just take it out and flush it with a trickle of water, saving water and trouble! Later, before the toilet broke down, I bought another one to install in the bathroom. Good things are worth repurchasing!


I used to use 2 wooden cutting boards each. The wood is easy to absorb water, is difficult to take care of and is not resistant to dirt. Every time I cut vegetables and meat, I have to wash it with hot water.

I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I bought this wheat straw cutting board in the recommended products. This product is very thin and hard, not to mention easy to cut vegetables, but also easy to take care of: vegetables only need to be rinsed with water after use. After cutting the meat, there will be a layer of oil, put a little detergent and rinse with hot water.

There is no need to frequently replace the wooden cutting board, the small body has great effect!

Before using iron pans, paste and rust were the most common phenomena.

Later, I bought a medical stone frying pan. At that time, I bought a cheaper one for more than 80 yuan. When I first used it, I was surprised by the non-stick function, but within two months, the surprise turned into a shock: the anti-coating faded, There was coating on the inside of the rice and pieces fell off the pan. That's when I realized I bought a fake.

But I also like the non-stick feeling, so I paid more for another one. This time it’s different, whether it’s fried eggs, fried meat, or stir-fried dishes that are easy to burn, they are all as slippery as if they have been greased, and they are truly non-stick pans. It has been used for more than a year and it is still as good as new. It is worth recommending.

What I want to add is that you must not put vinegar in the pot of this material, use a shovel, do not use cold water to stir the hot pot, and you must be careful when buying it. If you buy the wrong one, it will easily affect your health!

I didn't want to release this product originally, after all, it is too niche. But it is really worth buying, especially in winter, when you sit bare buttocks on the cold toilet seat, you will lose the desire to go to the toilet, and the pull ring is very friendly to women, so it is convenient for men to lift it up to urinate.

After putting it on, it is not only non-responsive, but also very warm and comfortable. After using it, when I go to the toilet at other people's house, I feel scared when I see the bare toilet seat.

Of course, this kind of product has to be changed frequently, especially when there are many guests at home, it is also very scary not to change invisible bacteria all year round! Fortunately, there are a lot of them in the package that can be spared! Another little trick is that if you are prone to getting wet in the shower, you can put it in a plastic bag, and take it off after the bathroom is dry after taking a shower!


Eating and drinking are common things for people, and the number of times of drinking water in a day far exceeds eating. But tap water has a taste even if it is boiled, so purified bottled water is more popular.

The water dispenser is not practical for the family, not to mention the waste of electricity, it is not good to boil the water repeatedly. So many people know how to use kettles, but receiving water is a problem, especially pouring large buckets of water is very troublesome.

Faced with this kind of problem, I bought a water pump that can pump two large buckets of water at a time. Although there is only one rechargeable battery, it has a lot of energy!

After uncovering the seal of the bottled water, put the water diversion pipe in and you can press the button to draw water, which is very convenient. What needs to be reminded is that this product must not be turned upside down. It is easy to pour water into the motor or battery, and it will be broken if it is short-circuited.

I have encountered it once, fortunately, it was dismantled and wiped clean immediately after it entered the water, otherwise it would be useless!

Among these good things, except for the faucet and the frying pan, which are a bit more expensive, the others only cost a meal, but for the sake of health and convenience, it is worth buying expensive ones!

Lele alone is not as good as all Lele. I have tested and used the products well and share them with everyone. I also hope to help you who want to buy carefully, but are wandering around and don’t know where to start!

The "Double Eleven" shopping festival has been launched. If you have experience in shopping, let's discuss it together!

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