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Full gaming sense, the experience of using the Enjie NXZT mechanical keyboard in Oreo color

Enjie is a well-known hardware manufacturer from the United States. Friends who are concerned about hardware should know that Enjie's chassis, motherboards, power supplies, and radiators are very famous in the IT industry. But Eunjae's keyboard and mouse are less famous. In fact, Enjie has always had its own complete line of peripheral products, especially in terms of keyboards, there are regular 104 version and 87 TKL version to choose from. What I am reviewing for you today is this Enjie’s FUNCTION RGB gaming mechanical keyboard.

FUNCTION is available in black and white. I chose the white version. In fact, whether it is black or white, the color of the keycap and the bottom shell are the same. The main difference is the color of the positioning plate.

The accessories of this keyboard include a skin-like silicone hand rest, a very thick dust cover, key puller, shaft puller, data cable, and manual. Among them, the shaft puller is very good. It has the same structure as the one I bought on a certain treasure before, and it is very easy to use.

The design of this keyboard actually reminds me of several American brands that were particularly popular in the domestic mechanical keyboard market about ten years ago. Although domestic brands have risen in the past two years, the proportion of American mechanical keyboard brands in China has become smaller, but this A very strong American taste gave me a lot of freshness again.

ABS light-transmitting keycaps sprayed with skin-like paint, black bottom shell, and black rubber wheels on the side to adjust the volume. The entire keyboard is a floating design, with a white positioning plate sandwiched between the bottom shell and the keycap, very much like the Oreos I ate when I was a child.

In fact, black and white matching is a color that will never be out of date, and the black and white matching on FUNCTION is very harmonious.

In addition to the scroll wheel on the side, there are three round buttons, which are the mute button, win lock and brightness adjustment button, which bring a lot of convenience to use.

The design of this keyboard is based on simplicity and toughness, using a lot of right-angled lines, and at the same time making the entire keyboard appear slimmer through slashes.

The first thing I want to say is that, as a major manufacturer of chassis + heat dissipation, I definitely have experience in playing with light, especially the aesthetics of light, which is also reflected in the NZXT keyboard.

Its default backlight is not a simple colorful light, but a slowly flowing warm color light, especially when paired with a white bottom plate, and then pressed with a black keycap, it has a mysterious feeling visually.

When the lights are turned off, the white positioning board reflects the backlight better, and even looks like a jelly.

The skin-like coating keycap is similar to the famous big F——filco. It feels skin-friendly and delicate. The disadvantage is that it is easy to be stained with fingerprints. After using it with sweaty hands, it will especially affect the look and feel, and the paint may fall off after long-term use.

But in fact, the vast majority of backlit keyboards in the United States also use this solution, which can be said to have advantages and disadvantages.

Now there are not many domestic keyboards equipped with hand rests, and the standards of standard hand rests are also different. Enjie's keyboard is equipped with a magnetic hand rest, which is usually firmly attached to the keyboard by magnets.

The surface of the silicone also has a skin-like feel and is very comfortable to use.

The shaft body uses the well-recognized Jiadalong Gpro red shaft abroad. The pressure and feel are similar to cherry red, but the smoothness is better. It is very interesting that the most popular TTC axis in China is actually not as influential as Jiadalong abroad.

This keyboard supports hot-swapping, you can easily replace the shaft with your favorite type, and there is also sandwich cotton between the positioning board and the PCB, which can reduce the cavity sound. The large key satellite shaft is relatively basic and looks unpolished.

As mentioned earlier, the keycaps are the favorite design of e-sports brands, and the workmanship is still good.

As an e-sports gaming keyboard, how can it lack drivers? The difference is that the driver of this keyboard is in the same software as all NJ hardware drivers. This cam is powerful and can detect the state of the machine, and can even be used for overclocking.

There are not many functions in the keyboard part, but there are all the necessary ones, including setting macros, the form of the backlight, and the specific color can be modified, and the scheme can be stored on the keyboard.

In actual use, the smoothness of Jiadalong's shaft body is very good, and the stability of the shaft center is not bad, especially the comfortable feeling brought by the coated ABS keycaps, which can provide a very smooth experience during gaming and fast typing. Use experience.

Although it is more famous for electromechanical fans, Enjie’s keyboard is well-finished. Firstly, it has its own characteristics in appearance, and the lighting matches the appearance. The modification of different backlights brings a good experience to the actual use. And the skin-like tactile palm rest adds a lot to this keyboard.

The usual price of this keyboard is 999 yuan. As a wired keyboard, it is indeed quite expensive. However, during the Double 11 event, the price has reached 699 yuan for pre-sale. It is estimated that it can be further reduced by using coupons. If you like it, it is obvious now. It's a good time to get started.

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