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Full-key hot-swappable, higher playability, Titanium K850 color player mechanical keyboard experience

Titanium is a brand founded by Renhuang SKY. It mainly deals in peripheral products such as keyboards, mice, earphones, and monitors. The cost performance has always been outstanding. This time I bought the Titanium K850 Caixishi mechanical keyboard. This is a wired keyboard with 98 keys. It uses the RoBeetle mechanical armor red switch, and supports hot-swapping of all keys, and also supports RGB backlight effects.

The packaging box of the Titanium K850 Caixishi mechanical keyboard is very simple and environmentally friendly, with only the Titanium brand logo on the front.

The box contains: Titanium K850 Caixishi mechanical keyboard, key puller, replacement keycap, Type-C data cable and instruction manual.

Titanium K850 Caixishi mechanical keyboard is designed with 98 keys, the size is 380*133*39mm, which is about 40mm shorter than the usual keyboard, and the overall layout is very compact.

Compared with the usual 104 keys, the 98 keys have reduced some function keys that are rarely used, so basically it will not affect the normal use of the keyboard. On the left side of the bathroom digital keys, there are four indicator lights including the common NumLock and CapLock, and there are also indicator lights for the win key and all the keys.

Use the attached key puller to remove the keycap. You can see that the mechanical switch uses RoBeetle red switches, and the two sides of the large key are equipped with factory-lubricated satellite switches. The feel is still good.

After pulling up the switch body, you can see the PCB board at the bottom, with SMD LED lamp beads on it. The hot-swappable design can greatly improve the playability of the mechanical keyboard. After all, everyone has their own favorite switch body. The pluggable design allows you to change the shaft body at will according to your preferences.

The Titanium K850 Color Master mechanical keyboard is designed with separated key lines. On the top of the back of the keyboard, there is a three-way design of the wire groove. This design is very friendly to the appearance of the keyboard.

Titanium K850 Caixishi mechanical keyboard is also designed with two adjustable brackets of different heights, which can lift the front end of the keyboard to different heights, which can make the keyboard more comfortable.

Titanium K850 color player mechanical keyboard is also equipped with a set of flame core keycaps.

After connecting the Titanium K850 Color Gamer mechanical keyboard to the computer, the LED backlight system of the keyboard will automatically light up.

The lighting effect of the Titanium K850 Color Master mechanical keyboard is still very good.

The brightness of the SMD LED lamp beads on the PCB is very good.

Titanium K850 Color Master mechanical keyboard has an independent management software. The home page is the lighting management. You can see the current lighting mode and effect of the keyboard on the software. Here you can customize the color, brightness and speed, and there are preset 18 A variety of lighting effects can be applied directly.

The following is a display of some of the preset lighting effects of the Titanium K850 Color Gamer mechanical keyboard.

In the key setting page, you can modify the default function of each key, and you can set other key functions, combination key functions, multimedia key functions, system functions, basic mouse functions and macro functions. The settings of the buttons are still very rich.

The macro management page can manage macros, such as recording, editing or deleting macros. The macro function can completely record various operations for a period of time, and then set it to a key through key management. Just press it to output the macro. All operations are recorded, very convenient.

Other settings can lock windows keys, set keyboard properties, and set USB return rate. On the management software, various configuration files can also be configured, uploaded and downloaded.

It is also very nice to replace the flame core keycap that comes with the accessories.

The Titanium K850 Color Gamer mechanical keyboard feels good whether it is for games or office work.

The price of Titanium K850 Caixishi mechanical keyboard is less than 200. It has a compact layout of 98 keys, is equipped with factory-run large keys, supports full-key hot-swappable, has RGB backlight system, and has 18 preset lighting effects. Said the price/performance ratio is still very good. Looking forward to the appearance of multi-mode versions in the future.

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