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Full of vigor and girlish style, HELLO GANSS HS87T smoke cloud purple out of the box

Last time I shared the HELLO GANSS HS108T with you, and by the way, I talked about the choice of mechanical keyboard arrangement. For people who often deal with numbers, the 108 arrangement is indeed more suitable for them. But at that time, a little friend replied to me that you can also add a numeric keypad to the 87 column, take it out and connect it when you use it, and store it when you don’t use it.

Yes, it is true, especially for users with tight desktop space, the 108 series is really hard to fit, and now there are many 21-key digital mechanical keyboards to choose from on the market, and you can get it at a cheap price of tens of yuan. Therefore, the 87 series is also a series worth starting with today. What I want to share with you today is the HELLO GANSS HS87T, which is equipped with the GC-05 Yanyun purple keycap. Let's take a look at how good it looks.

HELLO GANSS HS87T adopts a narrow frame design, a white shell, and a smoke and purple three-color keycap. It has a strong girly atmosphere and is very suitable for young ladies.

This kind of purple and white double color scheme, after adding a few pink, gives people a small and fresh feeling, and is more attractive than those all-pink and all-purple color schemes.

Compared with the 108 configuration, the 87 arrangement omits the number keys and multimedia keys. If you want to adjust the volume, you can use the combination keys to achieve it. FN+F9/F10/F11 can increase, decrease, and mute the volume, and FN+F12 can adjust the volume. out the calculator.

The keyboard arranges the indicator light on the right side of the ESC, and many 87 keyboards arrange the indicator light in the middle of the Jiugong grid, which will be covered by the keycap, and there is still a distance between the indicator light and the F1 key, so it will not be covered.

HELLO GANSS HS87T adopts 2.4G, wired, and Bluetooth three modes. For games, 2.4G and wired mode are recommended for lower latency; for office work, Bluetooth mode is recommended for longer battery life; for lights, switch to wired mode.

Four non-slip foot pads are attached to the bottom of the keyboard, equipped with a three-way wire guide, and a stronger trapezoidal Type-C interface is used.

The keyboard adopts a high and low double-segment bracket, which can realize three heights: high, low, and flat. There is a non-slip pad on the bottom of the bracket. A semi-open storage compartment is designed in the right bracket to prevent the loss of the 2.4G receiver. At the same time, a battery compartment is also designed on the upper right, powered by two AA batteries.

HELLO GANSS HS87T is available in three shaft versions: G Yellow PRO, G White PRO, and G Silver PRO. My model is the G White PRO pickup white shaft.

The Jiadalong G White PRO shaft uses a milky white shaft core and a transparent top cover, which is the same as the G Yellow PRO, but it lacks the dustproof fence compared to the G Silver PRO. The long keys of the keyboard are designed with satellite shafts, and it is quite convenient to remove and insert the keycaps.

Jiadalong G White PRO picks up the light white, the total stroke is 4.0±0.4mm, the action stroke is 2.0±0.6mm, the trigger pressure is 38g, the bottoming pressure is 45g, and the design life is 60 million times. The shaft is self-lubricating at the factory, and feels soft and smooth. G White PRO has two versions, single-segment spring and double-segment spring. The former feels light and the latter has stronger rebound.

The keyboard adopts a hot-swappable design and is compatible with 3-pin and 5-pin switches. It can be used as a large switch tester. It is not too late to buy a few switches you like and try the feel before starting.

"Yan Yun Zi" comes from "A Temporary Farewell to Xiao Si and Liu Sanxuan's Meeting with Xin on the River" by Chen Ziang, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. Purple smog floats on the mountainside, and the white clouds on the top of the mountain are pervasive, detached and elegant, like a fairyland on earth.

The keycap adopts OEM height, PBT two-color injection molding, opaque design, closed font, medium thickness key wall, and small spout.

If boys feel that the smoke cloud purple is too pink, you can also use the color supplement keycaps in the keycap set to replace it, so that the entire keyboard becomes white and purple, and the color is more neutral.

HELLO GANSS HS87T uses RGB lighting. Since the keycaps are opaque, the backlight acts as an ambient light.

The keyboard is built-in, so the ambient light effect of the keyboard is not so strong, and it will not look too fancy. If you want to play with lights, you can buy the one with floating buttons and half-height keycaps. The color will be cooler, but in recent years, that kind of overly cool lighting has become less popular.

The front frame of the keyboard also has a height of nearly 18mm. It is recommended that you equip it with a hand rest so that the wrist will be more comfortable.

The length of the keyboard is about 356mm, and the height of the front part is about 18mm. It fits well with an 87-arranged hand rest, and the transition between the frame and the hand rest is quite natural.

After adding the hand rest, the wrist is supported, and you will not feel too tired after typing or playing games for a long time. As for the choice of hand rest, common materials include wood, acrylic, leather, fabric and other materials. Wooden ones are harder, but they are good in appearance and high in value, and must be posted on Moments; acrylic ones can be matched with keyboards with RGB light strips. Use, do not block the light; leather and fabric, generally built-in memory foam, feel very comfortable, leather will be a bit sticky in summer, will crack and peel after a long time, fabric is too easy to get dirty, oil stains and so on Easy to clean. I personally recommend wooden hand rests, tens of yuan a piece, new has a new taste, old has old calm, the texture is indeed relatively hard, but it is not a problem to get used to it, the color becomes darker after a long time, it is really a bit The feeling of patina.

At the end of the article, let’s talk about HELLO GANSS HS87T, which uses 2.4G, wired, and Bluetooth three-mode connection, Jiadalong G PRO axis, RGB backlight, PBT multi-color keycaps, the official price is 399 yuan, and it is 369 yuan during the 618 period. Compared with similar products, the price is still moderate. HELLO GANSS comes standard with hot-swappable, satellite switch design, and the official GC series keycaps. In fact, you only need to buy one keyboard, and then change the switches and keycaps to become N keyboards. 1 yuan more, GC series keycaps are 99 yuan a set, the cost of cross-dressing is not too big. Well, I will share my set of HELLO GANSS HS87T smoke cloud purple with you here, let's meet again with GC-03 Cang Qiulan.

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