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Full record of computer tossing Part 16: Small and light, Suning after-sales troubles Infick V750B wireless Bluetooth keyboard

Since I plan to use the honey badger super storage as a NAS host. Then I found that there was a lack of a keyboard and mouse, and I searched for accessories. I had a Logitech wireless mouse, but no keyboard. I couldn't get a keyboard for a while, so I had no choice but to chop my hands. The initial idea is to consider the wireless keyboard, which should not be too large for easy storage. There are no functional requirements, as long as it can be used.

I searched the Internet and chose a relatively cheap wireless keyboard. The brand is British Fick. It seems that the size is not too big, and it is a wireless keyboard, which meets my requirements. The purchase channel is Taobao, and the price is not expensive. It only costs 29 yuan with coupons. At that time, I considered that this low-priced product could be bought on Taobao, and in order to ensure that it was genuine, I also chose to buy it from the Suning Tesco store on Taobao. It turned out that my choice was a bit wrong. It is recommended to buy electronic products from JD.com

After receiving the goods, I opened the package and saw that the packaging of the product was relatively simple, with the words inphic on the upper left, and the search box on the upper right, which said Inphic. The one in the middle says "IPad Wireless Bluetooth Tablet Keyboard" and there is English below it. Below are the product features: smart sleep, rechargeable battery, scissor feet. At the bottom, there are selling points of the product: scissor foot structure, rechargeable lithium battery, Bluetooth link, support for multiple systems, chocolate keycaps

But when I saw the product name, I felt bad. What I want is an ordinary 2.4G wireless keyboard. I don’t want a Bluetooth wireless keyboard, because my UN66 does not have a wireless network card. Where can I connect the keyboard with Bluetooth? ah! Then I remembered that I seemed to have bought a Bluetooth receiver before, so I felt relieved.

The back of the package is also relatively simple, that is, there is a WeChat QR code for the product, as well as production information and model information

There is no useful information on the side, only the material of the box is a bit soft

Open the box, inside is the product body, data cable and manual wrapped in foam paper

The product is wrapped so that you can't tell what it looks like

In fact, the product body still looks quite metallic. First of all, it is relatively small and light in the hand. Secondly, I think the keyboard is very small, it seems to be about the same size as a notebook keyboard, and it looks more like a notebook keyboard in terms of style. Looked at the buttons, it's still relatively complete.

The upper right corner of the keyboard is the switch function button and the indicator light. From left to right are the connection key and the power button, and the lower part is the indicator light, which are the upper and lower case, bluetooth, charging, power and other status lights. From the details, the so-called metal The texture is made up of thin lines

Viewed from the side, this product looks like a chocolate keyboard

The two sides are also designed with shapes

The keyboard is thinner when viewed from the side, and slightly thicker at both ends

There is a USB charging port on the side, but instead of a Type C charging port, it uses an ordinary mobile phone charging port, which is not very satisfying.

The back of the product is metal, which is fixed by screws. There is a sticker on the back, which contains information such as the product model. I am not satisfied with the absence of a keyboard stand, which makes typing more tiring.

The content of the product manual is actually okay, it seems that the operation is quite simple

Nothing to say about the charging cable

Finally, a family portrait

Get out the Dell laptop at home and see how this wireless keyboard compares to a laptop keyboard

In terms of size, this Bluetooth keyboard is quite small, obviously smaller in length and larger in width

In terms of texture, the metal texture of the notebook is more obvious, while the metal texture of this Bluetooth keyboard is less

At first, I thought that there was a Bluetooth receiver at home, and then searched for a long time, and finally found two, one of which was from ORICO. But both bluetooth receivers cannot be used because the drivers cannot be installed correctly.

Now I have a problem. Without a Bluetooth receiver, I can’t use this wireless Bluetooth keyboard. The key is that I bought it from Taobao’s Suning.com store. This is why I thought I was smart, but I wanted to be cheap, and I wanted to take risks by choosing Suning.com, but I dug a hole for myself. Therefore, electronic products are still reliable on JD.com!

No way, then keep it for yourself! But to use it, you have to buy a Bluetooth receiver. I still haven’t learned my lesson, and bought a Bluetooth receiver on Taobao for a cheap price. The Bluetooth version is 5.1. I downloaded the driver according to the manual, but it couldn’t be recognized. Later, the driver provided by the manufacturer was deleted, and the driver management software was used to recognize and install the driver normally. Really speechless.

After trying the keyboard, it can be used normally. It is almost the same as an ordinary notebook keyboard. It has no resilience and no hand feel. It can be used as long as it can be used. Don’t force too much.

Then, a sad thing happened. This bluetooth keyboard could not be charged. The indicator is still red. I asked the customer service of Suning.com to ask if it is fast charging. I said that I have been using a normal charger, not fast charging. The customer service said to keep charging until the red light went out, so I kept charging, but after 10 hours, it was still the same. So I can only choose to exchange the goods, and I have to bear the postage for sending it back, which is really depressed.

Here I complained about the official uniform of Suning.com, and directly sent a return request, but I saw that there was a sentence in it: "Please write it on a small note according to the picture format we sent you and send it back together with the product. ", I asked Suning's customer service, and then sent another picture, I feel so perfunctory!

Later, it was said that the black one was out of stock, and he said that he would give me a pink one. My big man uses the pink one? Later, I asked again and said that there is still a white one, and I am still waiting for a replacement.

This British Fick V750B wireless bluetooth keyboard is compact in shape, relatively thin and light, the overall workmanship is good, and the price is relatively cheap. Due to the chocolate keyboard design, the keyboard is relatively soft, and you will feel tired after long-term use.

It should be noted that this is a bluetooth keyboard, which requires a bluetooth receiver on the machine. If it is a laptop computer, the general wireless network card will have a bluetooth function, while a desktop computer needs to check whether there is a bluetooth device.

As for the quality of the product, due to the problem that my keyboard cannot be charged, it is not clear whether it is an individual case, anyway, this brand will not be touched again. And Suning.com probably won't buy things from it in the future, and the 7-day no-reason return clause feels a bit tricky.

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