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Full sense of operation, quiet and accurate without disturbing the people - Titanium keyboard and mouse set

The keyboard and mouse are already one of the indispensable productivity tools in today's society. Of course, the other side of the PC peripherals such as the keyboard and mouse is not a productivity tool. It is definitely a god-like existence in the field of e-sports. A good keyboard and mouse will make you want to touch it every day. Even typing feels like flying. The same is true for the mouse. My habit of using the keyboard and mouse is linear axis, hot-swappable, PBT keycaps, and RGB lights. As for the effect, the mouse is 10000DPI, 1000Hz rate of return, the quieter the micro-movement, the better, and the forward and backward side buttons are enough. Of course, it would be better if the mouse has RGB. Recently won the Titanium Taidu keyboard and mouse set, K850 Caixishi mechanical keyboard, TSG608 Endeavor gaming mouse, thanks to Yizhi Mushroom for providing product support.


▲The package is packaged in a carton box. The mouse box is more traditional, and the mouse is more modern. The keyboard and keyboard cover are marked with the brand TAIDU's LOGO. Appearance and painting of model TSG608. The back is the basic parameters and manufacturer information of the product.

▲ After all the packaging is removed, there will be an accessories exhibition.

The keyboard includes: TYPE-C cable, key puller and shaft puller, manual;

The mouse includes: TYPE-C charging cable, manual,

As a whole, it is basically standard configuration, which is enough.

▲This is the front of the keyboard and mouse, all black color matching, the overall texture and visual effect are good, neither of them are quite satisfactory.

Keyboard: 98-key layout is adopted, and the currently popular compact arrangement with numeric keypad is adopted, which is 40mm shorter than the conventional 104-key layout.

Mouse: The surface is made of matte texture skin-like coating, the distribution of buttons is also a conventional design, the left and right symmetrical contours, wired/2.4G dual-mode connection, the scroll wheel has added rubber rings, and the friction is full.

▲The back design is not too conventional, and the design is full of sense. The keyboard and mouse have added more convenient engineering design.

Keyboard: A three-way wire slot is added at the bottom to facilitate the wiring requirements of the left and right placement of the chassis. Both ends are supported, and the height of the keyboard can be adjusted according to different habits. The TYPE-C interface is designed with separate keys and wires, which is very convenient. I still prefer wired The keyboard is really cool without charging.

Mouse: Two buttons at the bottom, 2.4G/switch/light effect button on the left, RGB light effect switch on the right, and 2.4G receiver storage slot.

▲Both keyboard and mouse are designed with TYPE-C interface, which is located in the center. The mouse charging also needs this interface to complete. The mouse has a built-in 600mAh lithium battery, which can provide 60 hours of battery life. I try not to turn on the RGB lighting effect to use it. Otherwise, the power failure will be very fast.

▲TSG608 Endeavor mouse sensor adopts the original phase 3325, 10000DPI optical engine with seven adjustable levels, 1000Hz return rate, and the body adopts a relatively large streamlined shape, which is more suitable for grasping operation, taking into account the lying grip, basically all mice can be gripped , Composite ergonomic design, the curvature fits the palm.

▲K850 mechanical keyboard, the keycap is made of two-color injection molding characters and light-transmitting ABS material. I chose the linear mecha red axis, the sound is small and does not disturb the people, the stroke is 2mm, the operating force is 45gf, the whole is hot-swappable, convenient for DIY later, when it leaves the factory The satellite shaft of the large key has been lubricated, and the double-layer sound-absorbing cotton makes the overall percussion operation sound very small.


▲After the keyboard driver is installed, although the interface is relatively simple, the functions are very comprehensive, and all functions such as lighting, keys, macro management, and four-speed return rate of the keyboard can be finely adjusted.

▲ After the mouse driver is installed, you can set the RGB lighting of the mouse, program each button individually, manually adjust the seven-level DPI between 100-10000, and have a macro recording function, which can record a separate macro for each button. Very comprehensive.

I would like to say, why not release an overall driver, it is a bit cumbersome to download two drivers for this split.

▲The necessary factory function of the mechanical keyboard is the full key without punching. Children's shoes who play games basically understand it. It is very useful for games with large combination keys, but it is still necessary to test one side and use the professional software Keyboard. The overall There is no red key appearing in the whole process, and the performance is good.

【Lighting effect】

▲This keycap is not in line with my aesthetics. I often work at night. This kind of brightness can’t satisfy me. I arrange a set of PBT pudding directly. The mouse comes with 11 kinds of lighting effects, including regular lighting effects such as constant light, breathing, neon, and circular waves.

▲This time it’s almost the same. Although the built-in lamp beads are slightly darker than the HX in my hand, they are still bright enough. The light effect, flow speed, and direction can all be set using keyboard shortcuts. There are 18 kinds of factory lighting effects, there is always one suitable for you.

▲TSG608 Endeavor mouse adopts the original phase 3325 micro-movement, and the rate of return is also relatively conventional, divided into four gears 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, and 1000Hz. I am still more used to the 500Hz gear, and the default is 1000Hz when leaving the factory. It is faster, but it consumes more power and is basically useless. Each of the seven levels of DPI has a different color, which can be distinguished intuitively. The rotation rate of the commonly used gears is well controlled, and there is no jumping needle drift, and the optical engine is relatively stable.

▲This K850 mechanical keyboard adds EVA foam and noise-absorbing cotton at the bottom. In terms of typing and percussion, it is very quiet with the red switch, which is quieter than several red switch keyboards in hand. It is a must for night workers. , do not disturb the people.

【Game Arrangement】

▲ Daily homework must be done LOL, it must be arranged. Although there are fewer buttons to trigger skills in the overall operation, it does not affect the test of the switch body. If this kind of more intense control is the green switch, it will be over. Fortunately, the red switch is still more biased In the game, because the red axis is straight up and down, the control feeling is very comfortable, the skills are triggered quickly, the pressure is moderate, and there are no dumb keys or blind keys.

▲ FPS shooting games are also very fond of playing. This very classic Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain, although a bit old, has a very comprehensive operability and many skill buttons, just to test the accuracy of the keyboard and mouse. The mouse basically operates the whole process of shooting, fighting, angle direction, etc. very accurately, and the keys are accurate, but the sound of the mouse keys is a bit loud. As for the keyboard, all the keys in the game are pressed accurately and set off in a timely manner. They all have good sensitivity and accuracy.


▲It has to be the appearance of the pudding. As for the table, the keyboard, mouse, microphone, speakers, chassis, and electric adjustable table are all arranged in RGB. After turning off the lights, it is another world. At present, I have purchased a set of fully transparent keycaps, which will be arranged upon arrival.


▲Titanium TSG608 Endeavor gaming mouse has a net weight of 84.7g, and K850 Caixishi mechanical keyboard has a net weight of 916.2g. Both of them have good quality performance. The mouse is more suitable for going out. I will choose a smaller size keyboard.

As for the keyboard, the single-mode connection is very satisfactory, no need to charge and save trouble, but there is an extra line on the desktop, the overall keyboard noise reduction is well controlled, and it does not disturb the people. The addition of a numeric keypad is very practical. The light transmittance of the keycap needs to be improved, the control of the shaft body is precise, and the trigger is sensitive.

As for the mouse, the original phase 3325 micro-movement, 10000DPI optical engine, 1000Hz return rate, reasonable button division, comfortable overall control performance, suitable for lying grip operation, just what I want, left and right symmetrical design, to meet the needs of different hands; In terms of control, the pointer moves and clicks accurately, without drifting and without blind keys.

The whole set of keyboard and mouse control is still very good, and the price is very cost-effective. I have seen the sincerity of the manufacturer for this price. At present, there are still discounts in the flagship store during Double Eleven.

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