Full-size 104-key hot-swappable, Pennefather V700DIY mechanical keyboard experience

Nowadays, the computer is one of the indispensable electrical appliances in every household. There are also several computers in Hui Hui’s home. They are usually used for playing games, office work, writing manuscripts, and editing pictures. When the workload is heavy, they often work until midnight. As the saying goes Sharpening a knife is not a mistake in chopping firewood. A good computer also needs to be equipped with good peripheral products. I want a mechanical keyboard that can be used for office work or play games hard. I finally chose it under the recommendation of a friend. With the Rapoo V700DIY fast silver-axis mechanical keyboard, this keyboard is also very cost-effective.

On the outer packaging, Rapoo still adopts the style of black and blue collocation. The front of the package is the product photo, the product model "V700DIY", and there is the Rapoo logo on the upper left corner, and the back shows the six major selling points of the product: Full keyboard conflict-free design , Full-key hot-swappable switch design, full-keyboard editable, RGB backlight system that can be adjusted freely through the driver, on-board memory, ready-to-use, two-color PBT keycaps.

Open the keyboard and let's take a look at what the family portrait includes: the keyboard body, Type-C cable, key puller, manual, and a box of KA-12 white switches. It is worth mentioning that the cable and the keyboard here are of a split design, which does not take up much space when it is usually stored. This is very good, and Huihui likes it very much.

The Rapoo V700DIY mechanical keyboard is very fashionable and novel in appearance design. The body adopts the scheme of metal special-shaped narrow frame. There is a protruding dorsal fin shape in the upper right corner, and 5 shortcut keys are set on the protruding part. The material of the keyboard is aluminum alloy. Material, comes with a linear fast silver axis, and the calibration factory runs the satellite axis to rebound sensitively.

The keycaps of the Rapoo V700DIY mechanical keyboard are PBT two-color injection-molded keycaps. creamy.

There are 5 silicone pads evenly distributed on the back of the keyboard. The keyboard can effectively prevent slipping when used on the table. In addition, there are 2 feet on the back. According to the ergonomic design, the keyboard is tilted to make the angle of the keyboard more ergonomic and more comfortable to operate. .

The Rapoo V700DIY mechanical keyboard has all 104 key positions, supports hot swapping, and can customize the replacement of key shafts. The key shaft shaft seat is a hot-swappable metal shaft seat, which is anti-oxidation and wear-resistant. It has a service life of 10,000 times of plugging and unplugging, and is durable durable.

The Pennefather V700DIY mechanical keyboard is very beautiful when the backlight mode is turned on. The 104-key Symphony RGB backlight can be set with a single key in the game mode. These settings can be set directly on the Pennefather driver software.

The shaft body of the Rapoo V700DIY mechanical keyboard is an independent hot-swappable linear fast silver shaft, which has been finely adjusted and lubricated before leaving the factory. The total stroke of the shaft body is 4mm, the trigger stroke is 1.3±0.5mm, and the trigger pressure is 45± 10gf, the click life can reach up to 50 million times, the fast trigger feature of the fast silver switch is very suitable for daily typing and game use, and the switch is light and smooth during use, and the rebound follows the hand. Response is quick and noise control is excellent.

In addition, Hui Hui also tested Rapoo's KA-12 spring white shaft. Hui Hui replaced the two shafts on the side for testing. The pressure is 35±10gf, this shaft body can feel faster and lighter when in use, the feel is softer and smoother, and the performance is even better.

The Rapoo V700DIY mechanical keyboard has two states of game mode and office mode, and the mode can be switched with one key through the M key in the upper right corner. When switching to the office mode, all the keys have the default key functions, and when switching to the game mode, you can use the customized key functions set by the driver.

Through the official Rapoo driver, we can set and adjust keyboard key functions, lighting effect modes, and macro buttons. cloud storage.


Through the Rapoo V700DIY mechanical keyboard, Huihui realized that the keyboard can be so beautiful. The silver and white color matching with 104-key magic color RGB backlight system, and the texture of aluminum alloy material really surprised me. Rapoo’s self-developed linear fast silver axis and KA-12 linear elastic white axis are equipped with factory adjustments. During use, they are very smooth and the rebound is also very comfortable. The key is that the price is only 279. You can buy this at this price This kind of keyboard can be described as super cost-effective.

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