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Full size Jiadalong crystal axis red axis! DURGOD K610W crystal axis customized version experience

When it comes to domestic mechanical bearings, Jiadalong is definitely the representative of domestic mechanical bearings. Due to its superior performance, more and more mechanical keyboards start to use Jiadalong bearings. The special bearing that can make Jiadalong customize a system may only be the domestic mechanical keyboard manufacturer Dujia. As a well-known mechanical keyboard manufacturer in China, Dujia not only has very powerful performance, but also has a very high cost performance, but its design is still conservative. Maybe it’s to change everyone’s thinking. Dujia didn’t continue the style of the K310/320 series. This time, the new product has been adjusted in design elements. The new design makes me feel different about it. It is Durga K610W.


Before the release of the new product, I got this keyboard with different design styles. The one in my hand is the "Echo (Echo)" color scheme. White as the main color of the keyboard looks very young, and the black middle frame looks very young. calm. The side LOGO design remains the same, it is still at the rear. The overall design style is somewhat biased towards K310, but the difference is that this keyboard incorporates two design styles, tough and smooth, in many corners, and the double-layer structure on the side is more three-dimensional.

The keycaps are designed in blue, gray and white color matching. The indicator light part of the keyboard is very distinctive. This time it adopts a three-layer design of transparent cover, stripes, and white indicator light. This design is very novel. Dujia’s new K610W has two colors, and the other color is Island Island. If you are interested in this keyboard, you can also check it out.


Although Dujia K610W also uses Jiadalong bearings, the difference is that Dujia uses a customized version of the crystal shaft, with a lifespan of 8000W times. The K610W is equipped with four versions of this series, which are crystal silver switch, crystal tea switch, crystal red switch, and crystal mute red switch. The version of the mute red switch in my hand has a trigger key travel of about 2mm and a pressure of 45gf. Left and right, the full key stroke is about 4mm. In the whole series, the sound of the crystal mute red switch is the smallest. At the same time, as a linear switch, it does not have the sense of paragraph like the green switch, and the button feels very comfortable. In this series , The silent red shaft is also my favorite bearing.


At present, the key positioning boards of many keyboards are made of silver aluminum boards. This time I saw the blackened aluminum positioning boards. When the light shines on the keyboard, it has a different feeling. Dujia adopted a double-layer structure design this time. In addition to the traditional upper cover, metal positioning plate, and bottom shell, it also added silicone pads and sound-absorbing cotton to achieve the effect of noise reduction and shock absorption. Under the premise, increase the user experience. On the keycaps, the PBT two-color keycaps with the height of the original factory are used, which not only has better anti-fouling effect, but also has good friction resistance, and it will not feel very slippery, so the keys feel great.


In terms of platform compatibility, Dujia has finally upgraded. This time, three Mac system buttons are included in the box. The default is the Win button design. If you use a Mac partner, you can also replace it. Dujia K310W can Automatically identify the system and support automatic switching. Compatible with USB-C cable, 2.4G adapter and Bluetooth. W is Dujia's three-mode series. This keyboard naturally supports wired, Bluetooth, and wireless connections. At the same time, this keyboard supports Bluetooth connections to three devices at the same time. For multi-device user groups, this keyboard is a good choice. If you are a Win user, then you can also support DURGOD Zeus Engine driver software, all modes support full-key no-stroke technology, macro key function and onboard storage function.


I think battery life has always been Durga's strength. I have been using Duga's K330W before. It can be used for a few months without charging. The K610W is stronger this time. The official said that the longest battery life can reach 360 days. That is to say, it is close to a year. I am afraid that no one can complain about this battery life. As a wireless office keyboard, this is really a very good choice.


Durga K610W has a certain degree of playability, and the keycaps and mechanical switches can be adapted to your liking. Personally, I feel that the crystal switch experience is already very good, but some gamers have certain requirements for some keys. The mechanical switch of this keyboard supports hot swapping, and it is full-key hot swapping. For game enthusiasts and DIY players, It is indeed a good choice to use this keyboard as a prototype to DIY.


The keyboard tuning of Dujia has always been great, which is why I have been using the Dujia keyboard. The sound of the crystal mute red switch in my hand is not a very crisp sound, but a slightly heavy da-da Sounds great in the hand. PBT is a two-color keycap. The keycap is not as smooth as everyone imagines. The grainy resistance feedback of the keycaps is good. The keys and keys are very smooth in the process of tapping, especially the space bar. The adjustment of large keys has always been Dujia's strength. This experience is also great. The satellite shaft has a certain amount of lubricant and the consistency of both sides And the rebound is very good. With the shock-absorbing cotton at the bottom, Dajian's experience is great.


I have used many Dujia products, and some products also have white light and RGB versions, but the latest new products are all matte versions. If Dujia K610W can launch a light version in the future, it may attract a wave of lighting players. Consumer groups will be further expanded. In terms of bearings, there are currently four bearing versions. If a crystal green axis version is added, no green axis player may be able to refuse.

Dujia K610W is Dujia's redefinition of high-end keyboards. It has a brand-new design, supports hot-swappable DIY, joint customized crystal axis version, wireless three-mode link, and long battery life. In addition to 104 keys, there are 87 keys to choose from. , Dujia’s keyboard may be really difficult for me to find a reason to reject it. It happens to be 618. If there is a small partner who happens to be choosing a keyboard that suits him, then Dujia’s new product K610W must be a good choice.

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