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Fully equipped with 98, Heijue AK966 hot-swappable mechanical keyboard, gasket structure, Kaihua MX ice cream switch

As a peripheral product with a high rate of daily exposure, the mechanical keyboard has made me pay attention and fascination to the keyboard shaft, keycap, arrangement, etc. from the initial use of typing games. When a keyboard is more than a tool to me, I'm even more picky about it. When choosing, in addition to ensuring the basic functions are essential, the other is the appearance design and experience. At present, I think I have a thorough understanding of the keyboard layout, product positioning, and design ideas of each company, and I have a little insight.

What I bring to you today is a Heijue AK966 three-mode hot-swappable gasket mechanical keyboard recently released by Heijue. Let’s talk about it together!

This time, Heijue's product packaging design is more refined and larger, with a transparent front design, and the color matching of the keyboard is clear at a glance. Looking at the upper left corner, you can also know that this keyboard was developed in cooperation with the League of Legends professional youth training base, and the product is printed on the package. Chinese name and English translation, I personally think this packaging can reflect the style of Heijue.

At the bottom of the packaging box is the comprehensive product parameter information of AK966. The interface, size, material, etc. are introduced in detail, so you can understand it clearly before using it.

Opening the box, you can see the main body of Heijue AK966, which is exquisite and elegant, and the color matching of yellow, white and gray is also very textured. Heijue AK966 has three main color schemes this time, Xingwan, Mengxia and Senyu. The one I chose is Xingwan, which is clear and bright with a hint of hazy beauty.

In terms of keyboard arrangement, the popular 98 arrangement is adopted, with 96 keys + 1 volume metal knob, which is 20% smaller than the 104 keys in area, compact and simple.

In the accessories part, there are a lot of collocations. In addition to the keyboard data cable, manual, a letter, and the key puller, it also comes with 4 MAC supplementary keycaps, 4 Kaihua shaft testers, and a replacement I am also very concerned about the different shafts of different keyboards. I can DIY my own keyboard, which is also very simple.

The Heijue AK966 keyboard adopts the MX ice cream shaft body made of Kaihua full POM material. The original factory self-lubricating, the overall fluency and trigger feel are very smooth. You can feel that it is full of materials through the knocking sound, and the design is very ingenious. It is worthy of our comparative study. Moreover, the market price of this switch is 4 yuan for a single switch, which instantly improves the quality of this keyboard. Only a good switch can have a good feel experience, and Heijue also puts his heart into it.

Heijue AK966 keyboard supports hot-swappable switch replacement, which brings good news to friends who like customization. It is not difficult to replace the shaft with the one you like anytime, anywhere, just use the attached shaft puller to pull out the shaft and replace it, which is very convenient.

It is worth mentioning that the AK966 adopts the most commonly used Gasket gasket structure + PC positioning board for customized keyboards. It is tightly clamped with the positioning board, the large keys feel very good, and the sound has no noise.

The sandwich cotton + bottom cotton + pad under the shaft made of PORON fills the internal gap of the keyboard, which is really full of materials.

Speaking of keycaps, my friends must have experienced the situation that the company's ordinary keyboard keycaps can't read the font clearly? There is no need to worry about this AK966. It uses sublimation PBT keycaps, which feel very comfortable to the touch, and are not oily. The accompanying 4 mac supplementary keycaps meet the needs of friends who use the MAC system.

The design of the bottom of the keyboard has also been upgraded. The wired outlet at the bottom supports three directions of outlets. The outlets are flexible and this makes the wires on the desktop look less messy. The supporting feet adopt a two-stage design, which can be adjusted to three heights according to actual use, and each foot has a non-slip pad design, which is stable and does not slip when placed on the table.

The design of the three-mode connection is very suitable. If a keyboard only supports Bluetooth or wired, it is actually quite uncomfortable. For me now, I don’t know if my friends feel this way.

There is a toggle switch design on the left side of AK966, which is novel and recognizable. By toggle, you can switch between wired, wireless 2.4g and Bluetooth modes. The operation is very convenient. When using wireless or Bluetooth in daily use, suspend the use After that, it can be switched to the middle wired position to be in the off state, which can save battery power and improve battery life.

The metal knob in the upper right corner can also be said to be a relatively unique design. The texture is comfortable and the damping is moderate. It can not only satisfy the volume adjustment, but also can be used as a press to pause/play operation, which is the finishing touch. There is also a space for a 2.4G receiver under the knob to ensure the beauty of the keyboard and prevent the loss of the small receiver.

Heijue AK966 keyboard can be said to be super excellent in the actual battery life performance, with a built-in 10000mAh battery, and there is no shortage of battery life after using it for more than a week, and it will continue to let everyone experience battery life and feel. After all, with such a large battery capacity, there is no need to worry at all. Wouldn’t it be troublesome to charge it for three or two days?

Heijue AK966 is not only full of texture in the dark state, but also shines brightly in the light state. It has 18 light effect modes that can be switched, and the effects of drifting with the flow, trial of light, breathing light, and colorful clouds are more dazzling at night. . Especially when playing games at night, cool lighting and game sound effects are definitely standard for gamers.

There are buttons for turning on and off the lighting effect and switching the lighting effect. Friends can follow the instructions to operate. Because the keycap is made of sublimation PBT material, the light transmittance is average, but it does not affect the overall lighting effect of the keyboard. . It also supports driver settings for more ways to play, supports onboard, music rhythm, and has very high playability.

It is not difficult to choose a mechanical keyboard. Arrangements, structures, keycaps, shafts, connection modes, battery life, lighting effects, etc., choose the appropriate keyboard according to your needs. If you want to become a keyboard enthusiast, then you need Learn more about the product characteristics of each brand.

And the new AK966 three-mode hot-swappable gasket mechanical keyboard launched by Heijue can be called excellent, with 98 configurations, the size is about 20% smaller than 104, but the function keys are very complete; good-looking leather bag, coupled with powerful configuration , such as three-mode connection, 10000mAh battery, gasket structure, Kaihua MX ice cream switch, MDA sublimation PBT keycap, RGB lighting effect, etc., you can think of it, or you can't think of it, it has it! This keyboard is completely built to satisfy customized players. If you happen to want to have an easy-to-use customized mechanical keyboard, you might as well try this Heijue AK966! The price on JD.com is only 649 during 618.

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