GALAX x Keychron K8 PRO Xingyao Niang joint experience: cute and playful "hard core" mechanical keyboard

In recent years, with the vigorous development of animation culture, more and more elements of the two-dimensional element appear on IT electronic equipment. Many PC hardware manufacturers will choose to cooperate with third parties to launch various products with two-dimensional style. To meet the purchase needs of some players. Especially in the field of peripherals where the development threshold is relatively low and the price is relatively friendly, there are countless such products.

Recently, GALAX cooperated with Keychron to launch the K8 PRO Xingyaoniang joint keyboard, which added the Q-version virtual image of GALAX "Xingyaoniang". This is a product with 80% layout and TKL arrangement. It supports QMK/VIA open source key change. It is a customized mechanical keyboard for Bluetooth and USB wired dual-mode connection. The price is 499 yuan. The target group obviously likes the two-dimensional style. PC gamers.

Packaging and appearance: Macaron color system, Xingyaoniang image

On the outer packaging, the GALAXY x Keychron K8 PRO Xingyaoniang joint keyboard shows a refreshing design style, with sky blue as the background on the front and back, the product model can be seen on the left side of the front, some keyboards are displayed on the right side, and some keyboards are on the back Introduction to features. Since the keyboard itself is also a relatively light macaron tone, it matches the tone of the entire outer packaging very well and looks very harmonious.

The GALAX x Keychron K8 PRO Xingyaoniang joint keyboard has an 87-key classic TKL layout, and the overall size is 354 x 124 x 41.7 mm, which is relatively small. The keyboard is based on Keychron's K8 PRO, the main body is white, with white, purple and orange keycaps, some of the keycaps have the LOGO of GALAXY or Xingyao, for example, the space bar is the English LOGO of Xingyao, and some keycaps have There is a Q-version image of Xingyaoniang, and a certain stylized design is carried out on the enter and backspace keys, which brings a lively and friendly look and feel, full of youthful vitality.

There are not many items in the package, including the keyboard body, USB cable, key puller, complimentary keycap set and manual, etc.

The GALAX x Keychron K8 PRO Xingyaoniang joint keyboard provides two connection methods, namely USB wired connection and Bluetooth wireless connection. There is a USB Type-C interface on the side of the keyboard, and a mode switching key is also provided, making it easy for users to operate. Among them, the Bluetooth connection supports the seamless switching of three devices, and the user can switch through Fn+1/Fn+2/Fn+3.

The official said that the built-in 4000mAh large-capacity battery can be used for 80 hours after charging for 6 hours. According to the daily use time and the brightness of the RGB backlight, the longest use time is about three to five weeks, which is believed to meet the general needs of users.

The keyboard has its own ergonomics and can be adjusted at an angle of about 6° to 9°. There is an oval non-slip foot pad at the bottom to ensure stability, and a two-stage adjustable support foot design, which brings three different use angles, so that different users can find a more comfortable input angle.

The GALAXY x Keychron K8 PRO Xingyaoniang joint keyboard uses Jiadalong G yellow Pro switch, which is a 3-pin linear switch body, with a trigger pressure of 50g, a bottoming pressure of 67g, and an action stroke of 2.0+0.6mm. It is 4.0mm, and the keycap is made of PBT material and sublimation process, and the internal structure is also equipped with a noise-reducing cotton interlayer, a positioning plate and a silicone pad. This makes the keyboard have a more linear feel, and the short-stroke trigger allows users to have a comfortable tapping experience in games or office use.

Keychron K8 PRO itself is a customized and personalized mechanical keyboard that can be easily assembled. This joint product is no exception, and these DIY features are preserved. It supports hot-swappable keys, and users can replace the mechanical shaft body according to their own needs. In addition, it also supports QMK / VIA open source key change, which can program and customize the function keys of the keyboard. You can download the firmware from the Keychron official website.

The GALAX x Keychron K8 PRO Xingyaoniang joint keyboard has an RGB illusion lighting effect, which works well with the keyboard as a whole, and the brightness is relatively moderate, which will not make people feel glaring. Since the keycaps used are not transparent, the light overflows from the gaps in the keycaps. There is also an independent light key in the upper right corner of the keyboard, and users can switch between various lighting effects with one key.

Hands-on experience: linear smoothness, highly customizable

The Jiadalong G yellow Pro switch after moistening is smoother than the Jiadalong yellow switch when it is tapped. In addition, the PBT material used for the keycap will feel soft to the fingertips. The sound when the keyboard is struck is relatively "dull". As long as it is not struck hard, the sound of the keys is not too loud. This is not unrelated to the structural design optimization of the noise-reducing cotton interlayer, positioning plate and silicone pad added to the keyboard. I personally like the tactile feel of this keyboard, especially when typing continuously, it is very silky, and I can fully feel the input pleasure brought by the linear feel. In the game, the response of the GALAXY x Keychron K8 PRO Xingyaoniang joint keyboard is also very sensitive, and there is no obvious delay. It can be regarded as a gaming keyboard.

Another point that I personally like is the RGB lighting effect provided by the GALAX x Keychron K8 PRO Xingyaoniang joint keyboard, which can be displayed during the day when it is bright, and is not dazzling at night in a dark environment. It is very convenient to have an independent lighting key to realize one-key switching, and it provides more lighting effect modes, and the effects are also quite different. You can change the RGB lighting effect or even turn off the lighting effect from time to time according to your mood.

Since the USB Type-C interface is located on the side of the keyboard, the attached USB cable has also been treated with a 90° corner at the position where it is connected to the keyboard, which is a humanized design. Like many similar products, the Bluetooth mode of the GALAXY x Keychron K8 PRO Xingyaoniang joint keyboard supports seamless switching between three devices, which is convenient for users with multiple devices. Through Fn+1/Fn+2 /Fn+3 to switch.

On the side of the keyboard, in addition to the USB Type-C interface and connection mode switching key, there is also a switching key between Windows/Android and Mac/iOS systems, which can restore the Mac layout and multimedia functions, which is convenient for different users' daily office and games. The manufacturer also thoughtfully prepared replacement keycaps, allowing users to easily replace them to meet the needs of different operating systems.

Although the appearance looks relatively small, the GALAXY x Keychron K8 PRO Xingyaoniang joint keyboard is not light, and it is very heavy in the hand. If you need to carry the keyboard out frequently, it may not be a good choice. However, it has a good effect in use, and the keyboard will feel very stable when typing.

Summary: Contrasting cute design, two-dimensional hard core

The GALAX x Keychron K8 PRO Xingyaoniang joint keyboard itself focuses on the appearance design, which is covered with various two-dimensional elements, showing its style and positioning. In terms of internal design, this is a product that tends to pursue customization. From the internal structure to the functional configuration, it caters to the needs of many peripheral enthusiasts today. Various customizable designs bring high playability , To a certain extent, there is a "contrast" with the appearance design. The Jiadalong G yellow Pro switch it chooses has a smooth linear feel when tapping, providing a linear, comfortable and stable input experience, taking into account both games and daily use.

Compared with the Keychron K8 PRO mechanical keyboard sold on the market, the price of the GALAXY x Keychron K8 PRO Xingyaoniang joint keyboard is similar, and it is not like some similar products due to the addition of elements such as "co-branding" or "two-dimensional". There is a clear premium. If users like this kind of animation-style two-dimensional peripherals and want to look for a more "hard-core" mechanical keyboard, which can achieve both work and entertainment, the cute and playful GALAX x Keychron K8 PRO Xingyaoniang joint keyboard can be regarded as a options to consider.

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