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Game Peripherals Chapter 62: [Wind Bamboo] Desktop Scenery の Macho Exclusive - Goss ALT83G Keyboard × Ten Sample Brocade Keycaps Unboxing Picture Tour

▲Mr. Li Qing, a well-known martial artist, once said that if the mechanical keyboard is not used to install C, then it is meaningless. The development status of mechanical keyboards over the years has also confirmed this point from multiple angles. Whether it is the shell, shaft body, lighting effect, keycap material, and color matching, it has been played by technical geeks for decades and still enjoys it. Play with changing the color of the casing, the paper between the shafts, changing the lights, and embellishing the shaft. But for ordinary players, if they want to show their unique style through the keyboard, the most cost-effective way is to replace the keycaps, which is easy to operate and the most intuitive to change the visual effect.

In recent years, almost all keyboard manufacturers have opened up their own world on the track of keycaps. There are many kinds of keycap materials, heights, printing techniques, etc., but in terms of materials and processing techniques, the current most mainstream The sublimation keycaps and two-color process keycaps made of PBT are still the most popular. Compared with the dye-sublimation keycaps with rich color patterns, I personally prefer simple colors with two-color keycaps with higher durability. Recently, the author bought a GS87G wireless mechanical keyboard produced by HELLO GANSS, as well as multiple sets of personalized color matching keycaps, so I can’t wait to open a box to share.

▲The outer packaging of GANSS ALT83G mechanical keyboard adopts minimalist white as the main color, with a little grass green on the corners, and only the brand and model are printed on the front, which looks very brief and refreshing. On the side of the package, there is an introduction to the color of the keyboard and the type of the switch. The one I started with is black inkstone color matching, cherry mute red shaft.

▲Open the packaging box of the keyboard, and you can see that the keyboard is fixed in the center by the white pearl cotton around it, and is protected by a dust bag and a dust cover. The keyboard cable, receiver, battery and other related accessories are placed separately In different storage slots, do not interfere with each other. It seems that the protective measures are still very reliable, and players basically don’t need to worry about the bump and wear of the keyboard during transportation.

▲In terms of accessories, in addition to the keyboard body, there is also a user manual, a wire key puller, a black rubber Type-C interface cable, a wireless signal receiver, and a pair of batteries.

▲The shell color of GANSS ALT83G mechanical keyboard is black, with black and yellow interspersed color matching of keycaps, full of industrial style. The size of the keyboard is 331*121*40mm, and the weight is 920g. As an uncommon 83-key keyboard, it has almost all the functions of a common 87-key keyboard, and the desktop occupies a smaller proportion. Very good choice.

▲The keycap height of the keyboard is the standard OEM height, and the R1-R4 step distribution conforms to the ergonomic design. The surface of the key fits the contact angle of the finger when clicking the key, which relieves the fatigue of using the keyboard for a long time, and the old keyboard players can easily get started.

▲The nameplate of the keyboard is located in the center of the back of the keyboard, the battery compartment is above it, and the power switch is located below the left-hand side. The power cord interface is located on the right front of the keyboard, and a wire slot is designed to support three-terminal outlets. The four corners are symmetrically designed with non-slip foot pads to increase the stability of the keyboard during use. The corners are designed with a certain angle of oblique cutting, which makes the keyboard look more mechanical.

▲Although the layout of the GANSS ALT83G mechanical keyboard adopts a compact layout of 83 keys, the size of the keycaps and the positions of most of the keys are very close to those of the 87-key keyboard, so veteran keyboard players can easily adapt to it.

▲The indicator light is designed next to the ESC key, which only occupies the space of one key. The distribution of the entire keycap can be said to be very compact and reasonable without wasting any space.

▲The keycap of the GANSS ALT83G mechanical keyboard is made of PBT material sublimation printing process, and there is basically no need to worry about the wear of the keycap surface and characters after long-term use. The surface is evenly and meticulously frosted, with good touch and anti-skid and sweat-wicking capabilities. Ribs are designed on the inside of the keycap to increase the durability of the keycap.

▲ In terms of the switch body, the keyboard I have in hand uses a cherry mute red switch. As shown in the picture, the color of the switch core is slightly lighter than the red switch, which belongs to watermelon red. Its parameters are almost the same as those of the cherry red switch, but a cushioning rubber pad is added at the position where the shaft core is in contact with the steel plate. With the original quiet effect of the linear shaft red shaft, it should be the silent effect of the cherry shaft. The best, especially suitable for friends who like to use mechanical keyboards but are afraid of being rubbed by their roommates on the ground. However, the advantage of extreme silence is bound to have disadvantages, that is, the touch of the button will be more fleshy, and those who pursue a smooth hitting feel are recommended to buy it after experiencing it. However, for those with wooden fingers like the author or those who need to mute, the meat points are nothing.

▲Since the keyboard is a light red switch body, choose the pink and black [Ten Sample Brocade] color matching for the matching keycap color. The name of this keycap is quite old-fashioned. The author searched it and found that the interpretation has multiple meanings. The color matching style of the comprehensive keycaps, I personally understand it as a wonderful meaning. It seems that the copywriting of the keycap still has something to do. If the author named it, it might be called black pink color matching directly. The artistic conception and meaning are completely two dimensions (smiling with face covered).

The large set of keycaps includes 108 main keys + 23 function supplements + 8 color supplements, a total of 139 keys, which can basically meet the matching needs of various keyboard players.

▲The material of the keycap is PBT material, OEM height, and the processing technology is two-color injection molding process. When the author got the keycaps, I couldn't help feeling the speed of progress in the keycap processing technology in the past few years. The old keycap players should still remember the price of SP's ABS two-color keycaps. I have a set of SP Miami. And raindrops are the dreams of countless keyboard players, and the author even played dip dyeing and sublimation for a long time for this purpose. Although domestically produced PBT two-color keycaps also appeared later, the initial product not only has impressive font uniformity, but also cannot do closed characters. Time flies, and now the two-color PBT keycaps with closed characters can pull down the price by more than a hundred, and the old players back then probably never dared to think about it.

▲In fact, the author bought a full set of keycaps of the HELLO GANSS series at one time, but because the color matching of each set of keycaps has its own unique style, it is easy to be aesthetically fatigued if all of them are exposed at one time, which makes the beauty of each set of keycaps discounted. , it would be a pity. So the author will share it in the form of picture appreciation later, and interested friends can pay attention to it.

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