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Game Peripherals Collection Part 1: Don’t follow the trend, these peripherals on the desktop are still full of presence, the game keyboard and mouse are less than 200, and the five-piece set is only in the early 400s

competitive desktop Must be 1800 Can it create an atmospheric scene? The answer is No, this e-sports style desktop collocation guide only costs more than 300 yuan to build a full sense of presence on the computer desktop. The cheapest one is only 69 yuan, and the most expensive one is only more than 100 yuan. The complete set of five small pieces of the competitive desktop was won in the early 400s, the benefits of 618, hurry up and get in the car.

The keyboard and mouse are the first hardware to pay attention to. Looking around, the entry-level competitive mice of the big names that dominate the gaming peripheral market are all more than 100 yuan. Is there any sub-mainstream comparable? Of course there is, the computer peripherals of Daryou's family are quite good, and the configuration is reasonable and the price is beautiful. For those who want to test the water competitive peripherals, we recommend Dareu Wrangler EM915 black cracked model, The usual price is 89, and it only costs 65 if you get 618 benefits, a gaming mouse that is a little more expensive than ordinary mice.

The Dahl Wrangler gaming mouse is a muscular man with a tough appearance. The crackle model is full of atmosphere after the light is on. The player's faith is instantly burned, and the spirit of competition is born spontaneously. Go dark, boy.

In terms of configuration, Dareu Wrangler is also responsible for its strength. It uses the game-grade engine ATG4090 sensor, with 6 gears of 6000DPI, 150IPS, has a 1000Hz return rate, and the maximum acceleration of 20G. The programmed Dareu Wrangler EM915 is a great option for saving money.

The game-grade keyboard is versatile. This Dareu EK815 Mechanic Alloy Edition mechanical keyboard has the same appearance and sweet online price. At present, the official price is attractive. The usual price is 149 yuan, and 618 welfare 119 accepts it.

Dareu EK815 mechanical keyboard has 108 full keys, mechanical shaft and aluminum alloy cover, full of metal texture. The unique two-color keycap combined with six-color layered light is placed together with the Wrangler EM915, As soon as I turn it on, I feel that the performance is going to burst, and the peripherals are playing with the heartbeat.

The background music of the arena is the clarion call of the players' enthusiasm. A high-fidelity desktop speaker with a clear sound field is an indispensable member of the e-sports desktop.

Veteran audio expert Newman V1 desktop computer speaker is one of the best. The Newman V1 adopts a columnar design, which is very suitable for use in a small space on the desktop, and can be placed under the monitor to enhance the sense of atmosphere.

Newman V1 has built-in dual mid-tweeters + dual woofers, adopts 2.0 front surround sound adjustment, and the front also has a shocking surround sound effect. With the four-speaker 15-degree golden elevation design, the sound field is clearer and the details are clearer. It is a columnar speaker with rare sound quality and worthy of recognition. What's more rare is that it cooperates with players to design dynamic light effects. The usual price of Newman V1 is 79 yuan, and the minimum discount of 618 is 59 yuan. Don’t miss it if you just need it.

Gaming mouse pads have no technical content but are not easy to match. A gaming mouse pad with a large size and a style of painting can add color to the entire desktop , a random mouse pad may sometimes make the entire desktop look neither fish nor fowl. For gaming mouse pads that are attractive and cost-effective, you can take a look at the samurai model of the Mechanic K803 mouse pad. The black warrior under the blood moon looks at the dark background, and a sense of turbulent scene is oncoming. It is different from other gaming models. The design complements each other and is full of energy. At present, the price of an ordinary mouse pad can be entered.

most last This recommended gaming headset is a must-have to immerse yourself in the gaming scene, but also has the virtue of not disturbing roommates.

The appearance of the big cap with light pollution is like a player-level gaming headset. There are many good-looking and powerful headsets, and few of them are cheap. Daryou Daryou EH722 wire-controlled gaming headset gives you a contrasting choice.

The Dareu EH722 gaming headset has a built-in 7.1-channel sound effect, and the surround sound effect presented by the CM108B sound card is very strong, with clear sound layers and precise sound field positioning without delay. The equipped high-sensitivity omni-directional microphone supports 360-degree omni-directional sound pickup, helping you sound to the point where the gun hits the head, and the high immersion makes you enter the scene in seconds. Moreover, it is also a hardcore RGB belief lighting effect. Dareu EH722 head-mounted gaming headset is usually priced at 169 yuan, 618 big discount minus 109, very awesome, and it won’t wait until it expires.

The above five entry-level e-sports peripherals are the combination of powerful gaming desktops collected by the editor. They are not difficult to match and have a lot of atmosphere. There is a lot of room for profit in the 618 event.

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