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Gaming Peripherals Cool Show Part 4: Precise Mold + Sensitive Silver Switch! —Experience Notes on Durga K310 Mechanical Keyboard

During this year's National Day holiday, because of the impact of the epidemic and playing around, I stayed at home honestly for 7 days. I was bored in my free time, and with the mentality of giving it a try, I bought a mechanical keyboard that I had never touched a brand before.

This time I started with Durga's K310 mechanical keyboard. I have heard before that Dujia’s products focus on the perfect balance between cost performance and keyboard feel, and they have a good reputation in the player circle, and this K310 is an original cherry silver switch that I have never experienced before, so I hold it With a very curious mind, I want to know, what is the quality of this cost-effective product?

The packaging box of Dujia K310 is very simple, with a large black front and a large back, and the sides are all in blue style. The ordinary paper packaging box is simple and environmentally friendly. Durga's English brand LOGO is "DURGOD".

K310 belongs to the "TAURUS" Taurus series, the main control of the keyboard is an ARM 32-bit processor, the return refresh rate is 1000Hz, WIN lock and other functions are all available, and it is compatible with the Zeus driver dedicated to Dujia.

The K310 uses the original cherry silver shaft as the shaft body. In order to take into account the individuality and stability, it chooses the color of Cangluan ink. As the main cost-effective basic keyboard, due to the cost and selling price, RGB lighting effect, wrist rest, etc. are not included.


The keyboard comes with a transparent plastic dust cover, which can be used to protect the keyboard at ordinary times, which is more considerate and not a disposable item.

Accessories include: 1 USB A-A data cable, 1 USB A-C data cable, 1 steel wire key switch and special strap.

This K310 keyboard as a whole gives people a very fresh feeling. This keyboard is named "Cang Luan Mo", which gives people a very mysterious feeling. In fact, it is a combination of black keycaps and dark green keycaps, which is very similar to Cangshan The deep green feeling of the forest is full of it. Because it is not like the simple and elegant style of white or pure black, nor is it the bright gaming style, it feels very refreshing.

The keyboard adopts a 104-key design and a narrow frame style. The overall style is relatively compact, which is suitable for students and office workers with tight desktop space.

Most of the multi-function keys from F1 to F12 are endowed with multimedia control functions, which can be realized through the "FN+" control method.

There are 5 indicator lights on the upper right of the keyboard, which are more comprehensive and personalized than the 3 lights on the general keyboard.

The four borders of the keyboard are made of dark green ABS material, which is very simple.

DURGOD LOGO is engraved in the lower right corner.

There is a three-way cable storage slot on the back of the keyboard, which can store redundant data cables and make the desktop more tidy. There are also guide grooves for the data cable and the keyboard connection port to ensure a firm connection.

In order to meet the requirements of different players for the slope of the keyboard, the K310 can realize three-stage height adjustment through the feet on the back of the keyboard.


The K310 keyboard adopts the OEM height stepped keycap as a whole, which is 2mm higher than the original height, which is more ergonomic when pressed, can be triggered earlier and faster, and has a better trigger feel.

In addition, the steel plate of the keyboard also strengthens the clear feedback for the percussion trigger, which improves the feel a lot.


The keycaps are made of PBT material, which are black and dark green according to different positions. The advantage of PBT is that it is durable, and it is not easy to get oily after long-term use. The finger touches the keycap with a harsh feeling, which can have greater friction and a more delicate feel.


The keyboard adopts the German-made CHERRY MX silver switch body, also known as "silver switch", which is similar to the red switch, but not exactly the same.

The feel of the silver switch and the original red switch is the same: they both have a straight up and down linear feel, there is no obvious sense of transition when triggered, and they both have the same trigger pressure of 45g.

The difference between the silver switch and the original red switch is that the trigger stroke is different. Compared with the 2mm trigger stroke of the original red switch, the trigger stroke of the MX silver switch is only 1.2mm. The trigger stroke difference between the two axes is 0.8mm, because the height difference between the two axes is 0.8mm, and the total stroke is reduced from 4.0mm to 3.2mm. From a structural point of view, this enables the silver switch to be triggered earlier and has a faster response time. Whether it is typing or FPS, MOBA and other e-sports scenes, it can have a better feel.

Large keys such as space adopt a satellite shaft structure, which is more reliable, but the feel is not as crisp and sharp as the balance bar. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and everyone has a different opinion.

In addition, Durga also has its own dedicated Zeus driver, which can realize rich control functions, such as key disabling, macro commands, and lighting control. However, this K310 is a matte version, so I cannot show you the RGB function here.

Generally speaking, the overall feel of this K310 keyboard is very good, giving people a very "stable" feeling. What is "stable"? First of all, the appearance is generous and the color is calm, which is suitable for office workers. Secondly, the hand feels very stable, and the probability of mishitting is very low. Mainly due to: PBT keycaps and precise molds, the PBT keyboard has a delicate touch with slight friction, which makes the touch of the keycap feel very "stable". The assembly precision of the switch body and PCB, steel plate, etc. is very high, and the workmanship is excellent. The keyboard and the switch body are straight up and down during use, and there is no side-to-side shaking, and the switch body is very "stable".

The only shortcoming is that the big space key can be replaced by a green axis!

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