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Gasket blessing feels more pure, cheap donkey RS2 mechanical keyboard experience

To say that the most popular mechanical keyboard circle in 2021 is of course the "Gasket" structure. The structure of this keyboard can be simply described as adding gaskets to the keyboard. The addition of gaskets makes the keyboard in the process of tapping. With obvious buffering, you can experience a more pure button feel after buffering.

Last year, the "Gasket" structure could only be experienced by choosing a customized keyboard, and the mass-produced mechanical keyboard will also be able to experience "Gasket" in 2022. What I want to share with you today may be a more cost-effective one: the cheap donkey RS2 is a mechanical keyboard with three modes, 99 keys, "Gasket" structure, and full-key hot-swappable.

This is the second James Donkey mechanical keyboard I have experienced. For now, just looking at the configuration, it really combines all the popular elements of the current mechanical keyboard.

The outer packaging design of the cheap donkey RS2 is innovative, and the protective film of the keyboard is also a quick start manual. Some basic introductory operations can be used with just a glance.

The keyboard adopts a relatively retro color scheme. The name of this color scheme is "Yuanzu Grey", but I personally feel that it is more appropriate to call it milk tea color. The combination of milk white and milk coffee color for the main body is indeed very good. In fact, there are not many accessories, a key puller, a shaft puller and a data cable.

I believe many people will like the layout of the keyboard, because it is compact and can cover most of the keys: when the arrow keys and number keys are all arranged, the width of the keyboard is only the width of a traditional 87-key keyboard. Its arrangement is very similar to 98 keys, but it is much easier to use than 98 keys, because its numeric keypad is consistent with 104 keys, and the number 0 key is the full size.

There is also a metal knob on the upper right corner of the keyboard. The knob is exquisite in workmanship and has a non-slip knurled structure on the side. It is convenient to adjust the system volume in daily use. Pressing this knob can also quickly mute the system. In addition, a useful calculator shortcut key is also designed on the left side of the knob.

The design style of the keyboard is unified, and the side of the keyboard shell will also have two colors of keycaps to echo. In terms of appearance, I think this keyboard is still okay.

There will be English characters of the brand in the lower right corner of the keyboard. To be honest, I think the name James Donkey is quite foreign, but the Chinese name is "贱donkey", which is really a bit hard to understand, but this Chinese name is really eye-catching. Do not forget.

The Type-C data cable interface of the keyboard is designed in the middle of the keyboard, and there is a push switch next to it, which allows the keyboard to switch between wired and wireless connections.

The workmanship of the keycaps is also very good, the closed characters of PBT material, the characters are clear and have better durability.

This keyboard is very friendly to the Mac system. Fn+M can switch the keyboard to Mac mode, and the corresponding key functions under Mac are also marked on the keycaps.

The F key area is also marked with the functions on the Mac. This should be the most friendly mechanical keyboard for Mac computers I have ever seen.

The design on the back of the keyboard is regular, and the characteristic design is that there is a place for placing the 2.4GHz receiver in the middle of the keyboard. This small design avoids the embarrassment of losing the receiver during the daily use of the keyboard. In addition, the receiver of the cheap donkey RS2 has been improved. The new version adopts a magnetic suction fixing method, which is more convenient than the snap-on type.

The back of the keyboard is not only designed with anti-slip strips at five positions, but also provides two-stage foot supports.

After removing the keycaps, the cheap ass RS2 has a very different feeling, because it uses FR4 fiberglass positioning board, and the more detailed one is that there are corresponding character marks under each key position.

For the shaft body, the Jiadalong red shaft is used, and the upper cover is a transparent structure. The cross shaft is stable and lubricated at the factory.

The keyboard is hot-swappable with all keys, and the five-legged and three-legged switches on the market can be adapted, and you can see that there are LED lights on the PCB, which means that this is still a mechanical keyboard with backlight.

The keycaps are solid and high-standard. The two-color injection molding PBT material is not only solid, but the workmanship of the keycaps is also very good. The injection nozzle is designed at the bottom of the keycaps, and it is very inconspicuous. In addition, there is no detailed deformation of the large keys. You can feel the sophistication.

To see if the keyboard is good, you must pull it out and try it out. I was amazed when I pressed the key the first time. The keyboard is in a floating state and presented at your hand. The experience is really different.

Perhaps due to the blessing of the Gasket structure, the feel of the Jiadalong red switch has been completely released, and the pressing is smooth. If you like linear switches, it will really make you feel comfortable.

Put on a button sound recorded by yourself, everyone can feel it.

Bastard RS2 button sound

The mechanical keyboard with the traditional structure has no cushioning structure, especially the linear axis body can feel the impact on the keyboard every time it is struck, and many of the sounds of the keys come from the sound of the impact, even through sound insulation cotton and silicone rubber. Pads are only for lightening. Quoting a structure diagram of the cheap ass RS2, you can see that in order to make the keyboard feel and sound better, this keyboard is really hard.

The most obvious difference of the keyboard with the Gasket structure is that it eliminates the sound of the impact, so each tap will feel softer, the sound of the tap becomes smaller, and the sound becomes more pure, you can describe it as Mahjong The sound can also be described as the sound of raindrops, in short, it feels really comfortable.

This 99+1 button arrangement has been used for a few days, and I feel that it is quite comfortable to use, except that the position of the arrow keys needs to be adjusted a little bit, whether it is the small keyboard area or the position of the Del key is arranged where it should be. , You can find their positions with your eyes closed. In addition, the keyboard supports monochrome backlighting and supports multiple display effects. If you need lighting, the cheap donkey RS2 can also satisfy you.

I believe that everyone has gradually felt the involution of mechanical keyboards. For consumers, this is definitely a good thing, because everyone has more choices, such as this cheap donkey RS2, Gasket structure, 99+1 arrangement, three-mode Connection, full-key hot-swappable, key backlight, PBT two-color keycaps, etc. are equipped with the current hot configurations, and more importantly, its price is really affordable, so this keyboard can really be rushed!

The full text is over, thank you for watching.

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