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Gasket structure and personalized appearance design: Upstart GM780 three-mode mechanical keyboard experience

Once upon a time, the Gasket structure was regarded as exclusive to customized mechanical keyboards, but with the maturity of technology and the rise of the niche design mass consumption market, more and more keyboards from major domestic manufacturers have joined the product design competition. Among them, it also brings us as consumers or enthusiasts a lower price and personalized high-quality mechanical keyboard.

This article is to share with you the upstart of the old domestic keyboard factory - the recently released GM780 wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard with a price of 500 yuan. It adopts Gasket structure, transparent body, 78 configurations, hot-swappable key shaft, with RGB lighting effect, cool appearance, and it is also a wireless 2.4G, Bluetooth 5.0, wired three-mode connection, compatible with Microsoft and Apple dual systems mechanical keyboard.

The upstart GM780 three-mode mechanical keyboard has three colors: scorching sun, starry sky, and foggy mountain. The model I experienced is the starry model, which incorporates a lot of elements from Van Gogh's "Starry Sky" in design, and adopts a purple-blue tone design. The keycaps of the 78 series adopt black and blue two-color design, and the key symbols are eye-catching yellow.

The keyboard has colorful RGB lighting effects, but it is different from the RGB lighting effects in previous years. The diffuse reflection around the keycap forms a halo instead of outputting directly through the characters.

The characteristic of the Gasket structure is that there are few screws on the product shell, and the internal layers are fixed by the extrusion of the shell. Moreover, as a transparent body, the white silicone pad at the bottom is covered as a whole, which also avoids the situation of seeing the black lithium battery pack inside or the dense solder joints on the PCB board at a glance. This kind of treatment is actually better.

In the middle of the bottom is a metal nameplate with a magnetic structure, and the rear is the storage compartment for the 2.4G wireless receiver.

The feet also adopt a classic two-stage design, which is convenient for users to adjust the pitch angle during use.

In addition, although its shell is made of PC plastic, it is reinforced with electrophoretic iron plates inside. In fact, the hand feels very thick.

The USB-C interface of the keyboard, the three-mode switch, and the power switch are all distributed on the upper right of the fuselage. The picture below is a partial close-up.

In addition, from the perspective of accessories, in addition to the A-C data cable and key remover, there are also four sublimation-themed keycaps of Space, enter, shift, and Esc with the theme of stars, and four spare mechanical switches.

First of all, let me talk about the experience of this domestic Kaihua mechanical switch. The upstart GM780 three-mode mechanical keyboard has three options: the joint star switch (linear), the joint Dailuo switch (paragraph switch), and the BOX white switch (paragraph switch). I use a non-co-branded Kaihua BOX white switch. From the actual comparison with cherry black switches, green switches, brown switches, and silver switches, its operating force is slightly greater than that of cherry green switches, and the sense of transition is a little bit more obvious, but the key travel is not long. And judging from the key tone, it is very crisp, giving people a sense of hearing with black switches.

And from the workmanship point of view, the gold-plated leg needle has a good texture, the edge of the key shaft is cut neatly, and the quality control consistency of the product is also very good.

In terms of keycaps, the upstart GM780 three-mode mechanical keyboard uses a two-color PBT keycap process. The keycaps made by this process do not have to worry about fading or abrasion of the characters on it, because it is the original color of the inner material. And the look is also very comfortable.

The keycaps and key shafts are well-tolerated, and the latches are tight. From the perspective of the base of the key shaft, it also adopts the five-hole structure of the current common hot-swappable structure, which has good compatibility with the mechanical shafts of various manufacturers on the market.

This includes the design of the large Space key, which is not considered to be unconventional and lack of compatibility.

As for the difference in look and feel after changing the theme keycap, take a look at the picture for yourself and experience it!

Another way to play is of course that it supports colorful RGB lighting effects. There are currently 11 lighting effects to choose from, and it supports customization. As for how beautiful the transparent body + colorful lighting effects are, you can see from the picture:

As for the specific gameplay of the lighting effect, I won’t show it in the picture. Anyone who knows a little bit understands it, and it’s all colorful RGB, which means that the color, brightness, mode, and speed are all adjustable.

In short, this keyboard can also be regarded as a master of gameplay. In the future, you can change the axis, keycap, and light effect at will. If the budget is limited, it is enough to only change the accessories in the future, and there is no need to buy a new keyboard.

The first thing I want to say is that this is a mechanical keyboard that is compatible with both Microsoft and Apple systems by default, because the standard keycaps are marked with double-key symbols, such as option on Win, command on Alt key, and control on ctrl abbreviation of.

Moreover, there is an independent system switching key with a status light in the upper right corner of the keyboard, which is also convenient for dual-system users to switch between devices.

From the perspective of key arrangement, 104 keys are a standard keyboard with a numeric keypad, 87 keys are a standard notebook keyboard without a separate area for numbers, and 68 keys are a minimalist player keypad. In contrast, whether it is a 100-key arrangement or a 78-key arrangement, it is actually reducing the size of the keyboard and retaining a new idea in the design of the independent digital input area.

From the perspective of both game entertainment and office study, the upstart GM780 three-mode mechanical keyboard has 78 arrays. While retaining the numeric keypad and removing the useless F function key row, the overall key positions are even more than the 87-bit notebook keyboard. A little less, but a better typing experience.

In addition, from the characteristics of the mechanical keyboard itself, there is no conflict with all keys, fast input without losing characters, and the key positions of playing games do not affect each other. This is also a major feature. And there is a wireless 2.4G connection, the delay is very small, and the feeling of following the game is better.

However, this keyboard also has its own small shortcomings. One is that the keyboard is relatively thick. If you use it directly without a keyboard support, your wrist will get tired after a long time. The second is that there is no separate delete key, which will be a little inconvenient when modifying manuscripts in the office.

In short, the upstart GM780 wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard has a Gasket structure comparable to customization, a transparent body + colorful RGB lighting effects, and a good visual effect. The 78-array body is compact and convenient for digital input, and the key shafts are hot-swappable and easy to replace. The theme elements are prominent and the appearance is very dazzling. The key is that it is compatible with the Apple system and supports one-key switching between dual systems. The overall experience is not bad, it is worth recommending!

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