Gasket structure, soft and soft feel Dareu A81 three-mode mechanical keyboard

I bought the Dareu A81 three-mode mechanical keyboard, and it feels very good. Purple-gold color scheme, equipped with Zijin Switch PRO, 75% arrangement, 81 keys, hot-swappable full-key support, 99% of the mechanical switches on the market, elastic arm Gasket structure, with Poron cotton blessing, built-in 4000mAh lithium battery, combined with smart sleep Function, support RGB full-color backlight.....

This is Dareu A81 three-mode mechanical keyboard, which adopts 75% arrangement, 81-key design, compact keyboard layout, supports three-mode connection, full-key hot swap, elastic arm Gasket structure, equipped with sky axis V3 axis body, straight up and down The linear feel is smooth and smooth. Various RGB lighting effects, 4000mAh battery. From the appearance alone, it can make people's eyes shine. Not only has it been carefully designed, but it has also been carefully polished to give it a full texture.

In terms of hardware configuration, the Daryou A81 three-mode mechanical keyboard is not only beautiful, but also has the feeling of blinding the eyes. The key caps are made of PC material, the characters are clear and eye-catching, and there will be no oily phenomenon when you hit the key caps. Because of the elastic arm Gasket structure, the overall stacking of the keyboard is quite sufficient, that is, the overall structure is a screwless design. In this way, when in use, one is: the sound of the shaft knocking can be further weakened, because the inside of the key body is blessed with Poron cotton. The second is: it can make the feel of all shafts more consistent, which is more suitable for friends who code and write codes.

Good ergonomic design, even if you use it for a long time, you will not feel tired. The Dareu A81 three-mode mechanical keyboard has a compact design and removes the traditional number keypad. One is to facilitate operation, and the other is to save more space for the desktop.

Dareu A81 three-mode mechanical keyboard supports 2.4G+Bluetooth+wired three-mode connection and full-color RGB lighting effects. In terms of the connection of the three modes, from my actual experience, it is easy to use and can be switched seamlessly. It is worth mentioning that the Dareu A81 three-mode mechanical keyboard also supports Windows and Mac dual systems, and the switching is simple and stable.

After pulling out the key, you can see that it is equipped with a sky axis V3 axis body, which supports hot swapping, and has a good guarantee for the button feel. The game and code experience are very smooth and full, and the sound of pressing is very Q. The strength is also very moderate, you will not get tired after typing or playing games for a long time, and the response speed is also very fast.

In addition, its full-key supports hot-swapping and is compatible with almost 99% of mechanical switches on the market, allowing us to DIY and replace various mechanical switches independently. Dareu A81 three-mode mechanical keyboard, after power on, full-color RGB lighting effects, a variety of lights can be switched, which can make your desktop more cool.

I mainly experienced the three-mode connection and switching of the Dareu A81 three-mode mechanical keyboard. The 2.4G+Bluetooth+wired three-mode connection channel is smooth in multiple scenarios. need. In the performance of the game, the Dareu A81 three-mode mechanical keyboard is also quite good. In the actual combat process, in terms of game use and adaptability, its key response and tactile feedback have good performance, and it rebounds quickly when it hits the bottom. There is no sense of paragraph, and the noise is small. Generally speaking, Dareu A81 three-mode mechanical keyboard gives me the feeling that it is especially suitable for user groups who often switch between different devices. The Gasket structure of the elastic arm is combined with the blessing of Poron cotton, which makes it feel excellent. When we code, the knocking sound is small and more Q-bouncing, which will not annoy others. The sense of quality is full, and its excellent design makes people love it.

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