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Give the desktop a little blue: Dujia K310W light fog blue mechanical keyboard experience

In the past two years, desktop matching has become a hot topic for many players. After all, good equipment can not only improve work efficiency, but also bring users a unique experience, so desktop matching has always been a very interesting thing. matter.

Especially for writers like me who need to write manuscripts every day, a good mechanical keyboard and a comfortable desk are essential office tools. I saw the new Dujia K310W series when I went online a few days ago. Light mist blue mechanical keyboard, so I couldn't hold back and bought one.

K310W still uses Duga’s consistent and simple packaging style. There are not too many cumbersome contents on the packaging box. There are only brand logos and keyboard models on the front, and keyboard model information, shafts and other information are displayed on the side. Compared with the fancy design, it is very simple.

Dujia's keyboard actually feels very good. I bought a few for my friends before, and I also reviewed it after I came back. The overall impression is that it is a very pragmatic brand. The quality and details of the product are very well controlled.

It is also equipped with a dust cover, and there is still a small round mouse pad inside as a gift. Overall, the packaging is actually good, and there is no need to worry about product problems during transportation.

The packing list is still very rich, including a Bluetooth receiver, two cables connecting the keyboard to the computer, and a lot of small accessories such as cable ties and key pullers.

This is an unrelated model. I like the simple atmosphere, so that I can concentrate on typing content without worrying about light pollution, so matte is generally my first choice.

In addition, Dujia has always insisted on using the original German cherry switches, which is why I chose Dujia, after all, the reputation of cherry switches in the keyboard circle is still very large.

This time I chose the 104-key layout, because I found that sometimes I still need to enter a lot of questions, and the advantages of the numeric keypad are brought into play. On the upper right, there are indicator lights for power display and Bluetooth connection, especially the power indicator, which I think is the most practical.

The keycap of Duga K310W is made of PBT material, which not only feels first-class but also durable.

This keycap is very good, the workmanship is very exquisite, coupled with the design of the satellite axis of the large key position, after careful testing by professionals, it can better restore the feel of the axis key.

It is still my favorite silent red switch. The original factory height switch body and the design of full-key no punching are not only very friendly to text workers, but also have a very comfortable experience for gamers.

In terms of details, Dujia's workmanship is also very good. The soft silicone table mat, plus the three-stage height-adjustable foot support design, and the three-way wire slot design are very convenient for creating a personalized and clean desktop.

Of course, I personally think that except for the light blue design style, the details and its own parameters are quite good, although there are a lot of mechanical keyboards marked with the original cherry switch on the market, and even some brands put the price of the original cherry switch mechanical keyboard on the market. It cost about 200 yuan, but the user experience is really not flattering.

A good keyboard is undoubtedly the core equipment to improve productivity. What Dujia K310W brought me in the input is indeed a very delicate and accurate input experience, with a good feel and sense of paragraph.

If your computer is a win system, you can also download the Dugazeus driver software to realize the macro setting of the keyboard and the editing of the lighting effect, which is very playable.

Generally speaking, as a three-mode Bluetooth mechanical keyboard, Duga K310W has everything it should have. The product workmanship is very delicate. With the original cherry switch and PBT keycaps, the input feel is really very good, and there is also space gray. , Natural White, Cangluan Ink and other three colors can be selected. For users, it is a good keyboard for office and games.

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