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Give your wrist a break! Rapoo NK8800 Ergonomic Keyboard Review

For users who need to work for a long time, a comfortable keyboard can do more with less. Although ergonomics has been mentioned many times in peripheral products, the ergonomic design of traditional keyboards and mice is not very good in actual use. True ergonomic peripherals Peripherals are still a niche existence, and the number of products is not large. 

Recently, Rapoo launched a brand-new ergonomic product——Rapoo NK8800 ergonomic wired keyboard, which adopts 108-key design, ergonomic natural arc palm rest, separated main keypad and two ergonomic slopes, micro-keyboard Bring a comfortable experience.

As an ergonomic keyboard, the Rapoo NK8800 ergonomic keyboard adopts a wired design. The ergonomic design makes the size of the keyboard larger. The width, depth and height of the keyboard are 480mm, 215mm and 47mm respectively. 

The keyboard as a whole adopts an ergonomic streamlined design and uses ergonomic design. Rapoo cuts the main keypad of the NK8800 ergonomic keyboard. The higher middle part divides the main keypad into two, and gradually lowers to both sides, so that the main keypad becomes two slopes inclined at a small angle. 

Thanks to the unique ergonomic design, when the user is using the Rapoo NK8800 ergonomic keyboard, the pressing distance of the fingers of both hands remains consistent, which greatly reduces the possibility of palm movement and reduces the pressure during typing. Rapoo officially stated that the keyboard follows the 17° golden arc rule, which greatly improves the comfort of long-term office work. 

The Rapoo NK8800 ergonomic keyboard is made of dark gray ABS material, and the surface is frosted to bring a low-key and restrained visual experience. The dark tone design can also better fit the office environment. The keycaps of the keyboard are also made of ABS material, which has a delicate and comfortable fingertip touch; the laser-engraved printed characters have a longer service life. 

Rapoo is equipped with 4 multimedia function buttons above the digital area of ​​the NK8800 ergonomic wired keyboard, which is convenient for players to directly control music playback, adjust the volume or directly mute. The indicator light that was originally located above the number pad has been moved between F5 and F6. 

The Rapoo NK8800 ergonomic wired keyboard has a built-in PU material palm rest, and the palm rest and the keyboard adopt a non-detachable integrated design to ensure that the keyboard is always in the most comfortable use state. The palm rest is made of fine-touch PU material, combined with the soft padding inside, so that the user's palm pressure can be fully released.

The palm rest fits the height of the curve on the surface of the main keypad. The design of the high center and low sides brings a natural curve transition and fits the natural placement of the wrist during use. 

The bottom of the keyboard adopts an integrated cover, 5 long strips of rubber non-slip feet, and the micro-keyboard brings excellent anti-slip effect. The keyboard is also intimately equipped with foldable feet, providing a 3° padding angle to meet the usage habits of different users. The soles of the supporting feet are also equipped with non-slip rubber pads, which have excellent anti-slip effects even at high angles. 

The Rapoo NK8800 ergonomic wired keyboard adopts a quieter and durable membrane design, which brings a quiet and comfortable typing experience to the keyboard. Rapoo uses high-quality silicone, which makes the keys feel better and rebound better. However, the large keys of the keyboard are designed with metal balance bars, which have good balance and stability.

The author uses the Rapoo NK8800 ergonomic wired keyboard to write this review, and let’s share the author’s experience with this keyboard.

As an ergonomic keyboard, the Rapoo NK8800 keyboard adopts a thin film design with lower noise, which can also have a good experience in a quiet office environment. The lower noise will not bring crisp key sounds like a mechanical keyboard.

However, since the main key area adopts a separate design, it takes time to get used to the case of being cut and separated, and it is very easy to cause problems such as pressing the wrong key. But after getting used to and adapting, the keyboard can greatly reduce the pressure on the palm and improve office efficiency.

Compared with the fiery gaming mechanical keyboards, there are very few ergonomic keyboards. However, in an office environment that requires long hours of typing, a keyboard that can bring a more comfortable office experience is particularly important. The Rapoo NK8800 ergonomic wired keyboard can well meet the needs of users. The quiet and comfortable ergonomic design makes Office workers can easily complete their daily work. 

The Rapoo NK8800 ergonomic wired keyboard is priced at 299 yuan. It has a good user experience and good practicability, which is very suitable for the needs of office workers. Office workers who are far away from fatigue may wish to consider it.

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