God damn it, Wang Zha! A Brief Comment on Daryou Limited Mahjong Axis

The Gasket structure, as a very popular keyboard structure scheme in the past two years, has brought a brand new experience to players in the circle in terms of feel and percussion sound. Many players also like to use the Gasket structure with the early bottoming shaft to make the knocking sound more pleasant, and to achieve different sound performances such as "raindrop sound", "stone sound" and "mahjong sound". As a well-known domestic peripheral brand, Dareu also launched a brand new "Mahjong switch" based on its own customized switch body. This shaft will be sold in a limited number of 888 sets on April 7th, and it will be packaged in an independent gift box. There are 35 shafts in a single box, and the price starts from 149 yuan. It is very good for personal use and collection.

What the author got here is the test version, which will be slightly different from the subsequent mass-produced version in terms of packaging and shaft details. The packaging adds rich elements of mahjong tiles, such as the familiar "blurred bars" and "white in the southeast and northwest", etc. In addition to 35 pieces of axes, the material and parameters of the mahjong axes are also provided in the package. The packaging is very detailed.

Daryu mahjong axis adopts the mainstream MX axis scheme. The three-color combination of red axis, white axis cover and green axis seat fits very well with the color of mahjong tiles. It is fresh and bright, but also very eye-catching and highly recognizable. The shaft cover is made of POK material, which has good self-lubricating properties and wear-resistant effect, and is opaque. The name of the mahjong tile is printed on the side of the shaft cover. The degree of customization is very high, and the theme atmosphere is well established. Although it is a light-tight shaft cover, this shaft body is equipped with an independent light guide column structure, which effectively ensures the light transmission effect of the shaft body. The red axis adopts a cross structure with a dust-proof wall, which can improve the stability and smoothness of pressing. The bottom of the shaft seat adopts a five-pin scheme, which can take into account mainstream hot-swappable mechanical keyboards or kits, which is very friendly to players.

The interior of the shaft body adopts MX structure, equipped with a POM material shaft and a 20mm single-segment gold-plated long spring, and a certain structural optimization of the independent light guide column is carried out, and the lamp position compatibility performance is better. As the mainstream shaft material solution, POM can effectively reduce the friction coefficient, improve smoothness and wear resistance, and the self-lubricating characteristics can also make the feel performance last longer. The dust-proof structure of the wall can also reduce the chance of dust and impurities intruding into the shaft body, improve the pressing stability, and make the hand feel smoother. The bottom of the axis has been lengthened, with an early bottoming feel, and the sound feedback will be cleaner and more thorough. The 20mm single-segment gold-plated long spring can also make the pressing feedback softer and linear, and the trigger rebound is more crisp. The independent light guide column is curved at the bottom, which has better compatibility with the type of lamp beads. This axis adopts a linear feel scheme, with a nominal life of 80 million times, a trigger pressure of 45gf, and a bottoming pressure of 55gf. It also has a total stroke of 3.6mm and a trigger stroke of 2mm. The parameters are basically the same as those of the existing sky axis V4.

Dareu mahjong shaft adopts a straight up and down linear feel scheme, moderate trigger pressure and stroke parameters, light and smooth feel, stable and smooth press feedback, linearly increasing press pressure also brings clearer feel feedback, rebound follows the hand It is crisp, hard and refreshing at the bottom, and the overall feel performance is still very good. The internal factory moistening treatment of the shaft body is also very effective in suppressing various small noises and spring sounds, and the crisp sound of the shaft body before bottoming out also makes the percussion sound more pure and pleasant. In terms of feel feedback and sound performance, it can meet the current players' requirements for the quality of the switch body. With the customized "Mahjong" color matching and detail processing, it also adds a lot to this switch body. The five-pin shaft seat scheme also further improves the stability of the feel after installation, and the consistency of the knocking feel is higher. With the rich filling of the Gasket structure, the sound performance is pure and bright, and the performance in terms of feel and sound feedback is very good.

Although the shaft cover adopts opaque treatment, the independent light guide column structure basically does not significantly weaken the brightness of the light. The light look is soft and natural, and the space between the shaft body and the keycap is filled more fully. With the author's A98 Pro The neon version of the transparent keycap is also more colorful in terms of visual perception. Of course, with the transparent keycap, it is also easier to see the color of the shaft body and the printing on the shaft cover, which also improves the overall appearance of the keyboard and is also very interesting.


Dareu mahjong axis maintains the flagship level of Dareu's independent sky axis V4, and is excellent in the material workmanship, feel and sound performance of the shaft body. The customized theme color scheme and printing also make the axis body more beautiful and more eye-catching. As a themed limited product, it is very suitable for players who like mechanical keyboards and playing mahjong, whether they use self-assembled keyboards or collect and display them. This shaft has been officially released, and interested players should not miss it.

The author declares that there is interest in this article, please respect the author and the content shared, communicate friendly, and make rational decisions~

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