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Good article sharing Part 6: Double happiness in office games! Heijue AK966 three-mode mechanical keyboard meets all your needs

Creation Statement: The source of this creation is self-purchase, if there are any deficiencies, please criticize and correct.


For gamers, the immersive experience is at the heart of the whole process. And we all know that there are many factors that affect the gaming experience. Personally, in addition to ensuring the performance of the host hardware, the most important thing is the convenient and stable keyboard and mouse peripherals. Before, the author has been used to using wired keyboards to play games. Recently, I wanted to transform the computer desktop on a whim. I bought a three-mode mechanical keyboard suitable for both office and games. Enjoy playing games in this mode.


Taotao started with the Heijue AK966 Bluetooth three-mode mechanical keyboard. The overall packaging design is simple. What's interesting is that the partial appearance of the keyboard can be seen through the transparent part in the middle, which is eye-catching.

The upper left corner of the package is prominently marked with the cooperation relationship between Heijue and Qingyu E-sports, and the side shows the e-sports attribute of this AK966 keyboard.

Open the package, the Heijue AK966 with a total of 96 keys and 1 metal knob is quietly placed in it. There is also a dust cover on the keyboard body, which is very considerate. The attached accessories are also very rich. There is a "travel code" style replacement metal knob, four MAC supplementary keycaps, and Kaihua's new shaft tester. There is also a key puller in the box. , A data connection line.


I have always believed that the keyboard experience is good or bad, and the role of the keycap cannot be underestimated. Heijue AK966 uses MDA highly sublimated PBT keycaps. During use, you can feel that the contact area of ​​the ball cap is larger, and the touch of the fingertips is more fitting. Moreover, with the double blessing of the sublimation process and PBT material, it can avoid the phenomenon of keycaps being oiled and faded after long-term use, so that no matter how long the keyboard is used, it can maintain the same appearance and feel as when it was just started.

Most keyboards are more inclined to the WIN system in terms of keycap design, and the Heijue AK966 is no exception. However, it comes with 4 additional MAC replacement keycaps, which makes Apple computer players feel more intimate. Dual systems can be used at any time. Switching is a breeze.

During use, the keycaps of the keyboard are in direct contact with the fingertips, but the soul of the mechanical keyboard must be the shaft.

Heijue AK966 uses Kaihua MX Cream ice cream shaft, which is made of all POM and has self-lubricating properties. It not only triggers quickly in use, but also becomes smoother and smoother with the use of time. In addition, if you like other shafts later, you don’t need to replace the keyboard, just use the included shaft puller to pull out the ice cream shaft and replace it with any other shaft, because this keyboard supports hot-swappable shaft seats Functional, it can be compatible with any three-legged and five-legged shaft body on the market, so as to truly meet the user's customized needs.

The design of the double-segment tripod at the bottom allows the Heijue AK966 to have three heights, allowing you to feel as comfortable as you want during use.

The hidden 2.4G receiver storage compartment is set under the right scroll wheel to avoid the trouble of nowhere for the receiver, which is definitely good news for patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Heijue AK966 has a total of 96 keys. It is a very popular 98-key arrangement design. Compared with the traditional 104-key full-key keyboard, the size will be reduced by about 20%. The size is simplified, but there is no improvement in key positions and functions. Reduced, and the layout is more reasonable and concise, which is one of the reasons why the 98-array keyboard has become more and more popular.

In addition, what is interesting is that the AK966 also adds a volume rotation button on the upper right corner of the keyboard. Rotating left and right can adjust the volume, and pressing it can directly mute the sound, which is very convenient to operate.

As a Heijue AK966 with 3 connection methods, it is also very convenient in connection methods. Needless to say, wired connection, 2.4G direct plug can be used without other adaptations. Under Bluetooth 5.0 module, through FN+Q or Press and hold W or E for three seconds to pair with three different Bluetooth devices for connection. Whether it is an iPad, a mobile phone or a computer, you can get started quickly, and you only need to toggle the switch on the left side of the keyboard in daily switching.

For gaming keyboards, there is no soul without light!

Although the characters of Heijue AK966's PBT keycaps are opaque, the 18 kinds of RGB lighting effects preset by the factory are also effective after being turned on. For different usage environments, you can freely switch between different lighting effects through FN+| and combination keys, so that we can immerse ourselves in a full sense of atmosphere every time we use it.

Games are life, but office work is the norm. As far as Taotao’s daily work is concerned, the comfort of typing on the keyboard is very important. The touch and rebound speed of the fingers on the keyboard, the comfortable touch and fast rebound ability of this Heijue AK966, experience in the process of coding It's still quite good, I think.....this is due to the above-mentioned keycaps, shafts and the unique gasket structure design of this keyboard.

What is a Gasket gasket structure? This is a popular keyboard structure design in the customized key circle at present. Gaskets are set on the upper and lower covers of the keyboard to support the positioning plate to avoid the impact force between the keyboard inner liner and the outer shell when knocking. The Heijue AK966 keyboard uses this structure.

Coupled with a PC positioning board with better softness and elasticity, and PORON material sandwich cotton + bottom cotton + shaft pad, the stack is full, and the percussion feels good, and it also eliminates the cavity sound of most keys. With its own "wooden fish sound", there is no harsh cavity sound, which brings better feel and sound performance.

In the wireless mode, Taotao experienced the game of "Yuan Shen". There is no clutter and false touches during the operation. I am quite satisfied with these performances. After all, the game experience in wireless mode is comparable to wired. What else do you want?

Yes, for players of wireless products, battery life may be a major pain point. As a wireless mechanical keyboard, Heijue AK966 is exaggeratedly equipped with a large battery with a capacity of 10000mAh. According to official data, it takes about 1200H to turn off the light and about 50H to turn on the light. Based on the current usage of Taotao, it takes about 4 hours a day to go home and work. Hours, now it has been nearly half a month without charging, I feel that I have truly achieved the state where wireless products can play with lights and play with peace of mind, give me a thumbs up~


Heijue AK966 three-mode mechanical keyboard, with 98-key layout and 96-key design style, not only makes the layout of the keyboard more rational, but also reduces the space occupied by the desktop, making daily office work and games more convenient. Besides, its customized Gasket structure design, MDA sublimation PBT keycap, customized MX ice cream shaft body, three-mode connection and 10000mAh lithium battery and other advantages have already made Taotao put it down, plus its stable wireless connection method , For me who loves to play games, it really adds a lot of points. If you plan to buy a wireless gaming keyboard recently, perhaps this Heyjue AK966 Bluetooth three-mode mechanical keyboard will become your favorite.

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