Good-looking, high-performance, Dareu & Sanrio co-branded version of the Yugui Dog handle to use and share!

I have to say that the global influence of Japanese animation is really great. Take the big movie "Slam Dunk" released just a few days ago, the box office has exceeded 400 million, and Jackie Chan's "Dragon Horse Spirit" was released 19 days ago With 200 million, a generation of superstars has begun to decline. The game controller I want to share today is one of the blue cinnamon dog-themed game sets jointly launched by Daryu and Sanrio. The other two are the mouse and the keyboard. The prototype of this handle is Dareu’s H105, and many customized versions have been released before, but this time the Yugui Dog painted version H105 has a higher appearance value and is more worthy of collection and play. Then how about this handle, let’s see you Just know.

Appearance: Kawaii to the sky

The packaging of Daryou Cinnamon Dog Gamepad H105 is very cute, the front is the image of Cinnamon Dog, is it cute? At the bottom, you can see the model number and three characters of this handle. Nowadays, the technology of wireless handles is really changing with each passing day. Before, the delay of wireless handles sometimes made people crazy, but now you can hardly feel the delay, which is why wireless The reason why handles are becoming more and more popular.

The family portrait of the Yugui Dog game controller H105: the controller body, the white braided charging cable, the manual, and the quick guide, and the receiver of the controller is placed on the back of the controller, which can be taken out when in use.

I have to say that I really like the appearance of this handle. The light blue body with the cinnamon dog cartoon pattern makes the original monotonous handle look vivid. Needless to say, the layout of the handle, for so many years, people have been saying that this design is the most ergonomic, so domestic handle manufacturers, no matter how the shape changes, but the button layout has not been changed.

Through careful observation, you will find that the details of the handle are handled very well, and the joints and edges are handled with great care. Of course, a huge amount of money has been invested in this. Simply put, after the mold is opened, it needs to be revised and polished many times, and each time needs the support of real money.

The handle is very light, maybe because there are girls who like it! After all, ladies and sisters who have a heavy handle will not like it. I will not introduce these buttons on the front one by one, they are all basic function buttons, I believe that the little friends who play the controller will not press the wrong one with their eyes closed. There are three buttons at the bottom of the handle, which correspond to the light, FN function button (multimedia support) and vibration control respectively. These buttons are marked with patterns. Below the button are four status indicator lights, which are used to display power, vibration adjustment and other functions.

Let’s look at the top again, LB and RB are micro switches, which feel great. The trigger button uses the e-sports-grade Hall linear trigger switch (RT LT) with a moderate key travel, which is more suitable for playing racing and shooting games. The smallest switch on the top is the switch key for wireless 2.4G mode and Bluetooth mode, and the middle is the Type-C interface. Three-mode refers to Bluetooth, 2.4G, and wired mode, plug and play without setting.

This time, 2 custom buttons are designed on the back. M1/M2 are two macro-programmable competitive back buttons. You can set the combos you want through the driver. If you like fighting games or Yuanshin, then you will definitely I like these two buttons. The middle is where the receiver is stored, and I like the hidden design.

Two additional RGB lighting positions are installed on the handle body, providing 5 lighting effect modes and corresponding operation responses, and improving the appearance and ease of use are also taken into account. The handle has a built-in asymmetric dual-vibration motor, and 5 levels of vibration adjustment can be realized through the buttons on the panel. The vibration feedback and vibration intensity can be set according to your preferences. The joystick supports two modes of zero dead zone and dead zone, making micro-operation easier. This function varies from person to person and can be set according to your own needs. It is a very good feature to cater to players' diverse gaming experience.

Game experience, cool

Now besides "King of Kings", my favorite game is "Yuanshin". And the computer client is the same. This game is really fun to play with a controller, which is much more convenient than a keyboard. Especially when the big move is made, the vibration of the handle is very timely and strong, which adds a lot of fun to the game.

As for racing games, I prefer "F1 2017". Now the 3A-level game masterpiece is no longer dominated by keyboard and mouse peripherals, and game controllers are also indispensable. Paired with Dareu Cinnamon Dog Game Controller H105, you can freely control the accelerator when racing, which feels really good.

Game Console Appreciation


The MSI platform was used in this test. The motherboard adopts M-ATX form factor. The CPU power supply module, chipset and M.2 hard drive are all covered with silver heat-dissipating Frost Armor. The LGA 1700 CPU interface provides 12+1+1 Road intelligent power supply, while the CPU power supply also uses a dual 8pin interface. The external clock generator Renesas RC26008, with its blessing, can realize the overclocking of the 12th and 13th generation non-K processors. In terms of memory, the motherboard is equipped with 4 DDR5 memory slots, dual-channel, with a maximum support frequency of 7000MHz+ (OC), which is stable and durable, provides higher power supply efficiency, and is easily capable of Intel Core 13th generation processors. There are 6 SATA ports in total to meet the greater storage needs of users. 2xM.2 Gen4 slots are equipped with M.2 Frozen Shield to reduce SSD temperature and prevent overheating and speed drop to ensure its performance.

②: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 (24 GB/Zotac)

Zotac RTX 4090 AMP EXTREME AIRO, Zotac’s new generation card king, is better positioned than Apocalypse. It adopts 4nm TSMC’s AD102-300 GPU, has 16384 CUDA cores, CPU frequency up to 2580MHz, and uses 24GB 21Gbps GDDR6X memory , the memory interface width is 384 bits. And the performance of RTX 4090 with DLSS 3 can be improved by up to 4 times. As for power consumption, it is the same as other brands at 450W.

The metal backplane, a standard configuration of high-end graphics cards, not only improves the strength of the graphics card, but also increases the cooling capacity of the graphics card. Compared with the previous generation, the fan page area of ​​this graphics card has increased by 50%, the height of the fan has increased by 60%, and the height of the fins has increased by 30%, which achieves the ultimate in heat dissipation in a limited space.

③: MSI Ice 360R integrated water cooling radiator

The host uses the MSI Ice 360R all-in-one water-cooling radiator, a popular product under MSI, with high appearance and powerful performance. At present, I use it to press 13700K, and the heat dissipation effect can reach my ideal temperature. The water-cooling head is very creative, and the rotating design will not make the logo misaligned, and the dragon pattern of the RGB lighting effect can also play a finishing touch.

The water-cooled fan uses wear-resistant double ball bearings, which is not only quiet, but also has excellent air volume and air pressure. The lamp beads are on the PCB of the axis, and will not occupy the area of ​​the fan blades. The fan blades are made translucent for light transmission, so the lighting effect you see is so excellent. Water cooling supports mainstream platforms such as LGA 1700 interface, almost all of them! In addition, this water cooling supports a 3-year warranty. If the leakage is caused by quality problems, the hardware will be fully compensated, so that you have no worries.

④: MSI MPG A1000G PCIE5 power supply

The launch of the new graphics card last year completely opened up the launch of the new standard power supply. Many manufacturers have come up with their own excellent products, and MSI is no exception. As the flagship product, MSI MPG A1000G PCIE5 power supply is also the first product under the ATX 3.0 standard. With a newly designed PCIe5.0 power supply interface, it can easily supply power to the RTX40 series with a single line. The rich wires it configures can also power the old graphics card, which can be said to be very thoughtful. As a flagship product, this power supply is indeed very distinctive in terms of appearance. The fan cooling grille is designed with alloy parts that are exquisite and eye-catching.

In terms of quality, 10-year guarantee/all Japanese capacitors, support fan start and stop, with a native 16 PIN (12VHPWR) PCle cable, 600W of power is delivered to the PCle5.0 graphics card. In addition, the active PFC circuit, LLC, single-channel +12V plus DC-DC design inside the power supply are also current mainstream flagship solutions.

⑤: Blade 100R Chassis

Light pollution has always been the most sought after by players, so many players first look at the RGB lighting effect when purchasing a chassis. This MSI Blade 100R case with a stunning appearance is designed in white, comes with 3 RGB fans, and also designed an RGB waistline, the effect is very outstanding. The big MSI logo on the front is also very recognizable. If there is an upgraded model this year, I suggest replacing the logo with RGB lighting, which will look better.

Comes with 3 white RGB fans, you can switch the lighting effect through the MSI control software or the LED lighting control button on the top. To achieve uniform lighting, the effect is better and better. As a mid-tower case, you don’t have to worry about the internal space. Even the RTX4090-level graphics card is more than enough, but it is recommended to buy a graphics card support frame, otherwise the graphics card will sag.

Summary: worth having

In general, Dareu Sanrio Yugui Dog Game Controller H105 can be said to be an excellent product in terms of appearance and feel. The three-mode application scenarios are very rich, and the handle feels very good. I have been using it to brush Yuanshen during this time, and the effect is awesome. If you are a fan of Cinnamon Dog and like to play games, then you must not miss this handle. In addition, with the blessing of Cinnamon Dog, the price has not increased much. It can be said that it is a game controller worth starting with.

Other hardware:

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