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Good-looking things can change DIY, Luofei Xiaoqiao 68 tofu color + pay tribute to the world's first female pilot!

Now more and more people like customized mechanical keyboards to achieve the maximum satisfaction of feel and visual experience. As a "fickle" woman, I can say that I have no resistance to the keycaps of mechanical keyboards, and I like the new and never tire of the old. Compared with the cost of collecting a series of mechanical keyboards, choosing a suitable keyboard body plus a switch body, and matching with a variety of keycaps can obviously maximize the use of resources.

Lofree Luofei, a brand based on "art" + "design", has already thought of what I think. Through the WeChat applet "Lofree Build", we can freely match the body, shaft body, keycap and arrangement , Create your own mechanical keyboard.

For example, the Luofei Xiaoqiao 68 keys I recently got started, the tofu-colored body + the theme of paying tribute to the world's first female pilot, as women, I look forward to gaining more insight and strength from this keyboard.

This time Luofei Xiaoqiao 68-key tofu-colored body is also a very popular milk tea color now. I chose the standard configuration of Jiadalong Red Axis PRO, which has been lubricated before leaving the factory. The total stroke is 4MM, the trigger stroke is 2MM, and the key The trigger pressure is 45gf. This kind of configuration is very easy for girls who often code, and it is gentle and comfortable, and it is relatively quiet. Full keys support hot swapping, and long keys such as the space bar are assisted by satellite keys.

This theme of tribute to the world's first female pilot is precisely to pay tribute to the legendary female pilot Amelia Earhart. She started to pursue her dream and set sail at the age of 23, and successfully became one of the first women in the world to have an international pilot license. At the age of 33, she flew alone across the Atlantic Ocean, and at the age of 42, she disappeared in the air while driving this red NR-7952 to challenge the Pacific Ocean... Her legendary life and her spirit of bravely chasing dreams are worth learning from.

And this theme keycap is designed with elements such as instrument panels and flight equipment. The space bar is also the aircraft number of her last flight to the Pacific Ocean.

Using PBT retro keycaps, the surface of the sublimation process has a slightly frosted texture, the touch is dry and delicate, and it will not be oily after long-term use. The corners of each keycap are rounded, and the contact with the fingers is ergonomic, and the touch of the keyboard is excellent.

The small warp and small warp adopt the proper 9° slightly warped design, which makes the wrist more relaxed when typing, and can also conform to ergonomics. With the warm keyboard feel, typing is very easy.

The raised part on the back is where the 3 AAA batteries and the 2.4G infrared receiver are placed. The whole machine supports Bluetooth, infrared, and Type-c three-mode connections, and is compatible with multiple systems and multiple devices. The only regret is that there is no built-in lithium battery. Fortunately, with the automatic power saving technology, the basic battery life can reach 3-4 weeks.

If the previous is a tribute to the world's first female pilot, the next thing I want to say is that there are more and more female pilots today. On the Shenzhou 14 spacecraft launched not long ago, there is also an excellent female astronaut Liu Yang. The dream-chasing flight has developed from above the earth to space, and our dreams have always been there.

The recent photo may look like a large keyboard, but in fact the layout of 68 keys is very compact, 310×109mm only takes up a very small space on the desktop, and it weighs less than 1KG and can be carried when going out. It looks particularly abrupt, and the small keyboard can bring a warm and smooth tapping experience.

From the nostalgic feelings of paying tribute to the world's first female pilot to the brave women of the new era who pursue their dreams, this small mechanical keyboard has extraordinary meaning to me. And Luofei's small program DIY can also give us more choices, which can meet the more personalized needs of users, and can also change a variety of keycaps that we need in the future, taking into account the feel and vision.

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